Who is Bill Priestap?

FBI Asst. Director in charge of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap was the immediate supervisor of FBI Counterintelligence Deputy Peter Strzok.

Bill Priestap is #1. Before getting demoted Peter Strzok was #2.


The investigation into candidate Donald Trump was a counterintelligence operation.

That operation began in July 2016. Bill Priestap would have been in charge of that, along with all other, FBI counterintelligence operations.


FBI Deputy Peter Strzok was specifically in charge of the Trump counterintel op.

However, Strzok would be reporting to Bill Priestap on every detail and couldn’t (according to structure anyway) make a move without Priestap approval.


On March 20th 2017 congressional testimony, James Comey was asked why the FBI Director did not inform congressional oversight about the counterintelligence operation that began in July 2016.

FBI Director Comey said he did not tell congressional oversight he was investigating presidential candidate Donald Trump because the Director of Counterintelligence suggested he not do so.

That is who, Bill Priestap is.

The things this man was in the center of related to Hillary Clinton and the presidential campaign abuses too numerous to list — required coordination from outside the FBI, funding, and communication. His testimony will be riveting.

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Conspiracy in plain sight

The FBI, DOJ and DNC conspiracy to elect Hillary Clinton has been in plain sight for well over a year now. I wrote a piece, in between the convention and the election, calling for the Supreme Court to nullify the Democratic party’s nomination decision — and have another snap, nationwide Democratic party primary, minus HRC — in time to still hold the general election as scheduled in November. Why did I urge this?

Because as I said in that piece, she was a constitutionally unacceptable candidate.

If a person violates a law, like the alledged violations she committed with the servers and/or Donald Trump did with his sexual harrasment accusers, and the American people still elect those people, then the people have spoken, it’s sort of like a huge jury verdict. This in fact is why the president has judicial protections from lawsuits while president, otherwise you could just block up everything he attempts will false lawsuits from the past or even fake witnesses from the present, BUT all reguiring an answer, and therefore distracting the president, stealing his precious focus, time, and energy.

BUT, a candidate that violates election law during a campaign is different. The election vote is not a verdict of that past behavior, it is the subject of the legal violation and you cannot let a person — committing election law fraud — sit for the office bought by corruption or fraud or voter suppression. Nixon is an example. He had to resign after the election because that’s when the evidence surfaced of his misconduct during the election, against his election rivals. In Hillary’s case, she committed the fraud during the primary — and we had the Wikileaks evidence — before the general, the Supreme Court could have acted. Why didn’t they is the horrible next question.

And the answer is grim. Hillary didn’t just take a flyer and rum off on a giant conspiracy with no thought of jail. She had an inside player or two. FBI agents she knew would fudge the evidence and/or destroy it, and in fact, would help her cook up evidence against Trump — and futhermore use the FBI, and the Department of Justice, to introduce that manufactured Steele dossier into the legal system. This pair of Aces, made her reckless. The Wikileaks dump alone, was evidence enough to get a real FBI investigation — into how she had illegally influenced the primary — and that would have been enough, from an unbiased FBI; for the Supremes to act, but they could not act without FBI evidence, and charges, and those were never forthcoming, and now we know why.

Here is Congressman Jim Jordan on what a horrible mess Hillary has made for the country:

Rep. Jim Jordan: Listen you can’t make this stuff up. It gets worse each and every day… What deep down scares me, if this actually happened the FBI had a concerted effort with the people at the top to go after one party’s nominee to help the other party’s nominee. If that actually happened in the United States of America and everything each and every day points to more and more likely that that is what took place, it is sad for our country if that took place. And I think it did based on everything I am seeing. All the evidence points to that.

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An amazing True tale!

The article below is a must read. It details a story so amazing, I won’t ruin it with a spoiler, except to say, read it right to the end, it never stops twisting and turning!


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Run Your Tax Savings (or not)

Everybody has an opinion about the tax plan and they’re all mostly hot air, because — if history is a judge — it’s the unintended consequences that are usually the real nail-biter, and we don’t find out about them, for a few years yet.

However, I won’t lie, I am very optimistic and not just because they settled on a corporate rate structure I accurately predicted (20% to 22%!) while Trump was still campaigning, but because the bill looks to me anyway, like a big win for everybody who makes $400,000 and under. It’s a more complicated picture above that threshold, but these numbers — I think –will be further stimulative.

I only support the lowering of the tax rate however — if the crazy deductions are eliminated — but I think Trump has another angle he plans to pursue to clean that up, down the road. I consider this brilliant of him by the way, if he had included the deductions reduction regime in the bill — like I foolishly would have — corporate America would have pulled strings and his Senate votes would have disappeared. Trump is maturing into a wonderful politician and I think I’m the only person in Montgomery County Maryland who sees it.

Anyway, here is a tax calculator, you just click, enter (anonymously) a little data, and you can see how this final bill will effect you, come April.


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Israel and Iran headed to war in 2018

Israel and Iran headed to war in 2018

I’ve been watching these two countries very closely now — for years on end — and I’ve concluded they are preparing to go to war with each other.

Iran was attempting to accomplish this through proxies and all during the Obama administration they were succeeding at this — but Trump and Netanyahu have stripped away the conditions allowing that — and now – war is coming.

I also think Saudi Arabia will be involved, maybe not directly, but I wouldn’t rule that out anymore. Iran has been trying to suffocate Saudi Arabia for a generation now and the Saudi’s have finally made a decision, it’s better to westernize a bit – than fight Iran alone.

For Israel this was inevitable. Iran is their real enemy and has been all along. Iran has been planning, funding, fighting, directing and instigating all the trouble in the Middle East against the United States and Israel since the Carter administration and the only high level people that didn’t understand this, were Obama’s Iran Nuclear deal negotiating team.

Where and when will it break out? No telling really, because these things build behind the scenes and then there is a spark somewhere (usually not where expected) which ignites the whole thing. I can speculate about when though and I would say early spring 2018 because countries like to begin wars in the spring and this one won’t wait until 2019.

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Netanyahu declares Istanbul the Capital of Turkey

Netanyahu declares Istanbul the Capital of Turkey

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, to be the Turkish Capital today, declaring Israel shall not rest until this injustice in righted and Turkey’s capital is relocated.

Turkish President Erdogan was questioned about the announcement and appeared confused: “What the hell is he talking about, Ankara is our capital, the location of our capital is a Turkish decision and only a Turkish decision, that guy Netanyahu is a nut!”

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The NFL Implodes

The NFL Implodes

I thought the decision to give Roger Goodell a new contract was stupid, he has presided over the worst period in the leagues history, a period that may lead to their de-thronement as the King of TV.

I thought the decision not to fine the players — and bench them — for not following the rules, which require them to stand respectfully during the national anthem was stupid, because it broke with their no-tolerance policy on these types of violations, which here-to-fore, they were meticulously strict on.

I thought the decision to let them continue with these absurd protests against the flag, which means veterans by association — over a police brutality issue — was stupid. Just exactly who do NFL players — think watch them? I’ve noticed dissonance of this issue lately, with some players actually taunting, fighting and challenging the fans not to come watch. This is very stupid, people remember shit like that and when fans don’t buy tickets or watch the NFL on TV, the players will lose money.

I thought the decision to lie to the players about the concussion problem was stupid. And criminal, but the NFL have good lawyers and understand how to pay off, so nobody will get arrested. A lot guys will die prematurely and/or have their brains scrambled and have mental problems for life, but hey, as long as Rodger the dodger was in command, no one went to jail!

I thought the decision to donate money to liberal causes, as a salve for the kneeling issue, was stupid. Ratings are down, disgust is up, the president is kicking your ass, so the geniuses at NFL central decided “Hey, I know, lets spit in their face and give away tens of millions to the very people creating this crisis, maybe that will help.” Meanwhile ticket prices for NFL games have hit $4 a seat at some stadiums. It costs more to go to Winter Lights in the Park now, than to an NFL game. If the NFL thinks this builds brand loyalty, they are literally crazy. Too many knocks to the head maybe?

I thought the decision to use taxpayer money for stadiums, tax breaks and police protection was stupid. Most people would disagree here, saying, get what you can, while you can. I say, if you have the golden goose, you protect her.

The NFL WAS the golden goose, all they had to do was act reasonably and they had a license to print money for a generation. But they got greedy, so greedy, even the players are greed stricken now. The whole NFL became a greed circus and the price for this, of course, will be viewer disgust. And when the viewers get disgusted, the paychecks all around — will eventually dwindle because the players get ½ the revenue – when they act poorly and even attack their own fans, they are cutting their own throats financially.

I thought continuing the league, as a non-profit was stupid, because it makes them a target for the government eventually, and that eventually is here. Trump isn’t done, what comes next for the NFL, will be devastating.

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The Truth about the Jerusalem decision

Suppose you were not interested in hearing the leftist blowhard idiots in the MSM jaw about the Jerusalem decision BUT you did want to read some thoughtful explanations on the subject, where would you go?

I would go to: https://besacenter.org/online-debates/debate-trumps-recognition-jerusalem-israels-capital-mean/

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Trump should consider eliminating the FISA Court

Trump should consider eliminating the FISA Court

The FISA Court has powers our constitution did not want the courts to have.

The founding fathers were afraid that courts — which have this much power – can, and will, eventually abuse that power.

The FISA Court allowed the Trump dossier to serve as the justification for phone tap warrants against people (and presumably the candidate), counseling a man fighting for election as President of the United States. Treason against the state in other words.

For Fusion GPS, agent Strzok, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and others, this is a problem because they are felons — BUT for the FISA Court, this is much more serious.

They did not do their jobs in a situation that had constitutional ramifications. In short, the founding fathers were right and we should have never authorized this court or the 702 madness, the Patriot Act, these super-huge NSA databases, the whole thing needs to go before Hillary comes on TV one day and announces:

“That was all just a big mistake – I’ve had to have a few people shot today to finally break the glass ceiling — but it’s all O.K. — I’m President for life now!”

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Xi is a dictator who covets Taiwan — Beware!

Xi is a dictator who covets Taiwan — Beware!

This just in from the Philippines…

Philstar.com — MANILA, Philippines — China on Friday expressed “grave concern” over the recent signing of an investment protection agreement between the Philippines and Taiwan, a self-ruled island that China considers a breakaway province with no right to establish diplomatic ties.

According to reports, Taiwan sent a representative to the Philippines to sign the deal on December 7 as part of Taipei’s “New Southbound Policy,” which aims to forge closer ties with South and Southeast Asia in order to diversify the island’s economy.

Sought for comment, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that while China doesn’t object to the conduct of normal economic and trade exchanges between Taiwan and countries with diplomatic relations with China, Beijing ‘firmly opposes’ the signing of any cooperation document with Taipei.

Geng added that China hopes that the Philippines will abide by the “one-China principle” and avoid having the Taiwan-related issue “undermine the larger picture of China-Philippines relations.”

“We express grave concern over the signing of the investment protection agreement and other cooperation documents that are obviously official in character between the relevant Philippine authority and the Taiwan authority,” Geng told a press conference.

“China has lodged representation with the Philippine side,” he added.

The People’s Republic of China claims Taiwan as part of its territory. But Taiwan, known officially as Republic of China, regards itself as an independent sovereign state.

The Philippines has been observing a One-China policy since 1975. Under the policy, the Philippines recognizes the communist People’s Republic of China and cannot put up an embassy in Taiwan.

The Philippines, however, has trade, cultural and people-to-people exchanges with Taiwan.

Meanwhile, ties between Manila and Beijing, which had soured over the South China Sea dispute, had greatly improved under Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte has set aside his country’s legally won entitlements over the resource-rich waters in exchange for billion dollars’ worth of Chinese aid and investment.


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