Sessions & Trump

Sessions & Trump

For all you Trump haters and Trump lovers, this is meant to be a balanced piece, so I’m sure it won’t make either side happy.

Sessions is a good man. He is a hard working, diligent, servant of the people and I think he plays by a set of rules, frankly unknown to Trump. He has also made a few major mistakes as AG, and Trump is angry with one of those.

Apparently, in the miscommunication error of all time, Trump put Sessions in the AG’s office to clean up the Hillary mess (on the record) — which desperately needs clean up — and Sessions either did not understand this (Impossible, also based on written record), misled Trump (VERY unlikely) or discovered information on the job, that convinced him to go another way, a reason he is either required to keep to himself, or that he choose to keep private for other reasons.

What would Sessions reasons have been?

The IC, and the Senate probe are both good places to look. I think Sessions CORRECTLY calculated, that although slower, the Senate probe would potentially come right back to DOJ — BUT in another form, this time one his previous recusal will not cover. Chuck Grassley isn’t just capable and smart, he’s not IN the administration.

Meanwhile Trump has been getting battered politically and he has an agenda to move, a big agenda that centers on things OTHER than this. That’s why Trump is angry. If Sessions was in the middle of this fight, the Trump war room could be fighting the other agenda items he has pressing him, as it is, he’s using scarce resources to do his job and Sessions. Trump is a businessman not a lawyer. Some of the things lawyers tell businessmen about what must be done legally, seem counter intuitive and even stupid.

Trump also KNOW’S his enemies are not following the rules, which further frustrates him and which he correctly sees as potentially fatal to his agenda. OK, but don’t throw out the baby with the wash water, Sessions is on your team.

Although Trump’s political instincts are uncanny, I agree 51/49 with Sessions here, that letting the Grassley Senate probe work it’s way through this topic without Sessions, because it heads back to DOJ anyway – is the right course. If this Russia probe delay derails ACA repeal this year — and/or the Tax Reform package — I was wrong, Sessions was wrong, and Trump was right.

Also the way Sessions handled the repeal of the Holder /Obama sentencing “memo” had to anger Trump. It came off as a screed against drug dealers (Trump handles that himself) and not a repeal of a highly unconstitutional act by the Obama administration and the Holder DOJ, that simply tossed aside HUNDREDS of sentencing laws passed by Congress.

But that pales in comparison to how poorly Trump is handling his problem with Sessions.

I already wrote a piece suggesting it was bad for Trump to keep on Tweeting and this episode proves it. Jeff Sessions is a U.S. Senator and AG and Trump should show his own faithful supporter a little more respect and consideration. The fact that this is not obvious to Trump has me concerned.

This tweet storm with the idiots on TV — and now Sessions — worry me. They are beneath the office of the president, that’s the only way I can say it.

Sessions obsession with pot (a huge vote killer), his handling of this Russia probe recusal — and the painfully slow Hillary crimes prosecution is all problematic – but on balance, at the moment, I believe the President needs Sessions more than Sessions needs the President.

There goes my White House pressroom invite.

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Trump’s Military Transgender Ban

Trump’s Military Transgender Ban

I had a lot of reasons for believing Obama was a traitor, none more topical than this one. The idea of allowing Transgender’s in the military, or of spending military dollars on surgery ($100,000 per) to make this happen, seemed to me, to be the work of a President attempting to undermine the fitness and capability of our fighting units, right at the unit level. Obama did this while at war.

Anyway, Trump has reversed this nonsense and of course, my liberal friends are on the attack immediately — wondering why I think fitness and capability are at risk,

Here is just one reason I think that, from USA Today:

USA Today — Suicide attempts are alarmingly common among transgender individuals such as Lampe; 41% try to kill themselves at some point in their lives, compared with 4.6% of the general public. The numbers come from a study by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute, which analyzed results from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey. Researchers are preparing to launch another version of the online survey on Wednesday.

More than a dozen other surveys of transgender people worldwide since 2001 have found similarly high rates, and the problem has grown more visible since Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out raised awareness about transgender health issues overall.

Translation: With a 10X suicide rate, adding them to the military will hurt morale, readiness, preparedness, capability, attendance and eventually, the entire military suicide rate.

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The best piece on Trump I have read yet!

The best piece on Trump I have read yet!

Some of friends have seriously cautioned me about supporting Trump, they think I’m being brainwashed or some Dim nonsense like this. I predicted 2 years ago Obama and his Muslim nonsense — would drive out the Jews from the Dim party before I ever wrote a column on Trump. This Rabbi explains why I was right and Trump has Jewish as well as deep and entrenched support everywhere he won.

It’s long, but everybody in America should read this, it’s just common sense and logic poured onto more common sense and logic, but you won’t see analysis like this in the MSM.

Great piece Rabbi!

Here’s the dirt on this author — Rav Dov Fischer, Esq., who has served two three-year terms on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America during the past seven years, is an adjunct professor of the law of Torts and of Civil Procedure at two major Southern California law schools and is rav of Young Israel of Orange County, California.

The Rabbi — As a conservative Republican, I harbored concerns when I voted last November for Donald Trump to be my president. I knew that I had to vote for him, given the unacceptable alternative of an incompetent liar who had placed me in a basket of “Deplorables”; had destroyed 33,000 emails that she covertly maintained on her bathroom server while telling me that the emails all concerned yoga classes and wedding dresses; had lied to me and the families of those who fell in Benghazi about what had really happened there on another 9/11; and really had nothing to show for decades of public activity but a résumé of failure from HillaryCare, Whitewater, and Travelgate to a mediocre tenure in the State Department.

Her “Russian reset” had been a disaster. She had met many dozens of world figures, logged many thousands of miles of air travel, and had eaten well at many state banquets, but she had nothing of lasting substance to show for it all. During her State Department tenure, the “Arab Spring” devolved into a nightmarish winter. ISIS grew from a junior varsity to the major leagues of barbarism and terror. And she even had found the opportunity to scream on the phone at the Prime Minister of Israel, while denying the Jewish right to build without restriction in Jerusalem.

So I voted unhesitatingly for Trump. But, again, I had concerns.

Although I recoiled from the Republicans-in-Name-Only and “Never Trumpers,” I did share some of their bemusement. Would he be a true conservative, or was he really a liberal and a conservative hybrid at once, a man bereft of grounded ideology who simply tilted with the direction of the day’s breeze, capable of being turned by the last voice to compliment him?

Would he truly appoint conservative federal judges and Supreme Court justices, or would his judicial legacy be another Republican flop like the Nixon liberal appointments after Clement Haynsworth and G. Harrold Carswell, or like George H. W. Bush’s disastrous appointment of David Souter? Would he keep his promises? Would he have a clue?

That was then. Now, six months into Trump’s first term, I could not be more pleased with the president we elected. He is better than I ever imagined, and he is the real thing. That is the reason that voter surveys continue to show that President Trump has not lost any support among the base who elected him, and that he does as well now as before in the counties throughout the country that he carried as his base.

So What? Who Cares?
I do not care a whit about the “Russia stuff.” That is what I call it: the “Russia stuff.” Whether it is about Russian “collusion” or deals that Jared Kushner did or did not negotiate, or whom Attorney General Jeff Sessions met when he was a U.S. senator, or where former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort did business, or the telephone contacts of Michael Flynn—the moment that I see the word “Russia” in a headline about  the White House, I skip the story. Although I am a “news junkie,” I simply do not care. For me, the subject has as much relevance as a soccer game: Yawn.

I even have stopped watching almost all of Fox News, even though Tucker Carlson’s solid conservatism is an improvement over Bill O’Reilly’s softer version, and the network is so much stronger without Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren. I simply have no more interest in wasting my time with “fair and balanced debate,” to sit and listen to some liberal hack named Tarlov or Roginsky recite memorized talking points, or a fool named Marie Harf who used her State Department platform to explain that ISIS beheadings stemmed from a lack of job opportunities. (Remember: #JobsForISIS?)

For my news I have moved to the Fox Business channel, and I treat myself to Stuart Varney, Melissa Francis, Lou Dobbs and insightful conservative guests who do not waste my time. And, although I once was a Johnny Carson and Jay Leno regular, I no longer watch those late night talk shows. Instead, I choose between Ken Burns documentaries, MLB.TV’s “Quick Pitch,” and studying the Talmud. Same for “Saturday Night Live.” The moment the Washington Post began reporting every Monday on that show’s latest political slams against the Trump White House, I decided to turn elsewhere for my Saturday night entertainment. Besides, that show stopped being funny decades ago.

But what about all of Trump’s tweeting? Is Trump a nut? And what about the time he devotes to tweeting and to watching “Fox & Friends” and “Morning Joe”?

I don’t know. Maybe he is a nut. Yet, as an Orthodox rabbi who has counseled hundreds of people over 35 years, and as a high-stakes litigation attorney who has counseled and represented hundreds more, I will share a secret that is not protected by any professional rule of privilege: most people are nuts. (For verification, just ask their spouses, their parents-in-law, and their grown kids.) And most people have side hobbies that “waste time.” I wasted time these past four months watching the Mets. How many hours did President Kennedy waste running after Judith Exner, Marilyn Monroe, and others whom I do not know—and keeping it all secret from his wife? How many hours did President Nixon waste dealing with the Watergate cover-up? How many hours did President Ford need to devote lovingly to his wife as she battled bravely to overcome certain private challenges? How many hours did President Clinton set aside for Paula Corbin Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, and dealing with the subsequent fallout emanating from them and from Juanita Broaddrick?

It would seem that the only president who initially wasted no time but devoted every moment’s focus to every detail of government was Jimmy Carter. How did that work out? In the end, he was consumed by the Iran hostage crisis, and we were consumed by him.

Does Twitter take more time away from the work day than those distractions? How long does it take to type 140 characters, even in five or six strings?

What Really Matters
We conservatives do not care about these side stories and Democrat smokescreens that aim to divert this president and us from the agenda to make America great again. Rather, here is what we have come to know these six months since Trump took office:

Republicans have won every seriously contested Congressional election since President Trump was elected. It is absurd to think that, when push comes to shove, Republican voters in 2018 would allow Red State Democrats to sweep the U.S. Senate merely because Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren engage in screeds, while in the House, Maxine Waters calls for the president to be impeached or exiled, or both.

We do not mind that the president fired FBI Director James Comey. This is a man who we now know leaked secret internal information to the New York Times. Notwithstanding that Comey did not trust the president, it was just as reasonable for the president to determine that he could not trust Comey—just as the Democrats long before could not trust Comey and also wanted him fired. Comey interfered with the election process more than Vladimir Putin ever did, arrogated to himself the authority to absolve Hillary Clinton despite his own recognition that she had committed serious federal crimes, and never dealt with the Deep State within his department.

President Trump somehow has managed to lead for six months, despite the most hostile media gangland in a century and more, and he has gained important governing experience along the way, just as the neophyte Obama learned his way around after arriving at the White House with little more than a background in community organizing, a pair of Greek or Roman columns, and a paperback copy of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

President Trump has appointed an extraordinary team of cabinet secretaries, and they are a better and more reliably conservative team than Ronald Reagan ever assembled. While President Reagan not only named Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court but also Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy, President Trump has named Neil Gorsuch, and the future names in waiting are likely equally impressive. For all the “Resistance” tactics that the Democrats deployed during the Gorsuch battle, the president did not give ground, and he leveraged Harry Reid’s blunder of ending the filibuster rule for federal judicial appointments to get the nomination through. The president’s team now is working to fill the 129 other open federal judicial seats awaiting judges. As he proceeds, we will see balance return to the federal district courts that conduct trials and the federal appellate courts that ultimately settle most of America’s laws, and his own immediate experiences in seeing his entry ban navigate through the courts has taught him that federal judges matter on all levels.

On the energy front, we no longer awake each morning to learn of new Obama-era regulations aimed at strangling American energy independence. Instead, the Keystone XL pipeline was approved, as promised. Obama executive orders have been reversed at dizzying speed. Although a new era has changed the place of “King Coal” in the energy spectrum, the “War on Coal” is ended, as promised, and America is back on the path to end its partial dependency on the dirty oil produced by dictators and thugs from Venezuela to Saudi Arabia—oil drilled and extracted in tyrannies where environmental concerns are a joke—and we now even are inducing allies like Poland in Europe to consider moving their own energy contracts away from Russia and towards the United States.

Trump promised action on immigration, and he has begun the process of inviting bidders to compete for federal contracts to build that wall. Truth is, most of us do not care ultimately who pays for it; we separate his bluster from his substance. That substance already has driven down illegal immigration markedly. And the “bad dudes” really are being hunted by ICE and are being deported or locked up, not merely released on their own recognizance with a promise maybe someday to show up for an immigration hearing, perhaps.

The Underlying Challenge: Congress
We know that the reality of democracy is complicated, and that our Founding Fathers crafted an elegant system of checks and balances for a reason.

Yes, the Republicans now control the House, the Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court—for which we all thank Barack Obama daily—but the sophisticates among us also recognize that 52 Republican Senators is too razor-thin a margin for a bold Trump agenda to flourish.

For example, Susan Collins represents Blue Maine, and she simply cannot be a Tea Party senator. We need another half-dozen Red State Republican senators, and contrary to the common wisdom, help may be on the way.

Meanwhile, we know that President Trump has done his best to corral the team to reverse the tragedy of Obamacare, but he has been disrupted meanwhile by a crazy filibuster voting rule, an even crazier series of rules regarding “reconciliation,” a liberal Democrat stationed as the Senate’s “Parliamentarian,” and an utterly incoherent and incomprehensible rule regarding the Congressional Budget Office whose projections repeatedly have proven false and imaginary in health care and everything else. If people are told that they no longer will be penalized and coerced to buy health insurance they do not want, of course millions will drop the plans foisted on them. That is not properly termed “millions losing insurance”; that is “millions choosing of their own free will not to pay for something they do not want and do not value.”

We know this president and this Congress will pass a major tax cut before the 2018 elections because Trump wants it, his economic team has it mapped out, and the House and Senate would not dare go to the voters next year without a tax cut. Watch for Red State Democrats, facing electoral elimination, to be passionate supporters of a Republican tax bill. It will happen, and this president will sign it. Of that we have no doubt.

Cut Through the Noise These Next 18 Months
So we have a very strong determination to stand by this president, to give him more Senators in 18 months, and to give him another four years in Washington before Maxine Waters exiles him.

We do not care that Europeans and their leaders like America less now than they did when Obama was president. Most children like their grandparents more than they like their parents because Gramps and Granny have no rules, feed them candy, and let them stay up all night, while the parents make the kids do their homework, brush their teeth, and clean their rooms. Obama was cheered by throngs in Berlin, giggled with Hugo Chavez, and salsaed in Cuba in front of Castro. Sure they loved him—they even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize, just as they previously had given one to Yasser Arafat, before he did anything.

We want a president who goes to Europe, tells them to pay the bills they promised to pay NATO, and gets results. We want him extricating us from climate pacts and trade agreements that do not serve our interests. Along the way, our allies from Japan to Israel to England know they now have a reliable leader in the White House, not a team of kibbitzers who send James Taylor to Paris to sing “You’ve Got a Friend” as an American response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France.

Americans want jobs, and this president now is forward on rebuilding the nation’s long-neglected infrastructure, while emphasizing the importance of “Buying American” and restoring America’s historical role in manufacturing. We want lower taxes and an America where we pay only for the health coverage options we want. We do not want to pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control pills or Planned Parenthood’s abortions, although many of us are copacetic with their family planning and social counseling. We want trade agreements that protect American jobs and that recognize that international polluters like China and India and the misogynistic Arab oil sheikhdoms need to catch up with our clean-environment practices before we continue marching like lemmings over industrial cliffs while the mass polluters scoop up our forfeited interests.

As the president now begins his next six months in office, we among his supporters have learned to tune out the nonsense that defines the lazy legislators in the Washington Beltway who prefer to mull over Mueller than to craft landmark health legislation that passes.

Yes, we have seen the president mature in office. He has made some important pinpointed staff changes. He is moving away from abiding the daily media circus. For those Democrats who warned with alarm and portents of peril that Donald Trump could not be trusted with the nuclear codes, we have seen that he has assembled a remarkable defense team, that he has authorized a surgical MOAB strike in Afghanistan and the dispatch of 59 cruise missiles to bombard clearly designated Syrian targets without embroiling us in a Middle East war that America should avoid. He has acted with care and delicacy in confronting the serious problem in North Korea, giving the lie to those who argued that he would be hot-headed and unable to lead.

For those of us who voted for Donald Trump last November—many of us with some concern—we support him even more today than we did then. Though we occasionally recoil from the more outlandish, we have come to prefer reading his tweets more than we did reading about Clinton’s sexual harassment scandals. And we have learned to disregard the “Russian stuff” like so much “white noise” that rivals the sound of a tree falling in the middle of a forest for irrelevance.

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Sperm count declining in ONLY the western world?

Sperm count declining in ONLY the western world?

Read this from Human Reproduction Update, it’s very disturbing and their lack of explanations is even more frightening.

Sperm count in the western world is half what it was in the 1970s, says new research.

The western-styled world is losing its sperm. There’s no denying it, says a meta-regression analysis comprising studies from New Zealand to the US. But not to worry, say Germany’s leading reproductive biologists.

If the methodology and extrapolations are correct in a new analysis published Tuesday, and it appears they are, then the western world’s sperm count has taken a massive dive.

A team led by Hagai Levine at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University suggests sperm counts fell by over 50 percent from 1973 to 2011.

However if you saw this article’s headline and thought you would get a scientific explanation for the low birthrates in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe, compared to countries in Africa, Asia and South America, we regret to have to let you down.

These figures don’t explain that – not yet.

And that, even though the average sperm count in the African, Asian and South American nations included in the analysis didn’t show the same decline as the countries in question.

But the science itself seems to be sound.

“This analysis is no grounds for fears of male infertility in these countries,” said Stefan Schlatt, director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Andrology (science of men) at Münster University.

Schlatt, who had nothing to do with the analysis, told DW it was “the first of its kind, very sophisticated and statistically solid,” but that both the reasons for the reduced mean sperm count – and its implications – were still up in the air.

“There is something happening in the western world to our sperm count, no doubt, but we have to think about the conditions that lead to the lack of activity in our testes.”

Too much sex equals less sperm? It’s all about the hypothalamus, says Schlatt

Sexualized imagery, tight diapers, cell phones?

The study concentrated on three parameters: sperm count per ejaculate, density of sperm per milliliter of ejaculate, and total volume of ejaculate. 

In the industrialized western nations, the first two parameters showed significant decline, while the third stayed essentially constant. In other words, the amount of liquid ejaculated remained the same, but the amount of sperm in the western world took the plunge.

What makes this analysis so unique, Schlatt surmises, is that it possibly singles out western lifestyle as responsible for the diminished activity in our sperm production apparatus.

“Maybe western men look too much at naked women during everyday exposure? That would mean that our hypothalamus gets too much input. It could mean that our [diapers] were too tight in our childhood and produced too much heat. It could be that our mobile phones do something to our endocrine or testicular environment that adversely affects the turnover of cells. It could have millions of causes. We don’t know.”

Schlatt stressed that each of these suppositions was exactly that: mere speculation of causal relationships that have no way of being corroborated at this point in the research.

Will there be even fewer kids jumping around in Germany in the future?

Tip of the iceberg

Scientists in the field of reproductive medicine have known for years that sperm counts are on the decline. But Artur Mayerhofer, another of Germany’s leading voices in the field, says this latest analysis takes the issue much further.

“We’ve never seen anything so well documented, so methodologically sound,” Mayerhofer told DW, adding that it gave rise to potential grounds for concern.

“Not because it means that males in these parts of the world are becoming infertile, but rather because it could explain other trends we’ve been witnessing, for example, a rise in testicular cancer, male genital birth defects (cryptorchidism), and even the connection with morbidity and mortality,” the Munich-based professor said. But he advises extreme caution when making such epidemiological generalizations.

Mayenhofer’s apprehension rings with leading author Hagai Levine’s summation of the analysis as a “wake-up call” for researchers and health organizations across the world.

But Schlatt struck a more balanced, gender-specific conclusion: “Don’t panic! Men in the western world still have around 47 million sperm swimming in one milliliter of ejaculate. That’s more than enough for fertility, but it could possibly mean that the western trend of having children later may have another obstacle to contend with: Not for men, though, much more for women.”

The study is published in Human Reproduction Update.


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The Dirty 3 Dozen

The Dirty 3 Dozen

The Awan brothers did IT work for Congressional staffer Debbie Wassermann Shultz first, and then 35 other Democratic House members. Problem is, these guys are under investigation by the House Cops for a long list of crimes, the D.C. cops are in on this –and of course, we have no answers because they fled to Pakistan. 

It’s believed that in addition to stealing info from the HOUSE COMPUTER SYSTEM these guys were black mailing representatives, and even their staffs!

Wasserman Shultz, rather than cooperate with the police — actually dressed down a police chief, on camera, for not returning a laptop stolen by the Awan brothers, hidden on the Congressional campus and then recovered by the police. Recently she has actually used a form of congressional privilege — to BLOCK the police in their effort to recover any data from that laptop.

Wasserman Shultz is a treasonous bitch.

Here are the names of the Democrats Dirty 36, from the Daily Caller, the elected officials who employed the Awan brothers to do IT work on the hill for them, paid them $4 million, and now are REFUSING to work with their own government (which they swore an oath to uphold), to help prosecute these guys. Shame, shame, shame!





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Clinton’s Crimes

Clinton’s Crimes

I have always maintained and still do, the DNC rig of the primary and Hillary’s behavior as Secretary of State, vis a vie the Clinton Foundation, were her two big crimes and her two weak spots.

Judicial Watch took their sweet time with all this, but they are getting down to the dirt. Here is a tidbit from Fox:

Fox News — Judicial Watch released 448 pages of documents Friday showing further incidences that Huma Abedin, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff in the State Department, gave special treatment to Clinton Foundation donors while Clinton served as Secretary of State.

Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct government business clouded her presidential campaign. The latest batch of documents released Friday arrived long after the conservative legal watchdog organization filed its lawsuit, in May 2015, requesting “all emails of official State Department business received or sent by former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin from Jan. 1, 2009, through Feb. 1, 2013, using a non-‘’ email address.”

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EXACTLY How Much Trouble are the Democrats In?

EXACTLY How Much Trouble are the Democrats In?

Well, I read a lot, both sides of everything if I can, and I see some signs they are in REAL trouble. Aside from Hillary and her crimes, and Obama and his crimes, and all their aides and their crimes, I see OTHER signs the Dims are desperate. For example, their lack of policies and positions the American people agree with. How big a problem is that? I’ll let the Democrats own mouthpieces, the MSM answer that, it will be more meaningful.

Here is a reading list I stole from Tom Ashbrook at WBUR:

Washington Post: Trump had ‘The Art of the Deal.’ Now Democrats say their economic agenda is ‘A Better Deal.’ — “The campaign-style motto, panned by some liberal activists as details began to trickle out ahead of the Monday rollout, is designed to revive a party desperate to win back at least some control next year. The push comes months earlier than most campaign-year sales pitches begin — an acknowledgment of the need to shore up public opinion of the Democratic Party in the faster pace of modern politics.”

Democracy Journal: The State of the Resistance — “Despite the floundering first months of Donald Trump’s presidency, Democrats have not begun to win the argument. Yes, Democrats in Congress have displayed unity in opposing the repeal of Obamacare and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. But they have not changed many minds. Despite Trump’s low approval ratings, few of his voters regret their choice. In fact, one poll in early April showed that, were the election rerun, Trump would now defeat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote.”

New York Times: The Democratic Party’s Billion-Dollar Mistake — “The Democratic Party is at risk of repeating the billion-dollar blunder that helped create its devastating losses of 2016. With its obsessive focus on wooing voters who supported Donald Trump, it is neglecting the cornerstone of its coalition and failing to take the steps necessary to win back the House of Representatives and state houses in 2018.”

Vox: Democrats’ Better Deal, explained — “The plan is a populist turn for the party, less than a year after it ran — and lost to Donald Trump — on a platform that largely defended the economic status quo under President Barack Obama. The Better Deal’s first step is a plan to create 10 million jobs through a mixture of tax credits for employers who hire at high wages, and a national infrastructure program similar to the one Hillary Clinton proposed in the presidential campaign.”

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Schumer’s Agony

Schumer’s Agony

Chuck Schumer may be a narcissist, a fool, and a horrible man in general, but he is not a dummy. Only a dummy thinks they get better health outcomes from the medical system in Cuba, than they do here.

This was not said by Schumer BUT is a problem for Schumer because he is trying to stitch the Dim Party back together again after hurricane Trump blew the doors off — with people like DNC vice chair Keith Ellison — who is a communist and a Muslim, and did say just that. The article below is accurate, I heard him make these remarks.

It’s hard to believe how much trouble the Democrats are in right now. They’ve deluded themselves into a dangerous tone toward POTUS, a dangerous platform, a dangerous narrative and dangerous activities to stay in power. All this is known to the American people and will now bite them in the ass harder than they’ve ever been bitten.

Fox News — Rep. Keith Ellison, (D-MN), would like to see the American health care system become more like Cuba’s.

“The countries like Cuba or Canada or Russia or a lot of places in this world spend half what we spend per capita and they got better health outcomes than we do,” said the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee in Washington D.C. last Monday.

Former spokesperson for George W. Bush Mercedes Schlapp recalled the experience of her Cuban parents, who fled Cuba under the Castro regime.

“The ignorance of these Democrats like Keith Ellison is just, it’s astonishing,” Schlapp told “Fox & Friends.”

She explained that party elites, the military and foreign tourists get the best medical care, while the Cuban people are left with “unsanitary hospitals in disarray.”

Cuba’s quality of health is diminishing under the nationalist government, which only shows visitors the best of their hospitals, she stated.

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Trump Grinds Down Obama Legacy, rule by rule

Trump Grinds Down Obama Legacy, rule by rule

Rule by rule, department by department, House of Congress by House of Congress, Trump continues to grind on.

This from the Examiner:

The Interior Department is formally proposing to eliminate regulations targeting the use of fracking to produce crude oil and natural gas on federal land, which were set into motion under the Obama administration more than two years ago.

The Bureau of Land Management plans to initiate the repeal process Tuesday by publishing its final determination in the Federal Register.

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Democrat Leadership Cracking – Indictments coming? Hillary becomes human dirty bomb

Democrat Leadership Cracking – Indictments coming? Hillary becomes human dirty bomb

As the Faithful Five know, I have long known the DNC and Hillary, committed Election Law violations during the Dim primary, so serious as to be a constitutional problem.

I don’t have a deep throat in the DNC, I read the Wikileaks dump and it was all there in black in white. That didn’t make it true, the dump itself could have been an elaborate ruse, and/or critical emails altered. So I waited for the refusals, the chorus of “Oh know, that’s not my email chain” that would be forth coming if they were fraudulent. Crickets. Then data popped up all over, from a variety of sources, confirming 99.9% of what was in them including the damning ones.

Through all of this the Democratic leadership stuck together, stuck to the narrative, kept CNN in on that script, and closed ranks. Then disaster struck. Trump won and worse yet, internal, confidential polling showed it could get worse. His election was not a fluke, their own party rank and file HATED their message. Still they hung together, better to find a new message together then get out of the way and admit you are a loser, believe me, Schumer and Pelosi will go out feet first or lose, but never admit they are wrong and/or change direction. Right?

I can only think of one thing that would change that, and that would if a sitting politician, like Schumer, who has daily inside info, came to the conclusion — from that data stream, that indictments were coming or eventually likely — and that he needed public distance, lots of distance — from those to be charged.

You could say I was reading too much into the Senator’s remarks criticizing Hillary on TV over the weekand, but the stuff below from Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor at large, is the icing on the cake.

This guy is a living breathing narrative man. When the Dems need a spin, they call the “Lizard”. For him to write a piece this tough on Hillary, clearly calling out the Schumer Attempt At Distance, well, the shit must only be inches from the fan, and more importantly, some part of the cover-up must be clearly in law enforcement view.

I doubt Schumer told the “Lizard” the whole truth, or even the important parts, but no matter. Time reveals all, even in Washington D.C. Here is some stuff from the CNN piece by Cillizza:

(CNN) — In the 2016 campaign, there was no one more loyal to Hillary Clinton than her one-time Senate colleague Chuck Schumer. He defended his fellow New Yorker and the race she ran at every turn.

Which makes what Schumer said about Clinton over the weekend all the more intriguing.

“When you lose to somebody who has 40% popularity, you don’t blame other things — Comey, Russia — you blame yourself,” Schumer, the top ranking Democrat in the Senate, told The Washington Post over the weekend. “So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that.”

Gauntlet thrown.

What the “Lizard” meant was INSULT thrown. The best part was “And still believe that.” In other words, our internal polling says we are in huge trouble when those 10 Senate seats IN states Trump won, come up for reelection, during this coming mid-term.

And that’s a best-case scenario for Schumer. An as is, so to speak, if any Dims get charged; and some almost certainly will (Rice, Powers, Wasserman-Schultz, etc.), the situation could be much worse.

Back to Cillizza:

That Schumer would be willing to slam Clinton’s campaign — and her defense of that campaign — also speaks to the fact that most Democrats want to move beyond the former secretary of state and the 2016 election.

It may be in Clinton’s interest to re-litigate the election to ensure she isn’t blamed, but most Democrats trying to win reelection (or election) next November want to put her campaign far in their rear-view mirror. (Remember that 10 Senate Democrats are seeking reelection in states Trump won last fall.)

The problem with Schumer’s attempt to get beyond the 2016 election is that Democrats remain largely leaderless in the aftermath of an election that no one in the party thought they would lose.

Schumer is simply not a well-known enough figure nationally to speak for the party.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is too unpopular among anyone outside of the Democratic base to be that person.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are prominent but cancel one another out somewhat as they both seek to be the leader of the liberal wing of the party.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is in the background even as he makes clear a 2020 bid is an option.

Former President Barack Obama seems very conscious of not injecting himself into every debate involving his successor.

All of which means Clinton continues to fill that leadership vacuum with a message much more focused on reshaping her own personal narrative than re-positioning her party to persuade voters in 2018.

In other words, run like hell, because if Schumer/Cillizza says she is radioactive, she must be ready to explode like a dirty bomb all over the Party.

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