The Senator and The General

by Karl Spain

Democratic Senator Jim Kaine and U.S. Army General John Campbell.

Remember those names in the coming weeks and watch them closely because they are preparing to be American heroes.

Our General fighting ISIL in Afghanistan, General John Campbell is one of those individuals that somehow the U.S. Army consistently creates that are fierce, fair, famously intelligent and committed to saving this country no matter what period in history they find themselves defending her in.

From George Washington himself, to John Paul Jones, and too many others to list, these heroic Generals and soldiers alike, from the top to the bottom, are willing to make the greatest sacrifices to preserve our wonderful country and keep safe the people in her.

Right now, this General Campbell is fighting a battle of epic proportions. He’s the guy in the field against a devilish enemy, the Taliban, which still use caves as their base of operations. His commander in chief doesn’t even want the army Campbell commands, deployed in Afghanistan anymore. The replacement Afghan army Campbell has trained to keep order in the country — is barely ready and if measured against their enemy, are most certainly not ready, even if the entire new Afghan army is even loyal, they’re not battle hardened and that matters in Afghanistan.

All around Afghanistan, his base of operations, chaos reigns. ISIL is running roughshod over thousand of square miles, Libya, Syria, Yemen, most of Iraq, all under siege or lost to an army with roots in the army he battles everyday.

And what is this warrior Campbell doing? He’s doing what every great American field commander ever did, he’s fighting with everything he has. He’s taking the war to our enemy rather than letting them bring it to us. The drawdown is an idea on a piece of paper that is acute danger to the men and women under his command and is definitely not in the interest of the United States, the Afghan government or world peace and he knows it.

Now we get to Senator Jim Kaine. If he agrees this wonderful General Campbell needs the “flexibility” to fight on in Afghanistan, the way he thinks we need to be doing it over there, maybe this General will get that flexibility. The Republican Senators the General had at “Hello” in his testimony before them this week, where he appeared asking for that “flexibility” and more — to continue fighting and even surge his numbers before the drawdown dates arrive, and I’m sure if he could say so, speak out against what a bad idea the drawdown altogether is.

It’s this truthful Democratic Senator, and hopefully others, who is also concerned about the security situation there and across the Middle East, that has signaled his willingness to cross party lines and now apparently the race-line minefield as well. I mention this because some black Congressmen and women sitting out Netanyahu’s speech are making it about disrespecting a sitting “Black” president, apparently if you’re a Republican Congress man or woman now — and you disagree with the President on Foreign Policy –you are a racist.

The Black caucus is making themselves irrelevant if they keep this claptrap up, their numbers will be way smaller through the inevitable backlash at the ballot box that also follows such excess. How do they convince themselves that the American people disagree with them on these important issues of national defense because they’re black, when the American people elected a black man president twice? Does the Black caucus think the Jewish vote in America will ever forgive the Democratic Party if all this stupidity and petty posturing with the Israeli Prime Minister on the President’s part –lands on the doorstep of Israel in dead body bags?

Clearly the American people expect a president willing to defend them, being black wasn’t part of their calculus — they still expect a black president to kick ass against our enemies just like the old white guys did. The old white guys weren’t kicking ass because they were racist, and they weren’t kicking ass because our enemies (Hitler was white), were black, or minority, or we didn’t “understand” them.

The old white dudes made war on our enemies because they did understand them and what they understood was, they wanted to kill us.

That’s just as true of ISIL as it was of Hitler and our response needs to be the same.

That’s not a black or white issue, it’s not a religious issue, it’s not a political issue, and it’s not even an ethnic issue. These people want us to die, they believe they have the right to kill us, and nothing but force will stop that Mr. President.

Incidentally although it’s so obvious it shouldn’t need repeating but the people fighting Al-Qaida and ISIL are black, Muslim and middle eastern. Racism has nothing to do with this and neither does imperialism or any of the other ridiculous “isms” which all center on the blame America theories. The simple fact is, America objects to these foreign leaders enslaving, raping, torturing, denying civil rights and exploiting their native populations and those populations are generally minority. That’s makes anti-racist.

You shouldn’t be fighting General Campbell and Senator Jim Kaine on this Mr. President, you should be leading them.




About karlspain

20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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