Why is Yemen such a mess? The UN is one reason


by Karl Spain

They’re blaming Terrorism (Boko haram lives there), Islamism; every Ism is at play in Yemen.

The righties (Conservatism) think we should never have pushed the old general that had kept order there for 3 decades (Saleh) out, the isolationists don’t care, they just want to detach from Africa and the Middle East altogether. The average person probably has no idea why things there are so bad, but I’ll give you a clue, it’s more UN meddling.

When I read this news report I laughed out loud so hard it hurt — and then I was sad because of how many people are dying over Politically Correct Foolishness like this at the hands of the United Nations (UN).

From the New York Times, todays paper: (Emphasis mine)

“In theory, Yemen is healing its political fractures through a process of accommodation, not a return to brittle strongmen. Last month was the conclusion of the National Dialogue Conference, a 10-month exercise in group political therapy that was called for in the United Nations-brokered deal that removed Mr. Saleh.”

The conference involved endless, often fractious encounters among 565 people representing Yemen’s many political parties and social classes, tribal sheikhs, religious leaders, businessmen, women and “revolutionary youth.”

But as the talks dragged on in the Movenpick Hotel, on a hill overlooking Sana, the rest of Yemen fell deeper into chaos. Tribal rebellions broke out in the south, and Al Qaeda increased the tempo of its attacks, despite the continuing American campaign of drone strikes.”

The U.N. pulled over 500 people from all classes of life in Yemen including revolutionary youth and tried to talk out the countries problems over 10 months, while a civil war raged outside.

They did this as part of the brokered deal to remove that military strongman, thereby causing the civil war.


It really, really, really, really, never occurred to anyone that a 500 person committee/convention meeting over 10 months in a hotel — could not run a country or map out it’s future while civil war, religious fanaticism, the politics of oil and corruption swirled around outside, along with the strongman who was removed from power, but was also left in a presidential compound, — within the capital city — still connected to the military, and still in charge of the largest political organ in the country? Really?

That’s right; the idiots at the U.N. (I’m not making this up, I swear I couldn’t) forced Saleh out in a brokered deal that left him in CHARGE of the majority political party there in Yemen. A party he literally constructed from nothing over many years in power.

A party he controls so completely, that Yemeni president Hadi, who was just overthrown by the Houthi, was NOT president of his own political party, Saleh, the strongman ostensibly removed from power by the UN deal, still was and is.

They’re just so stupid at the UN, they get people killed, because these beyond knee jerk UN liberals completely deny reality.

The surest way to make sure your country experiences civil war, unrest, upheaval, starvation, genocide, tribal skirmishes and/or just plain lousy economic development, is to let the little men in Blue helmets, UN “peace keepers” anywhere near your country.

The UN has about as much chance at solving a country’s economic or civil strife problems as Marxism does, which is to say none.

If they want peace in Yemen, they can have it. They need to send one of those blacked out jets from Langley to Sana and make this man (Saleh) a deal. If he’s selected a surrogate to support like a son, so what?

Even if he wants the job again himself at 71, I say OK. Peace would return within 6 months.

Peace and the people will return to the villages and towns. The Boko haram can be controlled, even disappear. The Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula or (AQAP) guys will take longer to get rid of off, but Saleh can do it, and in that country, right now, there is no other that can.

I’ll tell you this and I’m sure it would be true if it were possible to compare the death toll numbers between the two options, but if Saleh came back into power (or a surrogate) I believe he would be more inclined to leave some power with the people and kill far, far fewer of them holding onto power — than any of the other alternative governments available there will be able to do.

People like Hadi clinging desperately to power can’t afford to share with the people, without the military firmly behind him; he was never comfortable in that job.

Men like Saleh, a strongman in a country where such things are a requirement, can afford to leave the people some democratic window dressing. the elections won’t be real, but they’ll be held and Saleh will win overwhelmingly (although maybe not cleanly)  and then he’s not clinging to power like Hadi and every other political figure there.

Saleh is an old hand, he knows such niceties help him smooth things over internally as well as externally. But aside from the power issue, he wants peace in the land and right now, that means less blood spilled by children.

If the UN or the Obama administration really think Boko Haram of the Houthi’s are a better deal for the Yemeni people than Saleh, than they can stay this course to chaos.

Otherwise — make a deal with The Man.

About karlspain

20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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