Trump finds a Nerve

Trump finds a Nerve

Deep in the bowels of the Congressional office building, in offices where SKIF room procedures are obeyed, the Democrats huddle over the most secret data of all – Trump opinion poll and policy poll numbers from “friendly” (paid) internal specialists who gather and analyze poll data, gathered by various methodologies and sorted by geographic area. And they can’t believe what they are being told.

Trump is up.

In every demo and every age group, Trump is more popular, in broad core categories, and/or the same, and the shift appears to be “reportedly resilient.” In real world speech, they would read the person some information about the Stormy Daniels thing, or some other supposed “atrocity”, (some are wholly fictional, a practice the industry defends) and then gauge the person’s change in attitude toward Trump – and here’s what has Nancy Pelosi waking up with night terrors for weeks now – people have become numb to Trump criticism, they’ve decided they like him, no matter what he’s accused of. This core group is only 47% nationally (excluding California), but that is important, because the way the electoral map breaks out, this actually puts Trump with a core group of highly resilient supporters — at 50%! – The magic line, in enough battleground states — as to be the heavy favorite in 2020.

Pelosi isn’t just not going to impeach him, oh contraire, he’s going to hang on through the midterms and then blow her out in 2020.

Meanwhile Trump hammers away. At long last he opened up his main salvo today, beginning what will be a long series of tweets and attacks from the White House, against Democrats for holding up his appointments with procedural BS in Congress.

This will hit home and hit home hard.

Americans don’t like government shut downs and punish politicians that cause them and 75% of the public believes these appointment delays are a form of shut down like procedure and furthermore feel they endanger the country and furthermore they feel they are the incorrect mitigation for a problem.

Trump has figured every bit of that out and is preparing to open up on the Democrats on every front for this reason. It’s a home run for him because it will be effective with voters and it’s surgical — he can attack Democrats only (with the exception of maybe Heidi Heitkamp) and not touch on any more complex issues, which might help one Republican candidate while hurting another.


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Hillary’s Done. Stick a fork in her.

I wrote this 3 years ago, but it seems like yesterday!


Hillary’s done, stick a fork in her

Hillary Clinton is a Liberal Democrat running for president and The New York Times has just taken her out of the race. This isn’t the Washington Post or some other broken down paper that used to matter when they challenged presidents — instead of acting as a presidential lapdog mouthpiece. This is the NYT, a paper that still matters even if Hillary screams all next week about how irrelevant, biased and wrong they are. Instead of telling you their tone, in this article, let me quote a tidbit and I’ll let you gauge for yourself if they think the Clinton’s getting $30 million in “Foundation” money was a good enough reason for her to back selling America’s uranium to Russia.

“…the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic…

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Comey’s Big Lie Personality

Comey’s Big Lie Personality

Comey fashions himself as an expert on ethics. This is typical leftist loony tunes projection, where people scream at the top of their lungs — at others — for the crimes they commit.

Which must be why, when testifying before Congress, Comey conveniently left out the part about his brother’s employment with the law firm (Piper) doing the Clinton Foundations taxes.

And the huge loan he got from that same brother, to buy a house here is the suburbs of Washington DC.

Or the fact that he typed into his now infamous memo, how he doesn’t leak, hours before leaking the same memo.

If you haven’t seen the Jake Tapper interview with Comey on CNN, you should. Tapper is a leftist lackey and even he couldn’t stand the lies coming out of Comey’s mouth and confronted him several times.

Comey looked shell shocked, like he had no response, which of course — is because he’s a lying sack of shit that belongs in jail — but I have to admit, Tapper didn’t go that far in his responses to Comey’s incredible explanations — he just looked like he wanted too.

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Trump and Niger

Trump and Niger

My friends have asked me, why did those guys get ambushed in Niger, what are they even doing there, is Trump leading us to WWIII?

And of course, I tell them the truth, “No, Obama sent those men there…” and of course, they cut me off — and call me a liar and a Trump supporter — and a guy who just hates Obama and can’t do anything that doesn’t end up blaming him — and his broken administration. One of them even said to me: “IF Obama had sent them there, I would have heard about it!” This was news Obama downplayed, so the media helped him with that, I believe as a result of their infatuation with the young black president, who they thought walked on water, and therefore refused to even question.

The left is this country, meaning the Democrats — live in a mass hysteria bubble which blinds them to fact. They actually think Trump colluded with the Russians, when all of the evidence – all of it – points to Hillary and her cronies, not Trump. Some of that evidence, like the unmasking scandal, could ONLY have been done by administration officials and cannot possibly have been Trump or his people, and still they believe the lie as handed to them by the Washington Post (a very troubled newspaper) and the New York Times, the traditional propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

As for the men in Niger, here is a story from the LA Times, which is a leftist, loony times newspaper completely in the tank for Obama – detailing the truth about WHICH president sent those men there and why.

The dateline on this story was February 22, 2013, before Trump emerged as a political force.

LA Times — WASHINGTON — About 100 U.S. troops have deployed to the West African country of Niger to help establish a drone base for surveillance missions, in the latest step by the United States to aid French forces battling Islamic militants in neighboring Mali.

In a letter to Congress on Friday, President Obama said the deployment would “provide support for intelligence collection and will also facilitate intelligence sharing with French forces conducting operations in Mali, and with other partners in the region.”

The last 40 American troops in the deployment arrived in Niger on Feb. 20 with the consent of the government, Obama said.

A senior U.S. officer described the troops as a security unit that will protect crews flying and maintaining U.S. Air Force drones now operating from an airfield near the capital, Niamey. The force includes drone pilots, intelligence liaison officers and aircraft maintenance personnel, the officer said.

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Heidi Heitkamp will vote to confirm Pompeo’s nomination

Heidi Heitkamp will vote to confirm Pompeo’s nomination.

If the Democrats weren’t such complete idiots, the woman who would be running their Party would be Heidi Heitkamp, who apparently is smarter than the entire rest of the party and has decided to give the president the one Democratic vote he needs to get to 50 for Mike Pompeo’s confirmation as Secretary of State.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi apparently don’t give a damn about whether we have the right person in that office – or any body at all – as the president attempts to get Russia under control in Syria, keep the CCP out of Taiwan — and get North Korea denuclearized!

Pompeo, the current CIA head and the highest-ranking member of a US administration to meet with the secretive North Korean leader in years — is an obvious and smart choice and Heitkamp is right to vote for him, to vote for diplomacy, and to vote for the safety and prosperity of the people of the United States.

If Schumer and Pelosi would let this marvelous, intelligent, grounded former prosecutor, state treasurer and current Mom run the Party – they could learn a lot.

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Trump and Putin’s “Crimea” Deal

Trump and Putin’s “Crimea” Deal

Everybody wants to know what President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin were discussing, through intermediaries’, leading up to and shortly after the election.

I was a fly on the wall, and here’s what Felix Sater, Michael Cohen, and the other meeting participants WANTED to get done at that infamous meeting Mueller would like to know all about. Although none of the participants had ANY of this cleared by their bosses, at that time, here is what happened and why. By the way, this was considered possible because there were people at the meeting that represented (however loosely) the president’s of all 3 countries, Ukraine, Russia and the US, and all 3 of them are relevant to this discussion.

The problem they were attempting to work out is what’s called the Crimea problem.

Crimea, before the attack and annexation by Russia, belonged to the Ukrainian state, ever since the fall of the old Soviet empire. Putin wasn’t happy about this, but as long as neither Ukraine, nor Crimea, came under western control and/or joined NATO, he was willing to live with the situation the way it was. Putin believed the US had made promises (after the fall of the Soviet Union) during the deal negotiations to put Ukraine’s nukes — back under Russian control. The deal was simple, Ukraine would surrender her nukes and then NATO would not attempt to swallow Crimea, plus Ukraine and “other” border states. Putin feared naked borders right up against NATO and relied upon his “vassal” states for trade and material supplies.

When Ukraine did eventually turn toward Western Europe for a trade deal — and started talk about joining NATO — Putin saw this as a betrayal and he reacted by taking Crimea by force of war.

The US will never legally recognize this situation (and neither will International Law or the UN) and this is a big problem. Removing the sanctions against Russia and/or cooperating with their government simply cannot be done while they still hold this undeniably conquered territory, even if they have a history with that territory — and even if everybody recognizes the US does not have it’s own force of war leverage necessary to physically change the situation. Putin got it, and he’s strong enough to keep it, and that essentially *ucks up everything.

The MSM, which doesn’t really cover Trump as much as attack him everyday, missed this entirely, but General Mattis made it clear a few months ago, his problems with Russia go deeper than Syria – in fact, he mentioned that he doesn’t think relations can be normalized with Putin until the CRIMEA problem is dealt with.

So that’s the background. Now on to the meeting. Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian president was not there, but he had a representative there, and obviously Trump was not there — but had people there — who thought they represented him.

Here’s the idea they kicked about.

Crimea would transfer back to Ukrainian control – but only on a temporarily basis — and then go back again to Russia under a 99-year lease arrangement, exactly like the one the Chinese had with the British at Hong Kong. This would satisfy the legal problems Putin created when he invaded, BUT still give Putin control over the Black Sea port he doesn’t see Russia operating without.

Of course, this deal did not happen — none of this went anywhere because none of the players at this level actually had the connections or the juice to make such a deal — but if you had been a fly on the wall, that’s what you would have heard being discussed, so now you know, what they used to call – “The rest of the story…”

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Loretta Lynch caught red handed

Loretta Lynch caught red handed

There is a tape of a phone call, in which Loretta Lynch, committed a felony, by the use of blackmail, coercion, and abuse of power, and in doing so, did also violate her sworn oath of office.

If Trump ever needed his eyes opened as to why Sessions did such a smart thing recusing himself — from the Trump investigation — he should examine what is about to happen to Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Peter Strzok and company.

Here is Comey, supposed Trump’s enemy – giving Trump the Christmas present of Christmas presents, in his own (stupid, stupid) book :

COMEY — “Had it become public, the unverified material would undoubtedly have been used by political opponents to cast serious doubt on the attorney general’s independence in connection with the Clinton investigation,” Comey writes, according to ABC.

 He (Comey) calls the material a “development still unknown to the American public to this day.”

Holy Shit.

This could be evidence surrounding the phone call where Lynch, on an open line apparently, threatened the New York Police Department with retaliation (the charging of an officer with murder in the Eric Garner case) if they didn’t sit on evidence they got from the Weiner laptop exposing how crooked Hillary is.

Here is Eric Prince, in an interview, explaining: “I believe – I know, and this is from a very well-placed source of mine at 1PP, One Police Plaza in New York – the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making in this investigation, and they’ve gotten huge pushback, to the point of coercion, from the Justice Department, with the Justice Department threatening to charge someone that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Garner almost two years ago. That’s the level of pushback the Obama Justice Department is doing against actually seeking justice in the email and other related criminal matters,” Prince said. (Link)

I left the link there, so you can come back for this Prince interview.

Or, there is an alternative explanation.

Comey may have (lol) come across the NSA readout of the AG’s conversation with Bill Clinton, on her US Attorney General private jet.

Comey knows how dirty the Democrats are, and has evidence — BUT was not directly involved in their shenanigans. Somehow he failed to connect how badly — this has ultimately made him look. Comey will not escape judgment because the HRC conspiracy was centered in the counter-espionage division, although they probably and purposely kept him in the dark on certain (HRC) projects.

They didn’t HAVE to tell him anything to control his decisions because Comey, of course, naturally hates Trump, and so was easy to manipulate by McCabe/Strzok and Page. This put Comey in a putrid corner after the election. He had tried to protect his reputation as non-partisan before the election, so he could be the “ethical” choice after the Lynch material surfaced.

Comey knew the evidence would eventually surface because the FBI didn’t have control of the evidence in either of these cases, the NSA tapes from the AG’s plane and/or the tapes of Lynch extorting the NYPD. Comey had been a brown nose Boy Scout for so long, he thought it was virtuous behavior and that it would protect him and he might have been right if Hillary had won.

Personally I speculate that Comey didn’t just expect Hillary to win, he was counting on it — and had correctly calculated that clearing her – just months before the election, would help her chances. Comey was only thwarted in that effort — by the untimely Weiner investigation at the damnable last moment.

Comey saw that as extreme bad luck and he was right, it was.

How could Weiner have been so stupid? How could Huma Abedin have been just as stupid as to store files on his computer? How could Hillary have kept a secret server tied to both of these two? It was all so stupid Comey could hardly believe it blew up with just days to go before the election.

How could the NYPD almost override the Clinton controlled SDNY AG Preet Bharara?

Comey asked all these questions a thousand times in his head as he tacitly ignored — what he must have known was going on beneath him — confident that the evidence he had against Loretta Lynch, would guarantee him the one result he really wanted, the job spot Hillary had promised to Lynch instead, the AG’s job.

Comey thought all this would work out because he believed the polls. He wasn’t politically savvy enough to see how much trouble she was in before he announced the Congress letter — and definitely did not understand the added effect his announcement about Weiner’s computer would have – in the week leading up to the election.

Comey was playing both sides against the middle and figured it was a home run for him if two likely things happened — both of which he had calculated a +90% probability would happen — Hillary had to win of course, and he then HAD to convince her, after the election, that keeping the AG deal with Lynch was a bad idea, in fact an impossibility since there was evidence (a tape or two) that existed that could hurt her – President-elect Hillary Clinton — as much as it would Lynch, if, and when, it came to light.

Comey was sure Hillary would see the connection here, Comey could ONLY protect Clinton if he (who was “clean”) was made AG and if he then threw Lynch partially under the bus. Comey probably even had a plan for her plea deal worked out, that would cover everything up all nice and neat, provided Lynch played ball. Of course Hillary would need Obama’s assistance to get Lynch to accept this, but Comey thought he had that covered as well.

The one thing Comey didn’t see coming, although his incompetence aided this result, was a Trump victory. None of them did.


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Trump’s First Marijuana Speech…(time travel version 1.3)

Trump’s First Marijuana Speech…(time travel version 1.3)

“So I guess you heard?

To thunderous applause “Trump, Trump, Trump!”

“I’m a-gonn-a mar-ijuann-a!!!!!!”

Roars, applause, the floor literally shakes in the arena…

“OK, OK calm down…There’s a serious side to this, two or three really…”

The roar settles down as he speaks but sporadically someone yells at the top of their lungs “TRUUUMP”

“Here’s the serious side. Drugs are not good for our country.”

Someone if the audience screams “AAAHHHHHHHHH” they take him out.

“See what I’m saying” Trump quips…

Big laugh, Trump continues: “I don’t want this to be seen as an admission drugs are good for our country, because they aren’t — but marijuana is a helper drug like aspirin — that the government basically got in the wrong category. Think of it like that. I’ll tell you what – if the pharmaceuticals could have patented marijuana – it would have been legal a long time ago.”


“Seriously Trump continues “If you wrote a list of the things it is helpful with – and took off the Pot name, everybody in the legal and medical community would think it was a wonder drug. I don’t think the Pot is as dangerous as alcohol, and this — I can tell you from life experience.

Gets quiet.

“Now Jeff Sessions did not agree with me on this…because I didn’t tell him!”

Huge LAUGH/ROAR…followed by maniacal “Lock HER UP, Lock HER UP, Lock HER UP!” floor chants.

“Ok, OK, Trump attempts to restore order. The pitch in the hall has reached a fever. They would follow him into battle at this point.

“Where it was already legalized it has lowered drug overdoses in every other drug category – legal and not legal – following when it was legalized. I wouldn’t have done this, if I thought it would hurt America.”

Big Applause; “Trump, Trump, Trump” chants break out again.

Raises his hands for quiet, gets it.

“But I have another reasons, this is a States Rights issue, that’s right, I told you that during the campaign, that was a promise, and I keep my promises!” The states that have legalized this, need to have those processes respected by the federal government and that’s why we need to change the law. I’m calling on Congress to get this done.”

Huge roar…

“So muucch winning, are you tired of it YET?”

“NNOOO” they answer…

“Me Neither” Trump throws his arms open and the roar doesn’t subside for a full 3 minutes.

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Alex Jones is crazy

Alex Jones is crazy.

I’m a Trump supporter so people naturally think I also like and/or watch people like Alex Jones, who is generally also a Trump supporter.

But that is not true.

I don’t watch him although I try to watch everything — because I just can’t stand his personality and find his investigative technique ridiculous.

I think Alex Jones is crazy, literally ADD or something, with a twist of OCD, and borderline personality disorder on top. But I did catch his latest rant over Syria and it was totally unhinged.

When General Mattis comes on TV and tells me he has seen the Intel — and is confident the Syrian government of Assad — used chemical weapons; on their own people, I believe him. Mattis might be lying, I was not in Syria, but I have to believe somebody at the end of the day, and although many people would call this next sentence naïve, in the absence of better Intel, I accept the Pentagon at their word.

In fact, I rate US Generals and their staff, much higher on the truth totem pole than politicians and journalists — and TV people are below politicians and journalists — so Jones is not even in the running. His expletive laced tirade was disgraceful, he embarrassed himself, his show, the president, (who he told to *uck off) and of course any supporters he might have had. Why? Because he was in a tizzy over the president’s perfectly developed, perfectly balanced, perfectly supported by the perfect allies, missile strike against Assad’s weapons facilities.

This president has been a wonder.

Trump strikes hard where needed, and has applied the perfect touch where needed as well — the idea that this was a mistake or that he doesn’t know what he is doing — is laughable. In one year, the Chinese have reversed 10 different trade policies Obama couldn’t get them to change 1 of. In one year Trump has Saudi Arabia and Israel playing nice. In one year he has North Korea looking to summit and talk about denuclearization.

Jobs are plentiful, wages are rising, taxes have been cut, the stock market is healthy and business as well as consumer confidence is up. These are changes which resulted from Trump policies. As he said would happen, while campaigning, he is winning and winning big.

Illegal immigration and crime are on the retreat, and Trump has done all of this, in just one year. It’s a bunch of miracles and for the MSM to constantly attack him while these are occurring — and for Jones to give him the *uck You treatment — is just crazy, literally crazy. I don’t know what the average American not in Washington DC thinks, but if they see what I see, they should be shaking their heads.

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Trump’s Very Careful Strike

Trump’s Very Careful Strike

President Donald Trump sent Vladimir Putin a message today, and as I saw it, the message was – “I’m out of Syria soon, I want you out as well.”

He delivered this as a classical diplomatic carrot and stick routine, with US, French and UK missiles and air force units, firing at Syrian chemical facilities (being careful not to hit Russian forces or Syrian civilians, very careful indeed) as the stick and Nikki Haley’s brilliant performance at the U.N. as the carrot.

Haley’s essential message was simple but effective — Russia’s continued support of Assad will not be tolerated. In other words, we aren’t enemies YET, but you must sever the support hand for Assad, or the costs will magnify, come back from this bad behavior, you are welcome. It was done masterfully; she cited all the UN resolutions (7 of them) that Russia ALONE had blocked on just this issue. This was not window dressing, it was sheer genius. The worthlessness of the UN — in general – to a man like Putin, who takes what he wants, made this perfect because it gave Haley the ability to deliver one side of a message to Putin, without consequence — while Trump and Mattis delivered the consequence side.

Putin now knows exactly what the situation is now as a result.

The first part of the message was delivered last week, the part about Trump’s plans to withdraw from Syria. Trump isn’t about regime change in Syria and isn’t about finding hegemony over Russia there either — BUT Trump has a price for this withdraw — and it’s a fair price. Russia cannot use that vacuum to prop up Assad, as he violates long-standing international law against the use of chemical weapons, and genocide of his own people, whose numbers, — through death and exodus — represent just half of the population that lived there before the war.

Sadly, and the president is right about this, the powers of the world like the US, Russia and China, have to let the peoples of these war torn lands, find their own fight, lest we look around one day, and find US forces and other allied forces, fighting on a moonscape, against Russian and Chinese forces, with nothing but dead Syrians on the battle field from both sides of the civil war – between the opposing sides, with none of the Syrians surviving at all, while the “great” powers fought on.

The people of Syria have to do it on their own, or perish, like a softer and smaller stone, caught between two boulders.

I believe we are seeing the outline of what will come to be known as the Trump doctrine.

Trump wants the citizens of each of these foreign countries, to make their own decisions about how to govern themselves (which is why he is warm to the country of Taiwan) but will not tolerate foul play.

Putin is smart, he’ll take a series of face saving retaliatory strikes of a non-military nature but he won’t commit more resources to Syria as Trump withdraws — because it is a good deal for Putin – he can cut his expensive commitment there, at a time when money is tight at home, and then can even get support from the US and her allies. The rest of Trump’s price will be some tangible change in key behavioral metrics by the Russian state.

If Putin can benefit from NOT vetoing some useless UN resolutions (as Putin sees it) and letting Assad rise or fall on his own — why not? – particularly for an easing of sanction pressure – that even thick skinned — Putin has been feeling now for too long.

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