Impeachment shame

I’ve been watching the hearings. I read the Mueller report. I’m up to date on what is happening and I can honestly say, that other than the Civil War, which was the low point for Democrats in the United States, this is a close second or third.

The Mueller report did not say Russia influenced the 2016 election, it said a troll farm, which Mueller admitted he could not connect to the Russian government, ran $50,000 worth of Facebook and Internet ads, that I contend had no impact whatsoever, because most of them were not even about the election and/or it’s candidates. If you doubt this, don’t curse me, read the report itself. Don’t read what CBS, ABC or NBC TELL you second hand that it says, read the report, Mueller was very clear about what he found and what he found simply isn’t relevant. This must be a fact because Mueller was also clear that not a single American (including every single member of Trump’s campaign staff) ever had any talks, connections, meetings and/or anything whatsoever to do with any high ranking Russin government officials prior to the election. This is why the Mueller hearings were a dud. The American people understand that to collude with Russia would require at least having a single conversation with those officials.

Mueller did not examine the DNC server and did not arrest anyone at the DNC for sending it off to another country — instead of allowing the FBI to examine it, but he did SPECULATE anyway, that it was hacked by Russian government assets. Of course, any person, of even modest intellect, knows that he could not know this unless the FBI had seized it and examined it. Even if the DNC server had been hacked by Russian assets, however, no one, not Mueller, not the DNC officials and/or Clinton campaign officials have ever asserted the data leaked from that server was false. The real reason for all of this — is the murder of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, who actually copied the files and delivered them to Wikileaks, within days of his murder. Trump’s people not only could not have known about Rich, but they also would not have murdered him to try and stop the leak, something I believe Hillary Clinton herself, ordered done.

That DNC data, those emails, are highly incriminating and the only reason DNC and Clinton campaign officials have not been charged with electioneering crimes exposed by that data — has been the fact the server was transported out of the U.S.! Democratic Party officials ignore all this and still scream about what a bad man Trump is.

Ukraine is a different story. The Bidens, Hunter and his dad did go to Ukraine, did accept bribes and payoffs from Burisma and others and did break the law attempting to use U.S. assets to influence the work of a prosecutor there. They have Joe Biden on videotape, literally explaining this. The president, aware of this, did and still does want the Ukranian government to investigate this (as he should) and that’s why we have the spectacle occurring that is currently being played out. The Democratic leadership like Shiff and Pelosi understand that if Joe Biden OR Hunter Biden (a new Dad, congrats) — a Democratic candidate for president (a front runner in many states) is arrested for this, it will hurt their chances to unseat Donald Trump in the upcoming election. Most Americans see this, but some still don’t because the American media has lied outright in its presentation of the facts around this case, over and over again. 

And just like in 1860, this campaign of lies is working, there are millions of Americans, that don’t ever search for and read primary sources — who — encouraged by these misleading news reports — believe otherwise. It’s like the South before the war, the Democratic party screamed and yelled about everything EXCEPT the main point, that slavery was wrong, right up to the point they instigated a war over it. I predict the same result, without Ft. Sumpter, but hopefully The Ameican people are not stupid enough to be taken completely in by all this like they were 150 years ago. They know asking a foreign leader to investigate a crime you have evidence occurred, is not an impeachable offense, but is in fact — the president’s responsibility. Not to mention, the actual transcript of the call, not the whistleblower’s account — dispute this happened. Even if it did happen at another, lower level — again — this is not an impeachable offense. The Democrats are dirty here and this is the only way they can defend their history on this. It’s called the wrap around smear, and if you want to see someone explain what that is, Google wrap-around-smear by Pelosi.

These lies are so transparent (to some anyway) that I predict impeachment will fail in the Senate as soon as the House lets go of it — and then I believe — Trump will be re-elected. Hopefully, the House will also switch over on Trump’s coattails and we finally will be rid of this Democratic Party leadership scum like Pelosi and Schiff, people who have harmed this county every bit as much as Jefferson Davis and the Confederates tried too.

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Tulsi breaks out!

Amidst all the doom and gloom about what a poor field of candidates they have to square off against the giant that is, Donald J. Trump, the Democrats have a winner, and HER name is Tulsi Gabbard.

She has recently jumped out to a respectable 6% in New Hampshire.

I have been patiently waiting for her to appear out of the weeds ever since the Queen of Mean, Hillary Herself, anointed Tulsi the front runner by accusing her of being a Russian asset.

Tulsi can’t beat Trump, of course, he’s an electoral monster like Reagan in 1984, but she can make a name for herself now — which will make 2024 doable for her.

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Trump disappoints me II…the flip side

The great thing about being in the newspaper business was all the great people I met. Mary Beth — who wrote this reply to “Trump disappoints me…” was an outstanding reporter, the kind that knew everyone in power, was constantly among them, gathering up everything being said and whispered — but never forgot her job was to give the people, answers about what the government was planning, what the rich were plundering, what corruption the politicians had invented and what crazy laws the crazy people that surround the rich and powerful — were asking for.

Here is her reply:

Trump is an egomaniac who is not a Washington bureaucratic politician, but rather a break-the-rules businessman. He will never fit the mold of a civil president yet his ideas and policies seem to be helping America in a time of escalating socialism precipitated by years of un-thoughtful liberalism.

Such ideas of not trying to provide for oneself by saving for retirement, paying your own way even in areas of health care, and being responsible for such, not depending on the government to do it for you, is not being taught to our youth.

Just saving is not being taught! Stressing you do not have enough to save is the focus, when we should teach anyone to save one dollar if that is all they have.

I think Trump wanted to send a message to youth who might be persuaded to join the ISIS movement that this man was a coward, not to be followed.

Who brings three children with him to be killed?

The manner in which Trump speaks is bullish, crude and uncivil. The manner in which Trump is treated for doing such is either appalled or applauded.

Away from the beltway here in the south, it was applauded.

By New Yorkers, not just southerners, I will add.

You see Trump signs all over the east coast but at least an hour from the beltway, too.

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Trump disappoints me…

This does not mean I’m in the movement to impeach.

Or that the long list of good things I’ve written about his presidency are not still true.

It’s just important to write about the things I do not approve of that he does as well — and this week is one of those.

I watched the video of him talking about the way Al-Baghdadi died, and I was troubled.

Any man we send our military halfway across the world to kill, and hunt for years, has the right to be treated as a battlefield combatant — which means his or her death — should be treated with dignity.

This is law, this is an important principle, this is ethical behavior, and just as I found President Obama’s reaction when he announced the killing of Osama Bin laden — likewise unseemly — and I also wrote about it — I find Trump’s description uncivil.

The president can be candid, like Trump, and still be civil, which is presidential. But to not be civil, about a man you just ordered killed, is not civil and/or presidential.

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Trump will win re-election III

Prediction time.

Between now and the election, Trump will actually ramp up his already breakneck pace.

Rallies in every state. The AG’s report. Some arrests of FBI/DNC/anti-Trumpers who went too far…Trump will touch every base, the economy, foreign policy, Immigration, he has a formula now and he’s getting better and better at it, week after week.

Bernie and Biden will drop out and pledge to support Warren. Hillary’s old DNC/Campaign machine is already hard at work promoting Warren, so it will be Warren that he faces, and what a show it promises to be! I knew while watching the Hillary/Trump debates I was watching history before the debate started and this time will be no different.

Too bad the DNC learned nothing at all and didn’t allow “Tolstoy” Tulsi Gabbard a real shot at the nomination, she would have prevailed in a fair primary race and the faceoff between her and Trump would have been epic. 

Only 3 people have ever laid a glove on Hillary, one she publicly humiliated for it (Bernie), DJT was 2nd and now Gabbard has smashed her down, called her out, and instead of seeing her strength for what it is — the Party’s salvation — the DNC and DCCC will use their corrupt, donor-bought-power to smear Gabbard, who really is a US Reserve Major with in-theatre experience — not a Russian asset, no matter what that sociopathic old witch Hillary tells you.

I hope Hillary hangs around the national narrative a few more months, it will cement Trump’s totals in 4 or 5 swing states.

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Why Trump will win re-election II

In a little over a year, Trump will stand for re-election.

His base will hold, his favorability will be in the low 50’s and he will cruise to a 340 electoral state victory and a 1 million popular vote victory over Elizabeth Warren.


Economy — Jobs+++, Interest rates +++, GDP Growth +++, Wall Street+++, Trump gets top marks in every important category on the economy.

Immigration — Wall+++, Legal +++, ICE+++, Trump also gets high marks from Americans on every aspect of his handling of immigration. Don’t let the lying MSM cloud your vision, 85% of the American people support a legal immigration system which has inflow limits, and border control to enforce them and distinguish friend from foe.

Judicial Appointments — Supreme Court +++, other Federal Courts +++, Legal cases +++, Again, in the Judicial area, Americans give Trump high marks in every critical category, this includes a high percentage of Evangelicals, who may object to other parts of Trump’s personality, but realistically see him as they only possible way to limit and/or eliminate Roe v. Wade. Trump has overwhelmed the Senate with appointments and McConnell has delivered the votes, Trump is winning a many decade long battle here and every conservative in America knows it and they will show up to re-elect him in record numbers, and then disappear again from polling and predictions about the electorate.

Trump keeps his campaign promises. Even Trump haters recognize this and this will make a huge difference, I know Trump haters who have admitted to me — they only reason they would consider voting for him– he keeps his words on his campaign promises (and to the American people) and whether you like what he says or not — it’s great to have a politician finally keep a commitment.

Few people realize what a big disappointment Obama was on this point. A lot of people who were in love with him before he was elected, fell out of love when he didn’t keep his word, his campaign promises, his deal with the American people.

Trump is brilliant but quirky. His brilliance includes in-depth knowledge of how to up-end his opponents using every tactic available, including his quirkiness. The Art of the Deal was no mistake, no accident, no anomaly — Trump’s methods have precedent and will also be used again in the future by some new type of Trump — because using your personality to squeeze your opponents into unpopular positions politically — is genius, stable genius. 

A presidential campaign is a horse race, between two competitors, and like or not, Elizabeth Warren, the likely Democratic candidate in my opinion, is not a good matchup against Trump. Trump has already branded her as a liar. Lie-awatha? Great stuff. Got her to actually take a DNA test — and release the results — which proved 3 things, (1.) Warren wasn’t an Indian (2.) She’s too stupid to give Trump much of a fight and (3.) making her President, would be a huge mistake.

Once again, Donald Trump will be elected, partially because he is an extraordinary man, and partially because the Democrats continue to run unpopular, corrupt, stupid, candidates without the skills necessary for the job — whilst lying about their credentials and burdening them with unpopular policy positions like open borders in conjunction with  medical care for illegal immigrants.

The Senate will hold and the House will flip. Tump’s coattails will be the reason, although the Republican majority will not be united behind Trump, even after this victory. The roots of rot in the Republican Party run almost as deep as they do in the Democratic Party.

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One small problem with the story that Trump is a racist

There is one small problem with the story that President Donald Trump is a racist.

Ever GROWING numbers of black males — in particular — support him. Even black women, who still only support him a little, like the males, support him roughly at twice the level of just 2 years ago. The article below theorizes about why, but I have another explanation they don’t touch on. Black, Democrat and even Republican politicians have been gaslighting, lying — and manipulating — the Black community for years and I think they are shocked to come across a politician (Trump) who calls it like he sees it.

This is very bad news for the Democrats in 2020, and if Trump can manage to get even a relatively small percentage of those black male supporters to either vote for him and/or continue supporting Republicans, it will cause a seismic shift in the American electorate.

The story below, quoting liberally from The Hill (not Trump fans, to say the least) is eye-opening. 

The Hill — A new nationwide poll shows that almost a third of male African-American voters would vote to reelect President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election next fall against any Democratic challenger. The Hill’s report on the recent Hill-HarrisX poll highlighted the statistic that 85 percent of black voters would vote for any Democratic presidential nominee over Trump – but omitted reporting on the surge of black male voters who now side with Trump over a generic Democratic opponent.

“The Hill reported the data deceptively by claiming that an overwhelming majority of black voters would support a Democrat in 2020 over President Trump,” Big League Politics reported. “The fake news did not mention Trump’s impressive support among black male voters in their report about the poll.”

Even more shocking is the rise of black male support of Trump now (32%) compared to just a few years ago, when a 2016 CNN exit poll showed only 13 percent of black male voters would support him against a Democratic rival. Support for the president among black female voters is decidedly less, with only seven percent indicating in the Hill-HarrisX poll that they would choose Trump against a Democrat in 2020, compared to just four percent in the 2016 CNN poll.

The Hill also honed in on the lopsided number of black voters by party lines saying they would cast their ballot for whatever Democratic opponent Trump faces.

“Ninety-eight percent of black voters who identify as Democrat and 72 percent of those who identify as independent said they would back whoever ultimately becomes the Democratic nominee over Trump,” The Hill revealed from the poll. “Just 12 percent of black voters who identify as Republican said the same.”

Reason for support

The changing tide of support for Trump could be due to several factors, including the fact that his policies have resulted in record numbers of African Americans going back to work and record lows in that group’s unemployment rate – in fact, rates not seen for half a century.

The rise could also be attributed to his working hand-in-hand with the black community, including his endorsement of landmark criminal justice reform legislation last year.

“President Trump … signed into law a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill after it overwhelmingly passed both chambers …,” The Hill’s Chris Rodrigo reported in December. “The bill – called the First Step Act – reduces mandatory minimum sentences in certain instances and expands on ‘good time credits’ for well-behaved prisoners looking for shorter sentences. It also instructs the Department of Justice to establish a risk and needs assessment system to classify inmate’s risk and provide guidance on ‘housing, grouping, and program assignment.'”

The bill was sent to Trump’s desk just before Christmas after he did extensive ground work to make sure it passed overwhelmingly; it had been approved by the Senate 87–12 and 358–36 by the House.

“The bill’s passage was a significant victory for Trump and his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, who was involved in negotiations over the bill,” Rodrigo noted. “Criminal justice reform was one of Kushner’s major policy goals since arriving in the White House.”

Third factor

Rap star Kanye West’s endorsement of Trump for president – coinciding with his newfound declared saving faith in Jesus Christ – has also reportedly helped resonate the president’s popularity among African-American men.

“West stirred controversy in April by distributing a selfie of him[self] wearing Trump’s signature Make America Great Again hat,” WND reported earlier this week.

Since then, West has been verbal publicly about his unapologetic support for Trump, while condemning Democrats, the mainstream media and the entertainment industry for falsely portraying the president as racist and for bullying his fellow African Americans to vote Democrat as a cultural imperative.

While appearing last Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, West reflected on the hatred entertainers have generated against Trump and divulged the reason behind his support of the president.

“Just as a musician, African-American, guy out in Hollywood – all these different things, you know – everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me,” West told Kimmel. “And then told me every time I said I liked Trump that I couldn’t say it out loud or my career would be over; I’d get kicked out of the black community because blacks – we’re supposed to have a monolithic thought. We can only … be Democrats and all.”

He said it wasn’t easy to publicize his political views with the intolerant left.

“I didn’t have the confidence to take on the world and the possible backlash, and it took me a year-and-a-half to have the confidence to stand up and put on the hat – no matter what the consequences were,” West shared with the liberal talk-show host.

West felt convicted to not let others intimidate him or dictate what kind of political views he should or shouldn’t have.

“And what it represented to me is not about policies – because I’m not a politician like that – but it represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt … no matter what anyone said, in saying, ‘You can’t bully me,'” he shared with Kimmel and his audience. “Liberals can’t bully me. News can’t bully me. The hip-hop community – they can’t bully me.”

The black community’s increased support of the president over the last few years – as he continues to work toward improving its social and financial situation – is seen as a major reason why the Democratic Party has ramped-up its efforts to oust Trump from office before the 2020 election.

“It’s no wonder why the Democrats are so desperate to impeach President Trump before he can make it to the 2020 presidential election,” Shane Trejo concluded in his Big League Politics story. “They are increasingly nervous that he is unbeatable next year, with his impressive level of support from one of their most reliable constituencies.”

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The Democratic Party’s Hillary problem

I’m not a doctor or even a nurse, but I can tell you — something is wrong with Hillary Clinton.

Her lies, backstabbing, and refusal to accept that she lost or that her time in politics has passed reached a new nadir this week when she repeated her completely ridiculous claims that Jill Stein — and now US Army Reserve Major Tulsi Gabbard — are Russian assets.

At first, I thought the right-wing was exaggerating this and/or fabricating it because I couldn’t imagine Hillary actually saying something so stupid. But it was true. Upon reflection, however, it isn’t even the dumbest thing she’s ever said. Hillary is single handily destroying the Democratic Party and if they don’t call her out on all this and remove her from the spotlight, she’s going to cost them more than the White House.

Why is Hillary even in the national narrative? I think I know the answer, and I’ll be honest — when others told me this was the plan (for Hillary to get in the 2020 race at some future date) I dismissed it, but I can’t dismiss it anymore because she is not rational anymore — if she ever was.

The Democrats need to wake up. Here are a few things they should agree on before proceeding, or face an election that will remind them of Reagan’s 2nd term landslide.

  1. Republicans are outraising them, everywhere, and this is the only real sign of voter enthusiasm, historically. DNC chair Tom Perez has been warning about this, but no one is listening to him.
  2. The state of Ohio always goes for the winner (except in the 1960 Nixon/Kennedy fight), and that’s because Kennedy stole Illinois. Without those shenanigans, Nixon would have won — and Ohio’s record would be perfect. Ohio is safely Trump territory at this moment. This single factor should have the Dem party trashing their agenda, and then doing internal polling day and night to redraw it, but they don’t seem to have even noticed this. It’s like the professionals who worked for the party for years, all lost their marbles at the same time.
  3. Hillary Clinton rigged the last presidential primary (Wikileaks actually proved this) and instead of insisting in court that they have the right to rig primaries if they want too (this was the DNC’s legal defense in court, look it up), the Dem Party needs to apologize to their followers and promise reform beyond what they have done with the Unity Committee. Bernie voters remember this and will never come home until a change happens. Remember, every 2 voters who stay home, are like one voting against you! I say this because the Unity Committee did not eliminate Super Delegates, they only limited them on the first ballot — meaning Hillary could reappear if the convention doesn’t have a clear winner come out of the primaries — which looks more and more likely to happen. This “surprise” would be devastating for the Dem Party and could harm it more than Nixon hurt the Republicans because he had the decency to resign, disappear, and die without ever raising his head again. Hillary is making Nixon look good.
  4. Hillary Clinton wrote a contract to control the DNC all the way through the 2016 primary — that openly flouted campaign finance law and even money laundering laws. This is not disputed, Donna Brazille details it all in her book and the contract itself is now public record. Hillary does not understand how damaging that move was, the people that sued the DNC over this are not Republicans, they are big Dem Party donors, the same ones threatening to support Trump if Warren is the candidate. How will the Democrats run all these other races without funding? How will they attack Trump without funding?
  5. Hillary Clinton illegally used her private server to conduct a pay-for-play scheme designed to enrich her and the Clinton family, through the Clinton Foundation for years — and that also collected $145 million from the same Russians she is now accusing others of being bought by. This is also not a theory, it is a proven fact. It would take a mentally disturbed person NOT to notice that she did not get away with this, but Hillary marches out there — time after time — singing this Russian Collusion song, and nobody, nobody at all, (including Mueller) or even her supporters, believes this anymore. Again, Hillary has not repented or even dissolved the Foundation, which most people would like to see happen. I even know staunch Dem Party partisans who want the Foundation scrapped, but Hillary does not ever back down, a trait she mistakenly thinks is a key to success. 
  6. Socialism/Communism is not a good idea. Even the commies themselves gave up on it as an economic plan and only use it in places like China — and even there — only for political control. Certain demographic groups can be persuaded to support this idea (Basketball players evidently) but most Americans do not. They know that even the Chinese economy went Capitalistic 25 years ago — or it would never have exploded!
  7. Open borders are also not practical and only 15% of the American population think they ever could be. Donald Trump realized this, drew attention to himself on this issue with the “I’ll Build a Wall and I’ll make Mexico pay for it” claim and boom, he was a front runner. That’s right, only 15% support open borders, which I will admit is still a startling number, but 15% of Americans think Area 51 has outer space aliens living there so…
  8. Health care for illegal immigrants is another bad-as-Hillary type idea, that is literally driving Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, even recent legal immigrants away from the Dem Party. What happened to Dem Party internal polling? Did they decide to abandon doing it — because I know that idea is not popular in any of the 50 states, in any demographic group. Not a one. But, I saw EVERY Dem candidate for president, raise their hands to the question about supporting this idea. Anybody that thinks the networks are throwing the candidates in these debates softballs is way off base. I will admit they may have thought it was a softball, but that pitch hit them in the face at 100 miles per hour.
  9. Medicare-For-All is popular as a slogan until people hear the costs, and find out that means they can’t keep their own private insurance. Then the numbers plummet.
  10. Universal Basic Income (or Socialism) is another crazy plan to collect money from people (heavy, heavy taxation), just to put it through the government’s hand so they can ostensibly hand it back to the population. People don’t like it when their taxes go up and this will not be an exception, on the contrary, people are less upset about using tax money for say infrastructure improvements than they are about social spending and UBI is the most expensive social program ever devised. Even Communism at its worst did not attempt this.
  11. The Middle Eastern wars, which rightfully belong at the Bush administration doorstep, have been swept off that stoop by Obama and Hillary — BUT — that wasn’t enough, Trump knew he needed to show the American people, he wasn’t one of the Democratic and Republican neocons pushing these wars, and by leaving Syria, and getting attacked for it — he has. Hillary always owned a big part of this mess but wasn’t paying the price politically for it — now she will if she even puts her toe in the water.
  12. Hillary had Bill Clinton down in her strategy book as an asset, a vote-getter, a reminder to the American public about how good things were during Bill’s administration economically. But nobody believes in that formula anymore and most women I know, think he is either a rapist and/or a man who used his power many times over to take advantage of way younger (Lewinsky) woman at the very least. The perjury charges, although proven, did not justify impeachment and that lesson is also lost on today’s Democrats. The public doesn’t want the government hamstrung by impeachment and the Democrats — above all — used to get that. Hillary must also be suffering from selective amnesia.

I could go on, but what’s the point. Hillary and the rest of the Democratic candidates this time, look more and more like the 20 little Emperor’s With No Clothes, only no one has had the courage to call them on it yet — except that Russian asset, US Army Reserve Major Tolstoy Gabbard.

I’ve had friends try to shame me for supporting Trump.

They should look in the mirror.

The people being made fools of  — by their own party — are not Republicans, they are Democrats.



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The Kurds

This blog piece will be controversial, so much so, I doubt any of the party partisans on either side of the Hate Trump/Love Trump debate would agree with it, but some people have been pushing me to explain what I think is going on, so I’ll give you my thoughts.

First of all, my thinking on economics vs. politics.

Politics is the extension of an economic agenda, in general, throughout much of history. And war is just the extension of a political agenda. In other words, people fight wars and kill each, primarily, over money. Depressions, Bank panics, Starvation, these problems are the fuel that causes political fires. Some will argue with this, and I have respect for those people, I just don’t agree with them. Lincoln, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, FDR (you don’t see those guys lumped together often) all came to power — and the ability to do great harm and/or good — because hard times economically had changed the political situation in their native countries. The South didn’t fight the North over principle, they did it over Slavery, which was an economic underpinning for them. In the years following the U.S. Civil War, household income doubled in the North and was HALVED in the South. I could name hundreds of other leaders for whom this is also true, but this isn’t a proof, it’s an opinion.

Onward to Turkey, Syria, the Kurds, and Trump.

Long before Trump became a politician, the energy powers that be, in the Middle East, Europe, the United States, and Russia, all began to see the enormous profit potential for a new pipeline out of the Iranian, Syrian, and even Saudi oil fields, bypassing the straits of Hormuz, and hooking up to the Mediterranean Sea, in order to supply the cash-rich continent of Europe (energy-hungry) with gas and oil. As an exporter, before the Ukraine misstep, Russia was hauling in $500 Billion a year in SURPLUS dollars. Putin sorely misses this wealth and Russia has not been moving forward in the world, economically, ever since Crimea.

This is not good for world stability.

Iran, with the lowest costs of production per barrel, anywhere in the world ($3bbl!)  also could potentially be an economic power, if the U.S. sanctions and political maneuvering had not bottled up their ability to move and sell the oil and gas they produce at the lowest cost in the world. For example, the same oil sold by Venezuela, which has total production costs of 10x Iranian oil, cannot make as much on their energy sales, for this reason.

Here is a tidbit from the Internet about just one of the pipelines that had been planned or Syria, that has not been built since the Syrian civil war.

The Iran–Iraq–Syria pipeline (called the Friendship Pipeline by the governments involved and the Islamic gas pipeline by some Western sources[2]) is a proposed natural gas pipeline running from the Iranian South Pars/North Dome Gas-Condensate field towards Europe via IranIraqSyria and Lebanon to supply European customers as well as Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.[1] The pipeline was planned to be 5,600 km (3,500 mi) long and have a diameter of 142 centimetres (56 in).[1] A previous proposal, known as the Persian Pipeline, had seen a route from Iran’s South Pars to Europe via Turkey; it was apparently abandoned after the Swiss energy company Elektrizitätsgesellschaft Laufenburg halted its contract with Iran in October 2010 in the face of pressure over U.S. sanctions against Iran.[3][4]

Iraq signed an agreement with Iran in June 2013 to receive natural gas to fuel Iraqi power plants in Baghdad and Diyala. The contract covers 1.4 Bcf/d (billion cubic feet per day) over 10 years. Iran’s plans to export 176 MMscf/d of gas to Iraq by 2015.[5]

In July 2011 Iran, Iraq and Syria said they planned to sign a contract potentially worth around $6bn to construct a pipeline running from South Pars towards Europe, via these countries and Lebanon and then under the Mediterranean to a European country, with a refinery and related infrastructure in Damascus.[1][6][7][8] In November 2012 the United States dismissed reports that construction had begun on the pipeline, saying that this had been claimed repeatedly and that “it never seems to materialize.”[9] A framework agreement was to be signed in early 2013, with costs now estimated at $10bn;[10] construction plans were delayed by the Syrian Civil War.[11] In December 2012 the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies said that the project “remains doubtful. It is not clear how such a project will be financed given that both Iran and Syria are subject to strict financial sanctions.”[12] In July 2015, Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company (IGEDC) and Pasargad Energy Development Company signed a BOT (build-operate-transfer) contract under which the project owner will provide 25% of finance and National Development Fund of Iran the rest for the construction of IGAT-6.[13]

The pipeline would be a competitor to the Nabucco pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe.[1] It is also an alternative to the Qatar–Turkey pipeline which had been proposed by Qatar to run from Qatar to Europe via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.[14] Syria’s rationale for rejecting the Qatar proposal was said to be “to protect the interests of [its] Russian ally, which is Europe’s top supplier of natural gas.”[14]

This is Karl again.

Basically, in a nutshell, preventing the construction of these pipelines, to constrain Syrian, Iranian and Russian energy sales, has been a strategic objective of the U.S. — since our CIA got their fingers into fomenting the Syrian civil war. You cannot build or operate piplines through war zones.

It’s about money, not the Kurds. It was always about money, not the Kurds, because nothing creates wealth like natural gas and oil pipelines and production.

This next part is conjecture, but it makes sense. I believe Trump has made a deal, with the Saudi King, with Putin, with Erdogan, with Israel, and with the energy sector in the U.S and elsewhere, that is intended to pacify Syria and allow these infrastructure improvements — which will secure energy for Europe — to proceed.

One important thing which stood in the way of such a deal, and was an important thing stopping that from happening, was the Kurdish presence, in Syria.

Do the Kurds need a homeland? Yes!!

Have one faction of them been loyal to the U.S. (as it served their interests of course)? Yes!!

Can a few American soldiers in Syria accomplish that goal? No.

American foreign policy needs to be pragmatic, for the sake of the American people and the sake of the people we support.

We aren’t helping the Kurds get a homeland through our efforts there that Trump withdrew from — in fact — I argue the opposite.

They will move, consolidate, come to an agreement among their factions, and eventually get a homeland somewhere in Iraq (I predict) because this happened. They would have been at war for at least a generation if they stayed where they are and Trump knows this.

Nation-building, an exercise in futility, stood no chance at this time, at this location, and with these populations. All Trump did, was tell the truth about that — and get the American soldiers who would have paid for this pipedream with their lives — out of the way of these pipelines.

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Best breast news in years!

I write about politics and economics and war, but every now and then, I like to throw in some amazing and wonderful good news and todays column is one of those.

This link goes to an article — wait for it — about a woman in Florida who got breast cancer and was cured with a new vaccine they are pioneering to prevent this most horrible killer.

I have a friend, most dear to me, fighting this scourge, and if modern medicine can create a vaccine for breast cancer, I will literally cry with relief!


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