The Greatest Power

The Greatest Power in life is Love because God is Love and this is both a metaphysical and physical thing — so it crosses all dimensions.

You can make this work for you– every day, every minute of every day if you want.

It’s a free choice.

You get to choose, not from every alternative (obviously) but from the list of things which are both deterministically possible AND integrate love motivated choices carefully balanced against the deterministically possible BUT non-love motivated choices.

Our own personal 50/50. Handcrafted by God and all the previous free will decisions we have made. This latter category, the mind of man — is generally motivated by the elements of hate, which are greed, lust, sloth, and a love of violence or submission.

And so we are granted, by God’s infinite grace the wondrousness of choice, the miracle of free will, the gift of being allowed to choose love, to choose God, to let his thoughts ring out through our hands, through our voices, through our thoughts, acts, words and deeds, both physical and metaphysical, and in so doing, honor the creator who breathed life into our existence, after having carefully crafted the stage it would appear on from first particle.

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Pelosi’s Gordian Knot

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has tied herself up in a Gordian Knot and cannot extricate herself — or so it seems.

Every single statement she uttered concerning Impeachment — for months now — has included the word “Bi-partisan.” The vote was Party line, or should I say, the vote against impeachment was bi-partisan, it was the vote for impeachment — that was not.

If I were her I would slice the knot with a sword and never deliver these articles to the Senate, I would explain that before the vote — she had no way of really knowing — whether the Republicans were “…going to wake up and vote their conscience…” — so she “had” to hold the vote.

This will be her argument, mark my words: “Now, after the vote, that’s it clear it is not a bi-partisan effort, I have the constitutional right as Speaker, to not appoint an impeachment team, and not deliver the articles, mooting them.”

Lack of specificity in the Constitution on Impeachment, in general, will allow most of this outrage to be committed — and Democratic Party arrogance and brinkmanship will cover the part it doesn’t.

What choice does she have?

Her own constitutional expert has advised her the impeachment is moot if it isn’t delivered — and if she delivers it — and the Senate holds a trial — this will completely expose the Democratic party to ridicule, criminal charges, and a forceful counter-argument from the President’s side. The last time the high water mark for the Democrats was this bloody and fruitless — was Pickett’s charge at Gettysburg.

So far, the MSM has not offered the President’s side of this argument in any detail and with any coherence to the American people — but they will be forced to — during the Senate trial.

All of this bad press for the Dems in the month leading up to the most critical Democratic primaries. Ouch. The Democratic Party under Pelosi and Schumer has turned into the shakiest-gun-in-the west, shooting everything in sight, except their target, who exited the month with higher support against impeachment  — in every voter category.

Pelosi is on track right now — to take a 40 seat shellacking in November, costing her the majority.

All of this simply couldn’t happen to a nicer woman.

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I’m a huge Donald Trump supporter so I suppose I should comment on his Impeachment.

To be honest, and I’m sure Trump himself would be furious with me for saying this — but I’m very happy. Sounds delusional right? But I have my reasons.

This attack by the Democrats will rebound so badly in the next 12 months, that it will jar loose something I didn’t think could be budged — the Democratic majority in Congress in this coming election!

Could Donald Trump, through the normal channels have accomplished this? No!


They have made themselves the enemies of the American people and their precious Democracy — and I assure you, the American people will process this over time — they will notice. They don’t like to notice much, they like their beliefs and superstitions and they like to stick with those and be left to go on their way, but if you insist, if you stand in the road and punch America in the teeth, she will hit back.

In other words, damaging the country by bringing Impeachment, without even a charge of crime, without bi-partisan support, without a chance of success in the Senate, is reckless, and reckless Democrats in swing districts shall be 2020.

This will make me very happy. I’m sorry for Trump because I believe him to be a great man and the victim of a criminal conspiracy by many people in the previous administration and his opponent in the race but those things are just part of the trifecta. We need the House. We need the House.

And we weren’t going to get it — if Pelosi had not miscalculated this badly. This is a truly great day. Like watching an enemy Army march off into a swamp you and your officers know there is no way out of.

The numbers were not there before, such a turnover of power in the House was highly unlikely.

Trump is popular, will be re-elected and that is good for America but America wanted a check on his power and they thought a Democratic Congress under Pelosi would be exactly that ticket. What did she do? She f*cked it all up, she misunderstood why Americans gave her the majority and now all they can do to make her understand — is to take it back!

America does NOT want Donald J. Trump, the delivery agent of this economy IMPEACHED.

Oh my God, what a political miscalculation Nancy Pelosi made, in fact, I’m astounded by it — but thrilled.

Because Americans don’t like one-party rule over all 3 branches of the government, and they balance the books between the Senate, the House, and the Presidency, almost always as a rule.

But this time in 2020, they will make an exception and throw Pelosi AND  her gang of degenerates out. This Impeachment doesn’t disrespect Donald Trump and the Presidency, that could be forgiven, it disrespects the American people and that cannot.

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Kim Jung-Un teeters on a cliff

Kim Jung Un teeters on a cliff.

To Kim, who was, according to North Korean propaganda — born on a sacred mountain, under a shooting star, (he then descended, landed, and was given a private school education in Switzerland before learning the school-of-hard-knock lessons, like torture, kidnapping, and murder from Dear Old Dad — sort of a hand’s on course in how to be a really successful homicidal dictator. To men like these, Trump is not really a serious problem, as much as just one — of many U.S. presidents — they are required to manipulate along the way.

But I would be very careful right now if I was Kim. Trump is in a bad mood, sort of a dengue impeachment body fever. A missile test over Japan, would a bad idea, multiplied by some factorial. Trump feels like Kim has had warnings, opportunities, and a wave of good PR, he signed an agreement, and now — he owes the world a deal — and Kim, on the other hand, feels he owes Trump, the world, his own people — exactly nothing. One of these two men will turn out to be wrong and I think that reckoning will be sooner rather than later– particularly if Kim keeps testing missiles.

Particularly if one of them even appears to approach Japan.

Being president of the United States, to Donald Trump, is not a game.

It’s not a birthright. It’s not a tactical and/or strategic choice. It’s a responsibility to use the awesome power of the United States for the United States. Kim thinks Trump is a politician, like all the others, and will therefore also take the course of least resistance. Kim is confident in all this because Kim has never been wrong — before.

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Pelosi guesses wrong about the American people

Sometime in the months leading up to today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to make a choice. Should she open up bipartisan discussions with the president? and arrange for some votes — which had Senate and presidential support — and really kick into high gear the legislative machine — which runs like a tortoise except under these conditions, in which case it can run like a time machine it’s so fast — OR — Impeach the president.

We all know what she choose. The question about why is also obvious, Pelosi thought Impeachment would be much more popular with voters.

She was, is, and probably will continue to be wrong about how the American people feel about impeachment.  People can read. they have read the transcripts. There is no outrage. Manufacturing it with biased witnesses does not help the Democratic cause, it weakens the argument, making the partisan objective so clear, it’s obscene.

Politics is war. When you screw up, people die. I think she will lose 40 seats in the House, and her Speakership over this miscalculation and that number would be higher if the Republicans knew what they hell they were doing, but they do not, and will only partially capitalize on this giant unforced error by Pelosi and her minions.

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The Democratic Party presidential field

What a brutal picture. I have never seen such complete loserdom.

“CornPop” The wizened, 76-old leader of the Democratic presidential field is suffering from the early stages of Dementia/Alzheimer’s — right in front of the nation’s TV news camera’s — and everyone in the media is pretending not to notice.

“Feel the Chest Burn” is just as old — is an admitted  Socialist– and also LITERALLY suffered a heart attack the other day — and everyone in the media is trying not to notice. Reporters, eager to sniff out an unexpected trip by the president to Bethesda Naval haven’t written inch one about Sanders’s actual heart attack — and furthermore, refuse to speculate on it — as if it has any significance and/or importance to the electorate.

The leading female candidate — famous for lying about being a native American Indian and even more infamous for then proving she was full of white as shit DNA–  repeatedly lied to the media about sending her kids to public schools — and got caught — and everyone in the media is — also pretending not to notice. Coordination between the major networks and the Warren campaign is just like it was when Hillary was in the race — the anchors are so eager to spotlight her positively — they continually mess it up.

Just how bad is it? Mayor Micheal Bloomberg, who is even older than all of the above MFer’s combined — and has already missed the first 4 primaries deadlines — JUST NOW entered the race! This was a very fortunate break for Trump, with Bloomberg on the Democratic ballot, Trump literally cannot lose, even if he eventually drops out, the Bloomberg effect will be like a third-party candidate, drawing voters, enthusiasm, and unity away from the Democratic Party center, which does not revolve around nearly 80-year-old NY city Billionaires with mega-media-mania syndrome.

But don’t worry Democrats, you do have a youthful representative on stage, Laugh Out Loud, South Bend Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg is here to save the day!

If they didn’t have the highly intelligent, honest and clear thinking Tulsi Gabbard, preparing for her future as the 2024 nominee, I would be really worried about the Democrats. But they do have Tulsi, so 2024 will be a good cycle for them, and the Republicans will also have a deep bench, between Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, and others.

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Now is your moment Iran

Iran is the cultural, intellectual and at times, the military epicenter of the Middle East. And like a teapot, she’s ready to boil over. This may be hard to believe because the media here does not cover Iran, except from “within” the Impeachment bubble perspective. But don’t take my word for the level of trouble brewing there, I’ve included an article below, which makes the point.

The End Looks Near For Iran’s Ayatollah Regime
Alireza Jafarzadeh
November 29, 2019

Since November 15, protests have swept through Iran, erupting in at least 165 cities. Ostensibly triggered by a gasoline price hike of up to 300%, the unrest soon found a new focus: the overthrow of the ruling regime in its entirety.

The speed with which the protests spread was a clear indication that the explosive society was just waiting for an opportunity to call for regime change. In the first two days, the protests spread to over 100 cities, with unified chants of “death to the dictator.” “death to Rouhani,” “death to Khamenei,” and “neither Gaza nor Lebanon, I give my life for Iran.”

The public’s thirst for change and penchant to stand up to the regime far exceed that seen in the 2018 uprising. On day one, people closed streets, tore down or burned posters of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and attacked government buildings. According to the state-run Fars News Agency affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC), in only one province, 100 state-owned banks and 56 other government locations were set ablaze in the first two days; that is double the number in the entire country in 2018. According to our information, over 1,300 government buildings, banks, Bassij headquarters, and clerical seminaries have been attacked and set ablaze, unprecedented in the past three decades.

Sensing a growing fissure within the three branches of his regime, Khamenei spoke on day two, endorsing the price hike and ordering the security forces to crack down. In the first two days, at least 61 people were killed, more than all those killed in 2018.

Tehran doubled down on the use of violence after Khamenei’s ominous speech, killing at least 251, injuring over 3,700 and arresting more than 7,000 as of this writing. But the brute force failed to stop the protesters, and by the second day the regime shut down the internet despite a massive international backlash and financial losses estimated at $370 million a day.

Still, the unrest continued.

The Hip thing is to blame the US of course, because this whole string of events, according to this narrative, was inevitable — it was a predictable reaction to “The Shah” a U.S (CIA) installed puppet, that put the mullah’s in power in the first place. But the Shah installed a secular system of government, something he does not get credit for (because of the high level of corruption and his personal megalomania) I hope the Iranians never buy that royalty dodge again and do as this author suggests — and install a Democratically based Republic with a Constitution that mandates the separation of the powers of the state and those of religion.

This is the heart of the problem in every one of these Muslim majority Sharia law based countries, Sharia law is not compatible with Civil Law, (neither is Christianity or Judaism) since the legal system needs to guarantee a person’s sovereign right to worship the God of Their Choice — therefore civil authority cannot rest on the rock of any one faith.

Muslims, Christians, and Jews should all rejoice in this.

Four Decades of Oppression
There is nothing spontaneous about these protests, as the regime’s leaders have conceded. The editorial in the state-run Jomhouri newspaper on November 19th is telling: “The rioters operated in groups of a few individuals at predetermined locations guided by a certain command center, caused damage, set fires, provoked people, chanted slogans not related to gasoline rationing and the price rise … Their aim was something more important than causing a riot.” In his Nov 17th speech, Khamenei pointed to the main Iranian opposition organization, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), which has a vast network in Iran including its Resistance units, as well as a significant presence abroad.

The conscience of the nation is coming back to haunt the regime. The Friday prayer leader of Rasht said on Nov 20th that the main organizers of the protest cells are “the children of the MEK members who were executed,” referring to the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners.

The root cause of the uprising is 40 years of repressive rule. The clerics’ plundering of the wealth and dignity of a nation, astronomical corruption, denial of basic freedoms, and suppression of women are over the top.

Some have argued that as during previous protests, the regime would weather the storm. Not so. This uprising clearly has one message, which is not about “moderates,” vs. “radicals”; it is all about the overthrow of the entire clerical system along with their repressive forces, e.g., the IRGC. The gains of the 2018 uprising turned the page, which has now opened a new chapter. Whatever ups and downs ahead, this marks the beginning of the end of the regime. The situation will never return to what it was.

The maximum pressure policy by the United States has played its part, and did not rally the Iranian people around the flag, as some armchair pundits predicted in Washington. To the contrary, people increasingly see the regime as the main cause of their economic misery and lack of freedom.

And things will only get worse for the mullahs. Weeks before, the Iraqi people – led by the Shiite majority – revolted against their regime, calling for an end to Iranian influence in their country, as did the Lebanese people in their quest to dethrone Hezbollah. A new era has begun.

President Trump, Vice President Pence, and bi-partisan congressional leaders have condemned the killings and sided with the protesters. It is time to recognize the right of the Iranian people to change the repressive regime and establish a democratic, pluralistic and non-nuclear republic based on separation of mosque and state. Providing a safe and secure internet to the Iranian people that cannot be blocked by the regime would be a tangible step in that direction.

Now is your moment Iran.

Our current president, Trump, is not narcissistically negotiating with your leaders day and night for months — with secret pallets of cash being air-delivered. He’s doing exactly what you are — waiting for your old, corrupt, reactionary, radical, revolutionary leaders to finally fall over — from old age, entropy and/or the pressure your simply beautiful public protest/assault is putting on them.

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Nancy’s Dilemma

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, and since that’s the only branch of government held by the Democrats at the moment, Nancy is the defacto leader of the party.

And she’s in big trouble.

Her constituency is split right down the middle — and her Party members are also split. One side, the Progressives, have AOC, Omar, and Talib, and also have the platform, namely Medicare for All, Free College Tuition, $15 Minimum Wage, and a bunch of other stupid shit like “Impeach Now”. These people have Trump Derangement Syndrome, have little if any respect for the Constitution — but wield power in great disproportion to their constituency size.

The other side, the establishment side, don’t have much of a platform, they just personally attack anyone that challenges what I call the donor agenda; keep the regime change wars going, keep the debt cycle going, keep the environment damaging agenda going, keep Dems in office any way possible including no support for Progressives, even if it means a Republican wins. This group, led by Hillary supporters and Hillary herself, loath Tulsi Gabbard because she has exposed them for what they are — but from within the Party, which makes all the difference in the world. When Joy Reid says Tulsi Gabbard sounds like a Kremlin agent, on MSNBC, while Brian Williams chortles in agreement, they look like complete fools and tools — even to TDS suffering partisans, which means the hysteria may finally be wearing off.

Here’s how we’ll know, when Democratic Party candidates stand up and demand accountability, demand change from rules like, “No primary challenges or we ostracize you, de-platform you and blackball you from DNC and DCCC contracts.” This — by the way — is not an editorial statement or exaggeration for this column, it is actual DNC and DCCC policy.

So, Nancy cannot make the old guard, corrupt, clinging-to-power establishment wing happy, because they need wins (bills passed) to take home and campaign on, and Nancy’s House hasn’t passed any bipartisan legislation whatsoever — they haven’t passed anything.

And she cannot make the new-guard, energetic, press-monopolizing Progressives happy either because she cannot call a vote on — and push Impeachment toward the Senate — where she knows she’ll get toasted like a marshmallow — by the Senate Trial — right during the all-important lead up to the Democratic primaries.

She’s caught like a mouse in a trap. And the guy who set out the cheese?

President Donald J. Trump.

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Biden’s son is appointed

Biden’s son is appointed.

The date is May 13, 2014.

I urge you to click the link above and read what CNBC wrote there.

This article is a reality check. It was written by CNBC, or a news organization known to be friendly to Democrats, the Democratic Party and Democratic leaders. Therefore, if the news being reported is negative to a prominent Democrat, this will be the BEST view of that news for the subject. If you still come off bad here — as a prominent Dem, you’re guilty as all hell.

Note the list of facts the article collects, without any foreknowledge, that are damning.

  1.  The announcement quotes Burisma as saying “…the younger Biden will be in charge of the company’s legal unit…” I’m not making that up. The first thing the official announcement lists as a responsibility for Hunter — is to be in charge of the company’s legal unit! This is astounding. It is astounding that the press, the FBI, the State Department, and the DOJ did not all have serious questions the next day for “the younger Biden.” How could a man of his limited legal experience and lack of legal experience in Ukraine possibly do this job? Not to mention the language barrier. And his location in the U.S.  The article makes no mention and/or asks any questions about any of these problems although the author had warning they existed and we know this because the article itself states that there are concerns about the ethics of these type appointments.

2. “The release quoted Hunter Biden as saying that “my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine.” Remember why we are doing this. This is a reality check. If you are a Democrat and you read that sentence and you are disgusted that Hunter Biden held himself out to be an expert on transparency — then you not in the gripe of an anti-Trump mass hysteria called TDS or Trump derangement Syndrome. If you think Hunter is being framed or is being used by Trump — you are in the grip of a mass hysteria bubble, the likes of which, I have never witnessed.

3. The article continues (remember who wrote all this, Hunter’s friends) :

CNBC –“Large corporations frequently appoint well-connected marquee names of both major U.S. political parties as directors. Yet corporate governance experts are critical of the process, which can be fraught with conflicts of interests and the appearance of favoritism.

The arrangement raised questions about the propriety of his appointment, given the tense political standoff between Russia and the West over the future status of Ukraine, where fighting has resulted in the deaths of dozens of soldiers and civilians. Natural gas has factored heavily in tensions between Russia and Ukraine, both of which have political leadership that’s intertwined with their respective energy industries.

So, they knew. They knew this arrangement stunk, that the Biden’s were dirty already because of the MBNA  thing —  and they didn’t ask any questions  — they were obligated to ask under the circumstances. I predict they take this page down eventually, as it is a monument to journalistic failure.

 Here is there list of excuses for not doing their job, already published by them, on that day:

Proof CNBC knew they should ask, because there is a history:

CNBC– Until a few years ago, the younger Biden was a senior vice president for financial services giant MBNA—an arrangement that drew criticism during the 2008 elections for potential conflict of interests. As a senator, the elder Biden spearheaded legislation that would have affected MBNA’s business.

Proof they knew what current economic “Quid Pro Quo” that the Vice President was cooperating on:

CNBC — Meanwhile, Vice President Biden has been a vocal supporter of a cross-border European natural gas pipeline.

Then, an obligatory statement  (by CNBC anyway) to distance the president:

CNBC — “Earlier Tuesday, White House spokesman Jay Carney referred questions on the appointment to the vice president’s office.

Then, a statement to play CYA, pretending that they did their job by asking some questions, then run the story without answers, and never follow up:

CNBC — “In response to an inquiry from CNBC, a spokesperson for the vice president said, “Hunter Biden is a private citizen and a lawyer. The vice president does not endorse any particular company and has no involvement with this company.”

A representative at Rosemont Seneca told CNBC that Biden was traveling and not immediately available for comment.

End of the reality check.

If this alarms you because it means the VP’s son was corrupted by a foreign energy company and it involved the Vice President, who is now running for president than you’re still sane.

If you think the Republicans are upset about nothing here, and that Trump should be impeached for wanting this looked at — You’ve been watching too much CNBC.


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Impeachment shame

I’ve been watching the hearings. I read the Mueller report. I’m up to date on what is happening and I can honestly say, that other than the Civil War, which was the low point for Democrats in the United States, this is a close second or third.

The Mueller report did not say Russia influenced the 2016 election, it said a troll farm, which Mueller admitted he could not connect to the Russian government, ran $50,000 worth of Facebook and Internet ads, that I contend had no impact whatsoever, because most of them were not even about the election and/or it’s candidates. If you doubt this, don’t curse me, read the report itself. Don’t read what CBS, ABC or NBC TELL you second hand that it says, read the report, Mueller was very clear about what he found and what he found simply isn’t relevant. This must be a fact because Mueller was also clear that not a single American (including every single member of Trump’s campaign staff) ever had any talks, connections, meetings and/or anything whatsoever to do with any high ranking Russin government officials prior to the election. This is why the Mueller hearings were a dud. The American people understand that to collude with Russia would require at least having a single conversation with those officials.

Mueller did not examine the DNC server and did not arrest anyone at the DNC for sending it off to another country — instead of allowing the FBI to examine it, but he did SPECULATE anyway, that it was hacked by Russian government assets. Of course, any person, of even modest intellect, knows that he could not know this unless the FBI had seized it and examined it. Even if the DNC server had been hacked by Russian assets, however, no one, not Mueller, not the DNC officials and/or Clinton campaign officials have ever asserted the data leaked from that server was false. The real reason for all of this — is the murder of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, who actually copied the files and delivered them to Wikileaks, within days of his murder. Trump’s people not only could not have known about Rich, but they also would not have murdered him to try and stop the leak, something I believe Hillary Clinton herself, ordered done.

That DNC data, those emails, are highly incriminating and the only reason DNC and Clinton campaign officials have not been charged with electioneering crimes exposed by that data — has been the fact the server was transported out of the U.S.! Democratic Party officials ignore all this and still scream about what a bad man Trump is.

Ukraine is a different story. The Bidens, Hunter and his dad did go to Ukraine, did accept bribes and payoffs from Burisma and others and did break the law attempting to use U.S. assets to influence the work of a prosecutor there. They have Joe Biden on videotape, literally explaining this. The president, aware of this, did and still does want the Ukranian government to investigate this (as he should) and that’s why we have the spectacle occurring that is currently being played out. The Democratic leadership like Shiff and Pelosi understand that if Joe Biden OR Hunter Biden (a new Dad, congrats) — a Democratic candidate for president (a front runner in many states) is arrested for this, it will hurt their chances to unseat Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Most Americans see this, but some still don’t because the American media has lied outright in its presentation of the facts around this case, over and over again. 

And just like in 1860, this campaign of lies is working, there are millions of Americans, that don’t ever search for and read primary sources — who — encouraged by these misleading news reports — believe otherwise. It’s like the South before the war, the Democratic party screamed and yelled about everything EXCEPT the main point, that slavery was wrong, right up to the point they instigated a war over it. I predict the same result, without Ft. Sumpter, but hopefully The Ameican people are not stupid enough to be taken completely in by all this like they were 150 years ago. They know asking a foreign leader to investigate a crime you have evidence occurred, is not an impeachable offense, but is in fact — the president’s responsibility. Not to mention, the actual transcript of the call, not the whistleblower’s account — dispute this happened. Even if it did happen at another, lower level — again — this is not an impeachable offense. The Democrats are dirty here and this is the only way they can defend their history on this. It’s called the wrap around smear, and if you want to see someone explain what that is, Google wrap-around-smear by Pelosi.

These lies are so transparent (to some anyway) that I predict impeachment will fail in the Senate as soon as the House lets go of it — and then I believe — Trump will be re-elected. Hopefully, the House will also switch over on Trump’s coattails and we finally will be rid of this Democratic Party leadership scum like Pelosi and Schiff, people who have harmed this county every bit as much as Jefferson Davis and the Confederates tried too.

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