Who is Mazal Mualem and why should her opinion matter to you?

by Karl Spain

Bear with me here because this string isn’t obvious, you need a little background. Israel, like the U.S. is a complicated place with a complicated electorate. Actually the U.S. 2 party and platform system is juvenile-istically simple as compared to politics of the Knesset, which is akin to playing chess in Hebrew, blind-folded, against Bobby Fischer.

But on to the point. Here’s what I think. The writer mentioned above, Mazal Mualem (I want to yell Mazal Tov!, every time I write her name!) is what you would call “In the Loop” she’s got her very sensitive ear tightly pressed to the ground in Tel Aviv and what she sees and hears and even feels and then writes in her regular column, is very telling, in my humble opinion. I’m reaching on this one; I want you to know that, having warned you, here goes.

She sees diplomatic efforts that lasted years there, suddenly abandoned. Not a few of the unlikely to bear fruit, all of them. The Israeli government, according to her, (NOT someone you should trust other than on ole Karl’s say so — and I’m not in the loop) – has been quietly retreating from their diplomatic initiatives established for decades now, and she actually sees this as evidence that Netanyahu is up to something. I partially agree with her there, but not completely, I think the big picture is much scarier.

Read On: Iran is building a nuclear warhead for a missile

From AP News reports, I cut and pasted.

“A report this week by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the nuclear watchdog agency recently obtained new information on the military aspects of Iran’s illegal nuclear program. The data is related to unanswered questions about Tehran’s work on a nuclear warhead for a missile. The report also reveals for the first time that Iran received foreign support from unspecified places.”

I’ve added the bold to this next paragraph from the same AP News article;

The report says past information from member states and its own inquiries showed “the possible existence in Iran of past or current undisclosed nuclear related activities involving military related organizations, including activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile.”

The details of this are even scarier, according to the news round-up I’m reading, this dust –up between the CIA and Mossad is related to this critical evidence that Iran bought this software, technical plan and/or an actual part necessary — and only good for — shaping the enriched, processed and usable uranium slug into the shape necessary for mounting as the payload portion for use in a nuclear missile payload and delivery device.

Iran has very accurate short, medium and long-range missiles and a robust missile program. What they don’t have is a warhead for one.

This morning reports indicate the major Arab governments we can count on in that region and that support the United States, the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, AEA and Qatar have all begun letting the Obama administration know, a bad deal with Iran, is far worse than no deal.

That’s Netanyahu’s point exactly.

I think the Arabs and Netanyahu are in agreement on one thing and that thing is, Iran is a bad actor, trying to make serious trouble and that the U.S. government, through it’s agent — Wendy Sherman, is about to let the Ayatollah Khamenei acquire a nuclear weapon, just like she did with North Korea while negotiating with them under Clinton.

I like Clinton, I like Obama, I might even like Wendy Sherman if I met her at a cocktail party, but it’s lunacy to continue to let the Obama administration’s foreign policy legacy, the safety of Tel Aviv, the concerns of the Israeli Prime Minister, the concerns of all our key ally Arab leaders — and the legitimate fears of all the rest of the world — succumb to the Liberal starry-eyed hopes and dreams of a one single woman; a woman who has no idea who she’s really dealing with in this Ayatollah; and no idea what’s she’s doing in general — in the job she’s in — anyway.

We don’t need Neville Chamberlain right now, Mr. President, and we don’t need this Wendy Sherman approach anymore. If the Iranians haven’t promised you the verified destruction of that entire program and it’s capabilities; you need to double down on sanctions and get out of a bad deal that will split the Jewish vote out of the Democratic Party for 20 years.

And you won’t have long to wait; Mazal Mualem has told me so. The Israeli government hasn’t been shutting down all their diplomatic initiatives because Netanyahu is a Meany Mr. President; they’ve shut them down because Israel is preparing to go to war.

Right now Mr. President, since you’ve ordered the severing of intelligence ties between the two countries (stupid, stupid, stupid) they could attack Iran’s processing facility with an air strike and they would be under no obligation legally or morally to even notify you first Mr. President. Is this worth this price?

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  1. karlspain says:

    Reblogged this on karlspain and commented:

    This piece is a year old but I think is VERY relevant to recent cabinet changes in Israel AND that countries recent decision to re-open Gaza imports. It may sound paranoid but I believe the right in the Knesset are setting up the Palestinians for war. The foundations of war take years to develop and this has been coming a long time,

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