Bill Clinton and Nigeria

In Asian culture, there is a fusion between the concepts for crisis and opportunity. In Nigeria, right now, there is a crisis, which presents the U.S. strategically, with many opportunities, and we should take them for sound strategic, tactical and moral reasons.

I’ll address each in order. Where the hell is Nigeria and is it strategically important to the U.S.? Africa, basically curls around in a big bulge into the Atlantic on the western side of the continent, the side facing the U.S., and right where it tucks in, like the continent got punched, is Nigeria. It’s literally the heart of the continent from many points of view, including the most important one, the future.


Here the continent will be lost or gained. Here the crazy Muslim terrorists like Boko Haram, that kill, rape, pillage and terrorize their fellow African villagers, all in the name of Allah, will build insurgency bases like they have in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and the ISIL portions of Iraq, or they won’t, but this question will be decided by force.

Tactically Nigeria is again, very important. It’s the front line on whether America can successfully be involved in a big way on this continent or whether the Chinese, Russians, Indians or even the Saudi’s will beat us to it.

The Ebola epidemic in Nigeria has been controlled there but barely. They also have a lot of other problems, many of which also have spillover potential here. With oil prices plunging (their primary source of revenue and foreign currency, much like Venezuela), the oil workers on strike, a huge budget hole above and beyond the existing deficit (I calculate $20B) has opened up in the Nigerian balance sheet.

Typically a countries leader would deal with a situation like this but unfortunately Nigeria has a possibly insane leader by the name of Goodluck Jonathon.  I suspect he’s insane because in addition many other peculiarities and a general lack of governing skill whatsoever — he thinks he’s Jesus Christ. That’s not a joke by me, he is pretty open about it — and very open about encouraging his followers to talk about and spread this belief.

We need financial, medical, economic, educational, military, humanitarian and infrastructure aid all aimed at this one critical piece of Africa. We need to make a stand in Nigeria against Boko Haram, against ignorance and poverty, against radical Islamist terrorists and terrorism, against the Chinese and their damned insistence on exporting their economic hegemony in Africa.

This is no time to retreat America, let us reach out to this poor troubled land where Ebola, and every other threat you can imagine is just under the surface, and lets start building our African influence base in Nigeria, and spread it outward from there. We can’t retreat from these problems, we need to face them.

Former president Bill Clinton actually said this best, just this week, on TV actually. I’ll quote him, he called the position of these Islamist terrorists and their supporters “Madness.”


Clinton was blunt, saying the Islamic leaders “…have no real religious motive, are simply cold blooded killers using religion to create converts to support them…and the world’s greatest example of a double standard.”

Those are his words.

According to Bill Clinton, the most respected leader of the liberal, loony left:

“You can’t prohibit free religious worship in your home country (and free speech) but then also expect it in another country, and then attempt to kill those that don’t support this double standard.”

He’s right of course; it’s madness for them to think this way, we’ve just been too politically correct to say it before. Of course the satirists were pointing this out all along. Now that the Islamic terrorists are murdering the satirists, people eyes are being opened to what a crock of dangerous do-do political correctness really is. I think Bill does get this, unfortunately like most marriages, Hillary doesn’t agree.

She went around and around the world apologizing to one world leader after another for how ugly the Bush administrations thought process was on the breadth of the terrorism challenge, right before Bill himself poured cold water all over her thinking recently. I wouldn’t vote for her under almost any circumstance, but I’d love to get Bill back.

Bill knows we need a strong national defense establishment. I think he’s more aware of it now than he was when he was President. Bill knows now, we need to do more with that establishment, not less, like help Nigeria, intervene in Iraq, and anywhere else these problems spring back up.

That’s why we have armies. Not because we’re meanies, because there is, and always has been and always will be; a bunch of crazy people in the world that worship at the altar of madness, hypocrisy, and genocide. And they do these things, mostly for the gross exploitation of their own populations. We don’t have to be ugly Americans and tell them how badly their own leaders are duping them, but we should be armed in case they aren’t happy with how we do things.

Seriously, everybody knows war is hell, war is bad, war gets young men and women killed, hooked on heroin, opiates, etc. Post traumatic stress syndrome or what they called shell shock in WWI and WWII, as well STD’s and lots of other problems both come back home with the troops. War gets millions slaughtered, entire towns blown up; many cities even got completely incinerated in 1945. If Bush hadn’t been so unpopular with the Democratic leadership, and they’d been more willing to get behind a position like Bill Clintons — years ago — the war on terrorism might be winding down instead of settling in.

I now that sounds partisan but you can’t really compare the fresh realism of Bill Clinton today with the loony ranting’s of Pelosi and Reid over the last 15 years and conclude anything other than the fact that the real negatives of our enemies were lost on these two, while the real virtues of Mr. Bush, were somehow obscured by their special kind of denial. I think that’s why people love Clinton so much, he’s honest, even if he isn’t in agreement with you.

And I’ll bet that’s why if Bill were in the White House, he’d be helping Nigeria right now, because for America; it’s the smart thing to do.



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20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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