Democratic Party attack against Trump will now start to backfire

Incoming House intelligence chair: We “have a compelling interest in making sure that U.S. policy is not driven by leverage that the Russians have over the president.”

This is the kind of nonsense Americans have had to endure for 2 years as the Democrats played the only card they had left — to attack Trump.

The electorate understood this necessity, and besides — they were not sure yet, whether he had actually done anything. Now they know, it was a ploy and they will no longer tolerate that ploy. Obviously the incoming House intelligence chair does not know this, but I watched Nancy Pelosi talk about unity and bipartisanship at her victory party and it was clear to me anyway, she does get it.

Every time the Democrats scream Russia, Russia, Russia, now, the American public is going to subtract points from the Democratic scorecard — and all of those hit points will show up and be accounted for when Trump wins reelection handily in 2 years.

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Pelosi swerves toward bipartisanship?

Nancy Pelosi gave a victory speech the other night that swerved so hard from anything she’s ever said before, I had to play it back a few times to believe it.

She called for Unity. She called for peace with the Republicans!

She referenced the founding fathers and their dream of making us all one from many.

She specifically promised a bipartisan approach.

This was not the Pelosi I know, it wasn’t the Pelosi of old, it was just her spouting one tired platitude after another, delivered in a halting style that had me thinking she would stroke out any minute. It was a mystery really.

The Democrats ran against Donald Trump and did not run on one single idea themselves — and it appears — they didn’t even bother to think one up, in case they won and needed something to talk about.

Not sure where all this is going, but since this election did not turn out like I thought — or evidently the way she thought it would either — Pelosi must be scared, deep down real scared. The Blue Wave was so pathetic if just a few races had broken differently, less than 10 seats, she would have been the subject of the most embarrassing defeat in midterm electoral history.

The election numbers must have shocked her to her toes — because she did not come out swinging, there was no bragging, no taunting, none of the old Pelosi arrogance, it was like listening to a politician from 50 years ago, talk about the sacrifice our troops make, about apple pie and about unifying for the greater good. At times, she would halt for applause and not a single sound was heard!

I’m not making any of this up, by the way, if you have listened to Pelosi over the years like I have, this speech will really surprise you. That was the not the fiery “Mayor’s Daughter”, breathing destruction at her enemies, instead, this was like listening to an 80-year-old, Republican city council member rehearse his Lincoln day dinner address in front of a mirror, and jumbling it all up.

It’s a good thing Pelosi has raised over $750 million dollars for her comrades in Congress over the last 20 years — because if she had not done that — I don’t think a single person outside of San Francisco, would know her name.

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Jeff Sessions needed to be removed

I like Jeff Sessions, I think he is a smart man and a fair man. But his performance as Attorney General of the United States was a huge disappointment. Mueller, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Ohr, all of them seemed immune to prosecution and seemed able to actually continue to pull the government levers of power, even after clearly abusing those levers. Maybe Sessions just got too old.

Maybe he really thought reclusing himself from the most important case the AG could handle was a good idea. Maybe the Democrats obviously rigged a primary election and conspired to spy on a candidate — but there was no physical evidence — other than what everybody in the country could see, sitting right there in front of them.

It’s very confusing. I’m not sure what happened with Jeff Sessions but I am sure, it was time for him to move on.

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The President needs a new press arrangement

The President looked bad on TV and the press were partially responsible.

They attacked and attacked — and he responded — and even though Jim Acosta came off looking worse — the President of the United States still had to mix it up with him — and that did not look good to the average viewer.

Many Americans only saw the clips the media clipped together to make him look even worse.

The President needs a new communication director.

I would volunteer, but I’m sure they would not consider an old newspaperman in the age of digital importance.

But with or without me, they definitely need a new approach, simply battling it out with the press every single time is not getting the WH message out — and if the President himself does not see this — I don’t know what can be done.

Of course, the press is ultra liberal and of course they are printing lies — and have printed hundreds of them about him — and his people — but his strategy is also not working, the public understands they are being manipulated (Senate victories, climbing popularity) but it’s not enough, somewhere along the line he has to find a way to communicate his ideas through something other than Twitter.

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Warren wins, but why?

Elizabeth Warren has won election to her Senate seat, by a 56% to 44% margin and it makes me wonder, why do the good people of Massachusetts put up with her?

Some politicians win and I never know why and she’s one of them.

She never gets anything done, she is constantly wrong about her facts — and public statements — and she obviously perpetrated a fraud on the public and Harvard by claiming to be of Native American ancestry, which of course was not only a lie, it was  lie she then proved by taking a test and releasing it, essentially making me question her intellect as well as her honesty.

In other words, she’s not the sharpest tool in the tool shed. Is it because she plans to abandon the state and run for higher office? Typically voters punish politicians for that, but in her case, she just glides right past things that would cripple a normal politician.

I could understand that blindness by the electorate — if like Trump — she was offering the public something (he’s productive) in return for her obvious untruthfulness, but that isn’t the case with Senator Warren, she literally has accomplished nothing her entire political career.

Of course, they elected Ted Kennedy to this same seat, after he drowned a woman in his car, over and over again. What are they thinking up there in Massachusetts?

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It’s a new day in America

It’s a new day in America.

God is in his glory and loves this country enough to guide it through thick and thin and the midterm election yesterday was another example of that.

As I predicted (almost) the Republicans picked up Senate seats and lost House seats. The almost part comes because I thought the R’s would lose 15 or 20 House seats and just barely hold on – and instead, they lost 35 and did not hold on.

But this outcome, upon reflection, pleases me.

As usual, the American people — are smarter than me.

My new view:

This will be a good check on Trump.

This will ALSO give Trump a foil, a negotiating platform with an adversary he knows — and simultaneously make the Democrats accountable to the American people and to the newly empowered progressive minority within their party.

Most importantly, this will pacify tens of millions of Americans that were going crazy with TDS because they felt they were completely out of power.

Paradoxically for Dems, this outcome also legitimizes Trump.

He’s been in power now for 2 years and the public GAVE him additional power in the Senate. This was not an accident.

If the American people thought Trump was a danger to the country, a crazy, Orange Man Bad – they would not have cemented his power base in the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi knows this, that her victory was razor thin, all of which gives her no legitimate impeachment argument.

Impeachment, in the end, is political. Although in this case, there is also, now, after 2 years, no evidence of Trump wrongdoing whatsoever.

Pelosi knew all this, all along, of course.

She just couldn’t negotiate without any power.

That’s out of the way now, the American people have spoken and both Trump and Pelosi will listen and hopefully start to do deals.

It’s what they both live for.

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Democrats do not understand the American electorate at this time…

The Democratic Party leaders responsible for messaging — just don’t get it.

WASHINGTON — House Democrats will open an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct and perjury against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh if they win control of the House in November, Representative Jerrold Nadler, the New York Democrat in line to be the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said on Friday.

Americans do NOT want another investigation and do not want the process abused any more than party leaders have already abused it so far.

This is why the mid-terms will be a disaster for them, and they obviously don’t even know it.

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30 days to go…

Trump is not on the ballot, but he’s the biggest name NOT on it.

In 30 days, we have a highly consequential midterm election here in the United States.

I won’t bore you with all the polling because the polling establishment, mainly news organizations, are so in the bag for the Democratic party, they actually lie to themselves and their audience — and then knash their teeth when the election happens, and their lies are exposed. They do this right on the air, despite this being an action that should disqualify them for the job they have. The press in America today is very biased and doesn’t even hide it. I was in the press, I know of what I speak.

But, The IBD and TPP poll, which calls it dead even on the generic ballot, has been accurate in the past and probably is now as well. I think it is fairly even at the moment because both party bases, the Republicans and the Democrats are fired up. Which means the “set up” for the election will be pivotal and this favors the Republicans a lot in the Senate and is stacked against them in the House.

The Independents will be the swing vote and I predict they swing for the Republicans although only slightly, meaning a 5 or 6 Senate pick up for the Republicans and only about a 10 to 15 seat loss in the House. If they lose more than 23, Pelosi becomes the Speaker and this would be a disaster for America.

I say this slight Republican edge will be the Independent’s verdict on Trump — because in the past, Independents have tended to vote their wallet and right now, that is a vote for the Republicans and/or Trump.

Black unemployment is at an all-time low and that is the big reason (and Kanye West) I think blacks will vote for Trump candidates in numbers like the Republicans have never seen. This will be about 25% of the black vote, which looks awful for the Republicans until you consider they normally get a third of that.

Hispanic unemployment is also at an all-time low and Hispanics, in general, gave Trump 30% to 35% of the vote — a number he may exceed by 10% this time! Polling, because of the methodology employed by these dishonest news organizations — will NOT reflect either of these two changes in his base supporter profile, until after this election.

I think women will continue to support Republicans because they don’t always vote the way the Democratic establishment orders them too and/or expects them too. Liberals forget that when you attack men as a class, you are attacking their sons, husbands, brothers and best friends, many of whom they respect as much or more than the important women in their lives. If Democrats got this point, Kavanaugh could have been stopped. The Democratic attack on him didn’t just fail, is also attacked due process, something woman in general — are MORE supportive of — than men!

As I listened to Diane Feinstein FINALLY comment on his judicial record, just this morning (!!) I was stunned. This was the attack line that could have gotten traction, but it was ignored by Schumer who is a smear artist and does NOT understand any other tactics. The Democrats really need to look hard at his leadership, I know he brings in the corporate bucks, but at what cost?

As a result, I believe this election will not just be a huge failure for the party — it should be the last election we have to deal with the crazy leadership asserted by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the two worst leaders the party has had in leadership roles — in over 100 years.

I also think this will be the end of Heidi Heitkamp on the national stage, she being the wonderful and brilliant Senator from North Dakota who has chosen foolishly to oppose Kavanaugh, — and this saddens me deeply — she was the best and the brightest on the Democratic ship of fools and if she could have steered the caucus, instead of being constantly victimized by it, the Democrats would be looking at a completely different mid-term result.

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Grassley calls Kavanaugh process a Demolition Derby

It’s hard to make Senator Chuck Grassley mad.

He’s just such a reasonable man. But Chuck Schumer did it.

Schumer masterminded the “Demolition Derby” against SCOTUS candidate Brett Kavanaugh and Grassley knows it. He knows now, after a subsequent investigation (over 150 total people interviewed by the FBI about Kavanaugh) that he and the other Senators just reviewed in classified setting — that NOTHING any of the last minute witnesses the Democrats produced — has been corroborated by their OWN witness list.

I hope this is the last gasp of these Democrat leaders that deserve to be retired.

Please, America, we don’t need to eliminate the Democratic Party, a two-party system is healthy, but we definitely need new Democratic Party leaders, the ones we have, are attempting to destroy this country, one good man at a time.

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Heitkamp joins the suicide parade

I used to love Heidi Heitkamp’s politics.

I thought she was one of the smartest Senators on Capitol Hill. I used to write about her frequently because she was consequential, brilliant, and fair.

That was BT, or before Trump. He has impacted politics so dramatically, normally intelligent people catch a virus called Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS and then become blabbering idiots. Heitkamp was an exception to this for a while, giving Trump important support early on, crossing the aisle more than any other Democrat. Again, I saw this as a sign of very high intelligence.

Six or seven months ago, shortly before Kevin Cramer declared for her seat, I advised her, right here on this blog, to switch parties and save herself. She did not listen.

A month ago, I advised her to announce for Kavanaugh and save herself.

She did not listen.

Today she announced she won’t vote for Kavanaugh. This is a great tragedy, she was a great Senator and now, after she loses badly to Kevin Cramer in November, she will be gone. And why? To stop a poor choice from becoming a SCOTUS judge?


Kavanaugh is qualified and I believe Senator Heitkamp knows that. She was used, as all the Democrats were, by Chuck Schumer and the leftist idiots running the Democratic party — and now she will be tossed away like garbage — because that’s what a man as stupid as Schumer does — he throws away his assets — and also exalts the worst members of the Party.

Heitkamp should switch parties after she loses — maybe she can come back eventually, as the OTHER Senator from North Dakota.

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