The World’s Most Powerful Current

There is a powerful current running beneath the surface out in the rest of the world and the U.S. risks it’s position as the leader of the free world if we don’t recognize this emerging current and its future importance on world politics and world economics.

We have not done a good job of that in Egypt and now this fever has re-emerged and possibly has momentum in China. How do we know this? The Chinese government has said so. With great urgency, they recently released Document 9, according to the NYT (a good source on China) a very high level communiqué to all the party faithful, outlining 7 perilous threats to China.

This is a quote from the Times; “ The first (perilous threat) was “Western constitutional democracy”; others included promoting “universal values” of human rights, Western-inspired notions of media independence and civic participation, ardently pro-market “neo-liberalism,” and “nihilist” criticisms of the party’s traumatic past. Everything a Sovereign Constitution is all about. This communiqué is not boilerplate. Things are changing in China as the opposition gets stronger, the economy weakens and the U.S. Chinese relationship gets more and more polar.

This deep, emerging current running through the consciousness of the world’s people is a struggle between the common people of these countries and their leadership caste, a struggle over how and who should make the rules and possess power in these countries. This is a pragmatic struggle with most of these people — from 1/3 to 1/2 of the worlds population, because they live near or below the poverty line. For this part of the world’s people, the leadership group rules through a combination of force and coercive economic aid to the poorer classes.

The poorer the government, generally, the more they rely upon force to keep the masses from unrest. The better off countries, usually the regimes with natural resources to sell, use a combination of force and “economic development/welfare” to keep the majority suppressed/appeased.

These people crave something we take for granted here in the U.S., Constitutional Democracy. Constitutional Democracy or CD doesn’t sound very sexy or even possible of causing unrest, because, well, it’s a very old idea, and in use everywhere already, – right? Although it looks like that on the surface, the reality is very different indeed.

This is the case, because, despite what governments and media accounts from every corner of the world tell us, there are actually two kinds of Constitutional Democracies. The first (and from our point of view in the U.S.) and preferred type is a Sovereign CD, or SCD. This is a very special type of document, which makes a true democracy possible in the first place. It is initially drafted with input from, and then has the final consent of — a true majority of the governed.

It reserves the power for ruling, judging and protecting the people from enemies, foreign and domestic unto itself.

It must contain a division of the powers among Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch’s; and none of these institutions and/or individual carrying out the Constitution’s power can do so for religious, personal, or any other reason, other than the faithful service of the Constitution itself and the people it represents.

Most importantly, it must contain provisions which provide for the legitimate protection of the civil rights of it’s own citizens. This protection must extend to free speech, the right to assemble peacefully, the right to worship (and not worship) any religious idea or system, provided all these rights above do not trespass on the reasonable civil rights of the other citizens.

The right to a free press and a speedy trial before an impartial jury and judge is a special class of rights, reserved for the protection of the masses from state tyranny, not the individual from state suppression, and must have institutional protection against abuse or takeover (the State Police in many countries are commonly used to suppress the population, not just protect them) through the balancing of the different branches.

This job cannot be delegated or even be based upon anything other than the will of the people. For example, it’s O.K. for murder to be judicially prohibited and religiously prohibited, but it cannot be judicially prohibited because it is religiously prohibited.
That’s not how things happened in Egypt and the very different outcome was a Constitution, written by a religiously motivated leader, Morsi and the Islamic Brotherhood, that made Islamic, or Sharia law, the legal system for all jurisprudence.

Such a system automatically makes any disagreement about a principle of law, or even fact, potentially blasphemous for every person connected to a case; defendant, plaintiff, judge and even the opposing attorney’s. This much, combined pressure on a legal system from any force as coercive as religion; renders the justice system incapable of dispensing justice at all.

In other words, a Constitutional Democracy without a Sovereign Constitution isn’t a power sharing agreement with the people, at all. It’s just a shill, a piece of paper to make the U.S diplomats, the U.N. and the even your allies happy. It’s the paper covering over a regime that holds power, the people’s power, through force, coercion, fear, suppression, torture, murder, information suppression (and on the other side of the coin) co-joined at the hip with welfare, jobs, job programs, payoffs, food dispensaries and food distribution systems.

There are many countries with Constitutional Democracies, but that are not Sovereign CD’s, that mimic the above scenario, and even perform the function of calling for and holding elections, but that do not provide for the basic civil liberties that allow true power sharing.

That will change in the next 10 years as more and more people around the world, wake up to the difference between a true Sovereign Constitution, which is a sacred bond between the people who shed blood to establish it and the government it establishes, and all the look-alikes out there that don’t have anything real behind them except greedy, power hungry politicians/dictators that have found a way to hold onto the peoples power for one more generation.

Egypt needs a Constitutional convention in the worst way and the world needs to hang on, there is going to be a lot more trouble, and not just in Cairo.

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    I wrote this piece two years ago but I think it’s as relevant today as it was then, maybe more so. Think about China and the Hong Kong students as you read this.

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