It’s going to be cold this winter, and here is why.


A really long winter is coming.

The following piece is based upon theories originally published by in 2009 Mr. Spain and Dr. Mark Richards in their book, “The Revelation.”

By Karl Spain

Disclaimer: The following column does not mean that I support the unbridled use of fossil fuels, or that I am against most of the ecological and environmental protection measures currently being pursued by many different people across the globe, who all share, as I do, in a belief that humans must practice sustainability in all our endeavors, or destroy the ecosystem upon which we depend.

However, the thought and science in the piece I am presenting here runs so contrary to consensus opinion in the public — and a correspondingly broad agreement in the scientific community – that the reader may misconstrue my opinions on the above subjects. The ideas in this piece are driven by logic, not modern “scientific” precedent or public hysteria. These ideas were originally published by Dr. Mark Richards and myself in our collaborative book, “The Revelation.”

That was five years ago, here a direct quote from page 194:

“Global warming is almost certainly a red herring, although global cooling, is a genuine concern according to the Revelation.”

Before you stop reading, in this piece I will show you PROOF that global warming science is a scam. The book goes on to explain why it’s not global warming we need to be worried about. The Earth is about to enter a cooling phase. The reason for this looming problem is the convergence of two concurrent phenomenon that actually alter the same variable — total solar radiation, or Insolation, as we call it down here on Earth.

Most of the nonsense you’ve read in the press about global warming, from both sides, and politicians that simply have no idea what they are talking about, (like Gore and Kerry) is erroneous. Despite all the bad science on this issue for decades now, certain segments of the scientific community have known for some time now why the Earth’s atmosphere heats and cools, and we literally – in the coming year – are going get a first hand lesson in how it all works.

This is true because the warming trend the Earth has been on since the Maunder Minimum ended in the 1800’s, may very well be over.

The Maunder Minimum is the label for the last extended (300 years) cold period humans lived through, which featured a 70-year stretch from 1645 to 1715 when few if any sunspots were observed, and global temperatures plunged, leaving Europe in a mini-ice age.

It’s about to get colder, a lot colder.

How could I know that you ask? Almost every climate scientist in the world would claim that no one can possibly predict weather that accurately, particularly the end of long trends like the 300 year long year warming period we’re currently in. Such scientists would label me a quack, a fool, a headline hunter.

I’ll make my case here today and let you make up your own mind. All I ask — is for an open mind. So, how do I know this preposterous thing? I know all this because of the clues left by a Serbian scientist named Milutin Milankovitch.

A smart man Milankovitch, while serving as a POW during WWI, discovered that the earth seemed to go through very defined cooling and heating cycles, and he was able to correlate those cycles precisely with 3 important motions of our planet around the Sun, it’s elliptical obit, the precession and obliqueness (wobble) of the planet. His theories weren’t proven until the 1970’s, but the evidence has been building ever since, that this, not any other factor, is primarily responsible for planetary temperature changes, including glaciation.

mllankovitch orbit
Here we see all three factors, the elliptical orbit, the wobble and precession of the planet.

What’s interesting is what all 3 of these items identified by Milankovitch have something essential in common; they all represent the same vital variable, the amount of sunlight hitting the planet. This cycle and an abundance of other evidence in the historic weather record, as well as basic physics, all conclude that the amount and strength of the solar radiation the earth receives everyday — is the first and most important variable in how warm the earth’s atmosphere is.

PMilankovitch cyclescombined effect
Her we see the effect of these three factors, combined, on total insolation.

This total irradiation number, or insolation number, is altered of course by the earth’s distance and inclination toward the Sun (the northern hemisphere, when exposed to the Sun, reflects more solar radiation because of the snow cover) as described by Milankovich (an unheralded hero), BUT is also influenced by the Sun’s total radiation level itself, or radiated output, a number which varies for reasons we are only just beginning to understand. Think of yourself, sitting in your library, reading a good book, but your eyes are starting to hurt. You can get extra light on the page simply by moving closer to the lamp, or, you can set the 3-way bulb up a notch, to get the same effect.

The graph above, from those right wing Republicans at the University of Connecticut Geology Department put it all together for us, including a conclusion. Simply put, the ice core samples suggest there is a provable and primary correlation between total Solar Insolation, the Milankovitch cycles (Earth to Sun distance and position) and the Earth’s temperature record.
This one chart demonstrates that no other factor, (other than total Insolation) is either a primary or even secondary force on atmospheric temperature variance. The entire global warming debate could be pit to bed by this one chart, a fact I also pointed out in the book, five years ago!

The amount of sunlight penetrating the atmosphere, is the second most important variable concerning atmospheric temperatures, as physics, and history, amply indicate.

Vapor in the form of cloud cover is the primary forcing component in this secondary equation, but dust can be important here as well, particularly after meteor strikes or volcanic eruptions. Read up on the weather patterns in 1816, worldwide, following a series of volcano eruptions which dramatically obscured solar radiation.

The dust, after being blown into the stratosphere and beyond (into the mesosphere and some volcanic dust even makes it way out into the thermosphere) by a single volcano, can circle the earth in the upper atmosphere, acting as a diffuse smoke screen, blocking and reflecting sunlight back into space, that was originally bound for the earth’s surface.

This graph shows how the Suns minimal sunspot activity at the Dalton Minimum lined up with a series of volcano eruptions to produce a year, 1816, where there was no summer in Europe and it snowed in New England on June 7th and 8th of that year.

How cold did it get after those volcanic eruptions and while the Sun was at a low sunspot number? And how fast was the cooling effect? The year (1816) was called; “The year Europe didn’t have a summer.” Look it up, it snowed in June, here in the US; people starved all across Europe.

Generally when I know something that goes completely against the opinion of most of my; friends, scientists, politicians, school teachers, Reddit, The New York Times, the former Vice President of the United States (Gore), and many others, I just shut up and keep it to myself. But, in this instance, the Sun itself has forced my hand.

You see the number and size of the sunspots floating across its surface dramatically amp up (or down), the Sun’s total radiation output toward the Earth. Although sunspots are considerably cooler than the surrounding surface of the Sun, ironically, the more sunspots, the more solar radiation reigns down on earth, and the warmer we are.

It’s just that simple — after correcting for the Milankovich discoveries’ — a correction driven by this same vital ingredient, (total insolation,) you can reliably account for the majority of variance in temperature changes throughout the ages, right up to the present.

Right now (I’m not making this up, I swear) the Sun is in a period of almost eerie silence.

There are almost no sunspots for the first time in hundreds of years. Look back at that graph above and the Maunder Minimum numbers. That’s where we are today.

Numbers of spots per month totals that are so low, they challenge the low number records on file (reliable records exist), from the “Little Ice Age,” three hundred years ago. Believe it or not, the “Scientists” who brought us global warming are still denying anything is going on, in fact, many of them are still denying the Sun’s radiation level is even a bigger factor forcing temperature change here on Earth — than the composition of the gases in the atmosphere is. Right.

During most of the last 400,000 years, glaciers stretched all the way down to Manhattan, and similar glaciation existed around the world. For that to start all over again, it just has to start snowing, and then, keep on snowing.

And snowing, and snowing, some more. Which frankly doesn’t have anything to do with CO2 levels, gases that climb in a trailing fashion behind temperature in the historic ice core record. CO2 production is also offset by naturally ratcheting carbon sinks. In the cause and effect chain leading to final planetary surface temperature; total solar radiation, is the driving, forcing, primary and all-important factor in terrestrial temperature variance.

This applies when total insolation is climbing or falling — because the earth’s elliptical orbit, precession and wobble, all alter total insolation. When the earth is tilted to reflect more of that radiation, and/or the infrared radiation level of the Sun itself has increased (high sunspot numbers), or the radiation is blocked by dust (Krakatoa), concurrency can push the earth in and out of glaciation cycles.

Once every 17,000 years or so. Just exactly like the 17,000-year radiation cycle the Sun itself experiences. Until just recently, most climatologists believed this was coincidental. I’m not making that up. I’m a liberal, but the global warming science crowd ‘s barely logical arguments have given liberalism a black eye that will take ice ages to live down.

Once the low radiation cycle started by the Sun (a cyclical concurrence of varying distance, powerful and highly variable sunspots, reflection quotients that naturally vary but can be dramatically effected by volcanoes, meteors, even wide-spread snow cover) begins, and it starts snowing everywhere, the vapor and CO2 content of the atmosphere become largely irrelevant.

The “greenhouse effect,” to the degree it does impact the surface temperature of the planet — is overwhelmed by the enormous loss of reflected heat — because the radiation, once it crosses through the atmosphere, simply bounces off the surface of the more and more snow covered planet, allowing it to continue to cool right into it’s regular glaciation cycle.

This is the cycle we need to fear; this is the cycle we need to learn to control, not with idiotic economy killing measures like artificial carbon exchanges, but with a further extension of our technological hegemony over the ecosphere.

Translation: We have a long, tough winter coming, if we don’t research, develop and deploy weather control technology. Humans — currently — have the capability to begin researching and deploying large-scale geo-engineering solutions, like PV fields, which could simultaneously produce electricity — and concurrently be used to change the reflective quotient of the earth.

If you think that sounds preposterous, try feeding ten billion humans while glaciers cover most of the earth’s arable land because we failed to react when the sunspots disappeared. That will be preposterous.


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