Can support for this President, be racist in and of itself? or, how much I love Dan Rupli…

Can support for this President, be racist in and of itself? or, how much I love Dan Rupli…

I love Dan Rupli.

I ran his campaign once, years ago, for a state district seat. We lost the election but came to love and respect each other, even though he knew I was a Republican, after all, we had discussed and preserved together, we understand and respect each other — he knew, and supported — Martin Luther King!, he resigned from the Justice Department to protest the Southern Strategy — and is for a thousand other purely human reasons — is a wonderful guy with a beautiful family.

But Dan’s not perfect.

Because he is also a Democratic Party partisan (and proud of it) through and through. Which is fine with me. I’m bored to death of the “Orange Man Bad” stuff but I understand partisan political zeal and accept it as part of the price-tag part of free speech, this is also a group I put myself in, I’m a Constitutional partisan, meaning I usually support the Constitutional choice, where there is one, and generally the Libertarian choice otherwise.

Many people do not appreciate the part of Trump’s appeal that gets enthusiasm from Libertarians like myself, which is rooted in his Constitutional Appeal. Just the change Trump has wrought, in the nation’s Judicial Center of Balance in the Federal Courts, is breathtaking.

Even if I disagreed with Trump on other issues, which I generally do not, his impact here has been astounding all by itself. For many Libertarians like myself, the direction the Courts have been taking for 25 years now, has been dismaying. Trump (and McConnell, to be fair) has almost single-handily reversed this very dangerous direction the Federal Courts were barreling down — of ignoring the Constitution — for the sake of some Judicial Remedy that was bureaucratic, governmental and/or regulatory in nature.

All of which, of course, my friend Dan, supported.

I am a supporter of Donald Trump’s. This bothers Dan, but I’ll let him speak for himself, this is from a recent message regarding yesterday’s post:

Hi Karl:

First of all I don’t see any signs of Nancy “flying apart” and Trump did us a great favor last week in his racist attacks on the members of the “squad”, with whom Nancy had also been having some difficulties. The Democrats now are unified in protecting these four young women of color against the brutal bullying that they have taken from Trump without “embracing Socialism”, or any other such Republican bull-crap.


Regarding the subject of racism, I would pose a sensitive question:


You know I hold you in great personal esteem and affection in spite of our political differences. I wonder how a considerate person like you (who I know are not a racist) can remain silent about a man whose racist policies and beliefs have become a legacy and have long since eclipsed the last rabid racist to occupy the White House-Woodrow Wilson.

If I believed, like you, that Trump was an exceptional, ethical, truthful, and level headed leader I would still have to oppose his reelection because of his racism alone.


Regards, DAN RUPLI


I love Dan, so I wrote back:


Hi Dan,

I love you Dan and I think of you often, and your beautiful family. God bless all of you.


I am not a racist, and you are correct, I don’t think Trump is either.


There are so many things wrong with your question, it’s hard to know where to begin. But I do love you, so I will try my best to explain what I mean by that.


Examine your position, slow down for a minute, read these next few sentences a few times out loud and ask yourself after you have done that — is there any logic to your position whatsoever? And this is because you are urging me to withhold political support for a candidate (he’s running again!) because YOU think he’s a racist.

A man you have never met, a man who you will admit, you openly mocked just 3 years ago, and a man you have been dead wrong about — on every important subject I have written about concerning him, over and over.


You are saying that you have examined the public record as I have and that YOUR judgment about whether you actually know what is going on inside his head — is so superior to mine, I’m supposed to change my position and/or vote. So much so, that you want me to ignore the list of policy positions I agree with him on, and also ignore the policy position disagreements I have with his opposition.

Here is a short reminder of what I mean:


The biggest issue of the day, Immigration, has Trump for a Wall, merit-based immigration, and the rule of law. Every single Democratic candidate for president, those that won and those that didn’t for the last 50 years have all declared allegiance to those same ideas.

BUT, when Trump says those words, instead of Obama or Clinton, he’s a racist.


I don’t think he’s a racist Dan, I think the people accusing him of this have a political motive.

Tax Reform – I authored, you delivered to Hillary and Bill, a package which stated as a fact — with supporting documentation, that the corporate tax rate was a phony, needed reform and predicted that if Hillary embraced TAX REFORM as a theme of her election campaign, she would win.


You and I did this together, you know I am not lying and/or exaggerating, it was a beautiful paper, full of meat, and it said directly, she needed this issue to win, she ignored the paper and paid the price, this did not happen because Trump is a racist, I predicted she would lose, with that paper you read and delivered to them — before we knew who her opponent was.


I was right, then Trump won (promising tax reform!!!!) got it done, and the part of that paper which was not dealt with, how corporations get around this by cheating, remains a problem.


You cannot talk about it, I can not talk about it, no one can talk to Trump about issues, because you have decided he is a racist and don’t want to talk policy and or compromise.


Shame on Pelosi and shame on the D party, I am not a racist, but I can see a great opportunity to help people of color (the Trump economic burst) NOT being taken advantage of by a party bent on socialism, self-destruction and in the case of AOC, idiocy.


The Democratic Party right now, stands for 3rd-trimester abortion, which I believe to be murder, open borders, which I believe to be insanity, healthcare for the immigrants who cross those open borders, which is insanity on meth, and more unlimited wars in the middle east, which I want to be stopped. The Dem party is also coincidentally for higher taxes.


These positions are insane and the Party will not be happy with the result of adopting them.


Of course, I would not word my tweets the way he does — because I am not the genius he is. Trump realized the mainstream media was against him, he realized the media would try everything they could to smear him and more importantly lie about his opposition.


The vast majority of America does not understand the 4 young women of color as you called them at all. They are a vile steaming crap pile of socialist stupidity, bigotry, and Islamic jihad-ism. Trump has made sure, in a way only he would have thought of, that those vile ideologies of theirs, will be fully examined form now on, he’s put their brand on the Democratic party and it will crush them in the next election. 


Right now I have him at 338 electoral votes and that means, millions of Americans who voted for Obama, voted for Trump and are going to do it again.


These people are not racists Dan, and your insistence that this must be true diminishes your argument, rather than enhances it. No one knows another man’s mind, the best we can do is judge them on their actions, and I think his actions as President, from N. Korea to regulations and the jobs economy focus, have all been beneficial.


I bring all this up in the vlog today because I think it’s an important question and because I think it’s related to what I originally planned to write about today, which was “Cocaine” Mitch McConnell’s response to all this racism talk.



Fox Business News Host Maria Bartiromo asked McConnell for his response to Trump’s comments that prompted the crowd to chant “send her back” about Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who came to the United States as a refugee.

“He’s right about ‘the squad’ wanting to turn us into a socialist country,” McConnell said, referring to the four progressive congresswomen Trump has targeted in recent days. “What he should have added, however, is that it’s a lot broader than just the four of them . . . I think the president’s onto something.”

McConnell also said it was time to “lower the rhetoric,” referring to claims of racism leveled against him by New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, stating, “Everyone knows that’s nonsense.”

I wish Dan was watching all this with as much humor as I am.

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I’ve lost sight of Pelosi’s end game

I’ve lost sight of Pelosi’s end game.

Most of the time, when I predict things months and years in advance, and people want to know how to do that — one thing I teach — is to look for the other person’s end game.

Most people, even very different people, have some idea of where they are going, what they are doing, who they are, and what systems and/or people they believe in. If you know these things about another person, it isn’t hard to figure out what they will do and/or say, a very large percentage of the time. For example, politicians from both parties and every different personality type nevertheless generally conform to a certain forward-looking code of behavior, which is an ostensible reflection of what the voter will think, or can be counted on to think.

And for years, without liking her politics one bit, I’ve been able to accurately predict what Nancy Pelosi would do and/or say next, and part of that was the clarity of her end game. She truly idolized and worshipped at the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama political and personal trough/altar and the great distance those two heroes have fallen — so fast — I believe, has unmoored her.

That, and having to fight tooth and nail against Donald J. Trump, a competitor the like of which, Nancy never saw coming. She respected his money and power during his developer days — but never even gave a thought to the idea that he could what she does — wield real power — and do it better than her.

This has blown her mind, and she can’t get it back. I know this because her statements and actions have flown apart, she isn’t demonstrating loyalty to some end game anymore, it’s as if she’s driving toward a known cliff and accelerating.

The next year should be very interesting.


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Trump acts to save 40,000 lives per year!

I know, in advance, that this blog post will receive very little attention.

How do I know this? because I have written before about some great things President Donald Trump has done, like forcing the Saudi’s to lift the Yemen food blockade — and virtually no one read it or commented on it. People are truly afraid to praise this president, no matter what he does. Some people are even afraid to read anything good about him.

No matter. here’s the issue, upwards of 40,000 Americans die every year, (a big, big number) waiting for kidney (and other organs) transplants because of some archaic crazy rulemaking — which no other president in modern times was willing to deal with.

Enter Trump.

He likes to get things done and is not afraid of offending any special groups along the way to get something accomplished. So, he just signed a bill, that does away with many of these old restrictions and should dramatically increase the supply of available kidneys for these patients on the ridiculously long waiting list (and others who didn’t bother to get on it), who right now, simply do not have a shot at this life saving and life-changing operation.

Here’s the link (below) to a Forbes article detailing the entire thing, they did it best, so I won’t repeat it, but you have to ask after reading all this, when will the mainstream media stop lying to the American people about what a great president we have — and start writing about all the good things he has done and is continuing to do every day?

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How self-destructive is AOC?

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich and President Donald Trump BOTH praised current Democratic Speaker  Nancy Pelosi this week, saying she was doing a “pretty professional job.”

I’m not making this up.

This is all freshen congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s fault, of course, she insinuated Pelosi was a racist this week — in a now-infamous Tweet, that even a simpleton like her — must regret.

Except she doesn’t.

So, with ironic grins spreading from ear to ear, both men, who have been branded racist’s themselves, by Pelosi herself, ran to her defense this week. What a world! The Trump firework show is neverending!


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Chuck Schumer the quiet mouse, gets roared at…

Here in Washington D.C. it used to be said the surest way to get run over by a Senator, was to get between Chuck Schumer and a microphone. And for the first two years of President Donald Trump’s presidency, Schumer lived up to his reputation and was louder than ever. But a funny thing kept happening. In one battle after another, Schumer got his ass handed to him by Trump on everything from taxes to SCOTUS appointments –and now suddenly, Schumer has become quieter than a church mouse. 

But he’s not gone for good, unless Tv personality Mark Levin has anything to say about it — in which case, he may finally get the electoral trouble he so richly deserves for being one of the most dishonest men in America, literally for decades now.

Here’s Levin this week with a blast that should hit home even in Schumer’s leftist liberal, loony tunes state of New York.

Levin: ‘I’m calling on Chuck Schumer to resign’

Sen Chuck Schumer rolls his eyes

Alex Wong | Getty Images


Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out the hypocrisy of Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., demanding that Trump “answer for his statements” about Jeffrey Epstein, now indicted for sex trafficking.

Levin pointed out that Schumer’s campaigns have been supported by many thousands of dollars in donations from Epstein over the years.

“I don’t know what took place in this Epstein case in Miami, and I’m not defending anybody. This is a very, very, very serious matter, and we’ll see where the chips fall,” Levin said. “But the Democrats want to turn a Democrat donor, a sick pedophile, into a Republican problem. They keep bringing up Trump’s name. Trump kicked his ass out of Mar-a-Lago!”


Levin also reminded listeners that Schumer’s donor list includes other sexual predators too, not just Epstein.

“Schumer’s taken money from Weinstein. He’s taken money from Epstein. All the ‘steins. … Schumer takes money from all kinds of sexual predators. Perverts. I seem to recall he also defended Bill Jefferson Clinton, BJ. Bill Jefferson Clinton. He took money, and he supported BJ Clinton — so that’s three strikes. I’ll give you four. I told you the other day: Anthony Weiner. Anthony Weiner once worked for Schumer. … So Weiner, Epstein, Weinstein, and Schumer. So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m calling on Chuck Schumer to resign. Because apparently he has very, very, very poor judgment. I don’t care how much of this money he’s given now to charity. He’s all — I don’t know what — he’s all sexual-predator’d up, if I may say.”

“It’s amazing how the Democrats are trying to turn this into a Trump administration scandal. No, this is on them. This is their donor. This is their guy. This is their billionaire.”

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The Mueller report itself was part of a coverup

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Elizabeth Warren likely to win the nomination

I like to use this space to predict things, especially when I know they are not considered likely. Look up my post on facebook the night before the election, I called it for Trump at 303 electoral votes, which was closer than anybody else I know about, he actually got 306, and I’m still not sure what I did wrong, since my map and Trump’s final map — look identical. Something to do with Maine I think, anyway, here is my prediction for the Democratic primary for 2020 — and that is Elizabeth Warren as the nominee.

Why you may ask? The answer is complicated, but here goes.

Who is running?

Elizabeth Warren — I’ll get back to her

John Delaney — a loser from Maryland, so I know about him! The night he won the Congressional primary here, they had a party to kiss and make up (this always happens) and even the Dems here in commie central Montgomery County did not want to embrace him. Ouch.

Andrew Yang — Let’s give away more money than even the US has! Even commies think his proposals go too far!

Julián Castro — no chance

Tulsi Gabbard — the real star of the Democratic party and a woman that will likely be the Democratic nominee in 2024, which is what she is preparing for, in my opinion.

Kirsten Gillibrand — Invisible

Kamala Harris — Not a female Barack.

Pete Buttigieg — he should have changed his name, his sexual orientation or both.

Marianne Williamson — literally insane.

Cory Booker — So dumb, it’s embarrassing, like a male AOC

Amy Klobuchar — nearly invisible.

Bernie Sanders — he had a chance against Hillary because she was the Devil, now he just looks ridiculous, the anti-Hillary candidate that sold out to Hillary. Also a commie.

Jay Inslee — who?

John Hickenlooper — also should have changed his name.

Wayne Messam — who?

Beto O’Rourke — Francis is a fraud and people sense it.

Tim Ryan — way too normal.

Mike Gravel — sinking like a stone.

Eric Swalwell — I think he’s already out.

Joe Biden — groping for relevance and the days when he still had blood flow to the brain. 

Seth Moulton — who?

Michael Bennet — who ?

Bill de Blasio — Lol!

So there is your answer about why it will be Warren, the Dems literally have an army of unknown, unpopular, ill-informed idiots running for the highest office in the land, and next to them — a fake Indian looks good.

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Pelosi snubs AOC

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently took a shot at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and 3 other progressive members of the Democratic House caucus, insinuating they were few in number — with social media support, but “only” represented 4 votes.

This is not like Pelosi and almost certainly indicates Pelosi is tired of the childish antics AOC displays almost daily. But it means more than that. Pelosi never attacks sitting members, this is a cardinal rule for her, and to break that rule, AOC must have really struck a nerve.

I think Pelosi sees the truth, that in radical districts, firebomb throwing is OK, but that these districts are far and few between — and that Trump is gaining on the Dems, in all the other more moderate, swing districts. The American people do not believe the detention centers at the border (and elsewhere) are the equivalent of Nazi death camps, and to have suggested that, is an insult to Jews, Obama (who built them) and the American people. It is also a bald-faced lie and Pelosi knows that when you lie too often, and most importantly, about the wrong things, it will bite you in the ass come election night.

The question for Pelosi now — is how to rein AOC in, without an outright and very public clash. I don’t actually see that happening, AOC is unique, she’s an attention seeking narcissist, with no regard for the truth, her party, her constituents and/or her country. It’s all fair game for her and this frustrates Pelosi because she knows there is only so much air in the room, and she has not had much of a chance to use any of it –either for her own agenda and/or to attack her main target, Trump.

The media, of course, love AOC, she’s great copy, all a reporter has to do — is hang around her for a few days, get some pics and sound bites, and it can be career launching. Once upon a time, the now infamous lying Lanny Davis (he defended Bill Clinton, the rapist, against Monica Lewinsky, something no one has properly shamed him for) ran for a House of Delegates seat here in Montgomery County and was beaten by a carnival barker AOC type firebomb throwing pol named Robin Ficker. Ficker turned out to be an equal disgrace to Davis by attacking the leadership in Annapolis, giving out the home phone numbers of key delegates at a press conference — his very first week in Annapolis.

The leadership, of course, got together and made a decision, nothing Ficker touched, talked about or sponsored, even ceremonial bills (these are usually passed) would pass or even get a hearing. Ficker remained a gadfly for 2 years, and then the public, aware that he was now completely ineffectual, threw him out. Now that AOC has gotten under Pelosi’s thin skin, I see a similar fate for her, headlines, but no accomplishments.


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My July 4th disappointment II

After yesterday’s post, I was contacted by one of the great civil rights attorneys in this country and asked if I could provide specific examples of conservative voices being silenced. I went on the Internet and asked for help cataloging this and here is the first list!

From Anonymous: “I would advice (sic) you watch project veritas and how they exposed google after the (sic) exposed Pinterest. Then after they were exposed an email stating certain individuals some of Jewish backgrounds were labeled as Nazis. After this was also brought to light every social media deleted all posts about it from Facebook to YouTube and even here (Reddit).”

Alex Jones was de-platformed from multiple sites all on the same day, an example of coordinated suppression. I don’t like Alex Jones, but he has first amendment rights and they are being violated.

From Anonymous; “Tim Pool covers this (suppression and de-platforming) regularly, his videos should be able to give you a comprehensive list.”

“Watch the Jimmy Dore, Tim Pool. Actually, Caitlyn Johnson is another good source.”

“James Woods is a prime example.”

“Alex Jones being de-platformed everywhere almost simultaneously. We here (Reddit, the_donald) are a prime example. And there are massive block lists designed to abuse platform rules to report/cause victim’s accounts to be suspended and locked out. Some sites for this activity have .org status, easy to do a search and find them. The victims are everyday citizens that support Trump, which makes them a target. I should think the attorney would reach out for victims to contact him/her, once things get started. Maybe a class action suit?”

“Tom Fitton can probably provide a comprehensive list.”


[–]littleirishmaidUSA 2 points 6 hours ago
Do a search for suspended or banned in this sub. You’ll find a lot of examples.

Thank you, Internet friends! Of all the things the left has done over the last 5 years, this suppression of thought campaign through social media de-platforming is the potentially most sinister in my opinion.

Her is a list of links to stories about this on Reddit and other platforms:

From anonymous: “You cannot even mention Tommy Robinson’s name on Youtube without being demonetized, deranked and shadowbanned. His name is filtered in their algorithm, same as Alex Jones’ name is on Facebook. There is also extensive abuse of the copyright system to both remove content they don’t like and straight up steal whatever they can.

Youtube – My video on Hillary Clinton using Child Actors. If you go to youtube and use their own search bar for the term “Hillary Clinton Child Actor” my video doesn’t show up. It’s been shadow banned. Here’s the link to my video:

From Anonymous: Being a software developer, I’ve been able to excuse a lot of claims against Google of political bias for various reasons. With technology, sometimes things look one way by coincidence.

But since the other day when I found that Google completely excludes /r/The_Donald (the subreddit itself) from normal search results… You can’t really explain that one as anything else.

It’s a shame, because the large handful of times I’ve used Bing over the past years, it’s never given me a useful search result even once. But Google always delivers. I’ll be trying to DDG to see how it measures up.

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My July 4th disappointment

I love my country because it isn’t just a collection of people within a certain boundary, it’s an idea, and that idea is priceless to me.

The first part of that idea is that we the people choose our leaders and our laws, not some group of elites who get that right from inheritance, circumstance or even effort.  I’m sure Bill Gates worked harder than me, and I still don’t want him to get more votes than me.

The second part is that we are a nation of laws, and that these rules may not be perfect — in fact they are constantly being changed — but that we have a written set of rules and that this set of rules was designed to spread around the power of government, balance it in such a way to discourage despotism.

This means in particular that I have the right to speak freely, even thoughts that are uncomfortable for others or the powerful to hear. But I must admit, this fourth of July, for the first time in my 59 years of life, I am no longer comfortable in that right. The town square in the form of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and Reddit, are all banning speech by any voices they do not agree with. CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN are all suppressing news and information from one entire side of the political establishment.

This is very wrong, so wrong, the government needs to intervene. They created this problem in the first place with improper regulation and now they need to fix it.

How can Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit — all ban the voices of so many prominent writers and public figures?  What happened to: “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I would die defending your right to say it.”

I remain a Trump supporter, but if this free speech problem is not addressed by him, no matter how many other victories he accomplishes, I will be disappointed. If 62 million people, can have their columnists, comedians, news anchors, and forums — indiscriminately shut down, this is a giant political problem.

That by the way, is not just beginning, it has already happened, and this has happened in America, much to my shame, over the course of the last two or three years.

It’s not one of two writers either, although that would also be an outrage — it’s literally more than half of the conservative voices in this country and/or Trump aligned POV’s that have been de-platformed in one way or the other. This effort is widespread and against every journalistic and legal standard that has existed for over 200 years — and it has been allowed to happen without consequence.

This simply cannot go on. If these platforms are not going to be fair and let all points of view be heard, then they must be shut down.

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