This is Red Hot!

By Karl Spain

Great news folks, I mean great news. First read yesterdays blog ( which is about Yemen and the UN created mess there, and the old strongmen Ali Abdullah Saleh.

I think we’re now dealing with this guy in Yemen as of this morning and that’s good news I predict. Read that piece on Yemen, then come back here, the following stuff is BIG news.

Take your hats off to the boys and girls at Langley, (since they can’t take a bow themselves) they must have made some slick moves and made them fast.

Although his name isn’t anywhere in all this (very telling), I’m pretty sure I know who the CIA used as an “intermediary” to make contact with and start the ball rolling with the Houthi’s — the guys really in control of Yemen at the moment. His name is Ali Abdullah Saleh and he the 71 year old “former” power in Yemen removed by a UN brokered deal that actually let him not only stay in the country but remain in charge of the majority political party — the now deposed president, Hadi, was representing. That’s right, the President Of Yemen wasn’t in charge if his own  political party, Saleh was and obviously still is.

Officially White House “officials” which I interpret to mean State Departement did all this, I think, but I don’t see Hillary or one of her types squatting next to a burned out building in an active war zone, carrying on negotiations with Houthi tribal elders — do you?

Back to Saleh; I doubt he’s even an inch removed from power in Yemen, actually, I think he’s really running the whole show there and I suspect if he brokers a deal with the CIA (or State, or WH if you want to be technical), he’ll honor it, the violence will quickly abate, with Boko Haram coming under control first — and the U.S. continuing their battle against AQAP — while these two interests (the CIA and Saleh) work out a new (old) working arrangement.

If you ask me who I think it’s in the best interests of the Yemeni people to have in control in Yemen, at the moment, Boko haram, AQAP, or the Houthi’s exclusively (meaning Iran) or the Houthi’s but in some other combination with Saleh in the middle of this stew, no doubt, that last option, the Saleh Option Stew or SOS solution, will save thousands of young lives per year and right now – per month. Here’s an excerpt from a piece in the Wall Street Journal today explaining everything I just said, but the WSJ way.

“The U.S. has formed ties with Houthi rebels who seized control of Yemen’s capital, White House officials and rebel commanders said, in the clearest indication of a shift in the U.S. approach there as it seeks to maintain its fight against a key branch of al Qaeda.

American officials are communicating with Houthi fighters, largely through intermediaries, the officials and commanders have disclosed, to promote a stable political transition as the Houthis gain more power and to ensure Washington can continue its campaign of drone strikes against leaders of the group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, officials said.”

“We have to take pains not to end up inflaming the situation by inadvertently firing on Houthi fighters,” a senior U.S. official said. “They’re not our military objective. It’s AQAP and we have to stay focused on that.”

Washington’s outreach to the Houthis, who in January routed forces loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, a close American ally, represents a contrast from years of U.S. support for the Hadi government, which the Houthis have opposed.”

That last sentence is just WSJ told you so B.S., a cheap shot at Obama — but trust me, this was quick and expert work by the CIA, and it has probably already saved lives — and will save many, many more.

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