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Why will the stock market crash?

by Karl Spain  The market is a reflection of basic economic activity in the United States, and even though it’s daily performance often has nothing to do with the talked about events of the day, the underlying algorithms that drive … Continue reading

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A glorious opportunity is opening, if Obama will just seize it

  “Those who don’t know history, are doomed to repeat it”             –Edmund Burke   The President’s commitment to get out of Afghanistan is a huge mistake. The ISIL beheading war, the fracturing of Iraq, the power vacuum in that … Continue reading

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The American people are not a war like people.

The American people dislike war, don’t easily tolerate American involvement in war and generally punish Presidents who either engage in conflicts and/or expand them. Think of Lyndon Johnson, George Bush, even Franklin Roosevelt, who simply couldn’t get America off the … Continue reading

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One Crazy Thing I Would Do If I Were President

This whole thing Vote for Independence movement in Scotland got me thinking, if I was President, what completely unpredictable — but also unlikely to cause war or harm – political thing could I do, to promote world unity. And then … Continue reading

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FED decides to keep QE going past October at $15B month

I try to write about things you may not be consciously following, but that fundamentally affect your life, particularly when they change.   Which is why one of the things I follow closely, is the QE number. For those of … Continue reading

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It’s going to be cold this winter, and here is why.

Originally posted on karlspain:
? A really long winter is coming. The following piece is based upon theories originally published by in 2009 Mr. Spain and Dr. Mark Richards in their book, “The Revelation.” By Karl Spain Disclaimer: The following…

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How will we know when the transition to a new glacial age has started?

Originally posted on The k2p blog:
Once glacial conditions have been established (and they will), they will be unmistakable. Ice sheets will have covered large parts of the northern hemisphere making large swathes uninhabitable. Sea levels would have dropped by…

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What Putin Daydreams About…

From 78 years ago, as the Rhineland, was invaded by German troops in the invasion that marked the start of World War II. “Men of the German Reichstag!” Hitler began. “France has replied to the repeated friendly offers and peaceful … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Collapse is Complete

Originally posted on karlspain:
By Karl Spain Former president and publisher of The Journal Newspapers “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” Thomas Jefferson In the 1980’s, while at a…

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Merkel Tightens the Noose Around Putin’s Neck

Putin foolishly underestimated his foe, and it isn’t the Ukrainian leadership, it’s German Chancellor Angela Merkel. World politics is about giant long-term trends set against the mercurial personalities of the players on the world stage. As great a predator as … Continue reading

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