Democrats have a better legal team

For most of my life, I’ve watched the Democratic Party use the US courts brilliantly.

Liberals like to litigate and conservatives hate to litigate — and this had become a national issue.

The Democrats and the Democratic Party, in general, just have better lawyers.

They pay them more, build institutional systems to feed them fees, set up bureaucratic systems that employ them — and as a result about 90% of the public policy lawyers in the US today are liberal.

I’m not suggesting anything to fix this, that would just make the problem worse, but this recent first amendment situation (see 1984 is finally here) with Twitter and Facebook reminds me that the ACLU, which used to defend my civil liberties — has abandoned that cause, and no credible conservative substitute has emerged.

Judicial Watch is the only thing going and their work may one day be looked back on as the single legal thread that uncovered a vast constitutional conspiracy carried out by Hillary Clinton over the course of at least 10 years, beginning with her decisions as Secretary of State and following all the way through her illegal election tampering against Bernie Sanders with the DNC contract to her creation of the Steele Dossier, a document that will tarnish the name of the FBI for a generation.

Judicial Watch is a godsend and they need to be supported enthusiastically by every American concerned that the courts and the governmental bureaucracy are no longer the friend of traditional civil rights — which are threatened by these new supposed “rights” which apparently include the right to silence others.

This is the Progressive movement today, we used to call this communism when Ronald Reagan (God bless him) was president.

But Judicial Watch is not enough. We need the ACLU to return to their former mission. And a few more, good, Republican lawyers wouldn’t hurt either.

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1984 finally gets here…

YouTube, Google, and Twitter are all far left media outlets run at the top layer, by leadership so liberal, they simply do not even understand the U.S. Constitution.

For months now, they have been banning conservatives who use these platforms — ostensibly — for bullying and hate speech, terms they have decided they and they alone — are allowed to self define! The first amendment specifically exists to protect people from being banned for speaking ideas — the other side describes as “hate speech”.

Every single important SCOTUS case on this is clear, what YouTube, Twitter, and Google are doing, is a big no-no.

But forget about the Constitution for a minute, just ask yourself, if it makes common sense to allow multiple Islamic Jihadist posters — to LITERALLY call for the murder of people that do not obey Sharia Law keep right on using their platforms — while they deny conservative writers and pundits.

The American actor James Woods, a brilliant man with a Mark Twain-like wit, has already been removed, from what is essentially today, the country’s electronic town square. This is not constitutional, AND it’s discrimination AND it will end or else these companies will be broken up.

Don’t believe me?

Go to the White House website and check out the form where they are inviting Americans to report when and where this is happening. Do I think the SJW’s running these companies will be smart enough and/or hire lawyers smart enough to tell them how to avoid all this and correct the mistakes they have already made?

No, I do not.

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You can hear the fear…

When you listen to top Democrats, speak publicly over the coming weeks and months, listen carefully when they mention “The investigation of the investigators…” on the Trump/Russia collusion nothing burger and you will be able to literally hear the fear in their voices and word choice.

I can predict this because it’s already happening.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden had his staff plant a crazy partisan Dem at a rally yesterday — and had her ask a long narrative creating question — which laughingly centered on her admitting she had TDS — and then confesses her deep fear that Trump is a Russian agent and she “Doesn’t want Vladimir Putin” in charge of her America.

Biden of course, on cue, then AGREED with her completely, but then the whole skit backfired on him completely, when he rambled past his scripted answer and tried to downplay what he is actually afraid of and thinking about — the DOJ investigation into HOW the Russian influence campaign investigation began — and what players in the Obama administration broke the law shoehorning a fear of Russia into the four FISA warrants that allowed the FBI to be used to spy on Trump and his staff.

Because of the two hop rule, I believe that spying reached Trump himself — although this part of the conspiracy has not been publicly exposed YET. Did President Barack Obama know about the 260 unmasking’s Samantha Power carried out? Did he know Hillary paid for the Steele Dossier and that it was used as the justification for the FISA warrants? Of course, he did, no way the people working for him did all that illegal stuff without permission and direction. 

But even worse for the Dems is the fact that Biden also knew.

The funny thing is, I don’t think he was a decision maker in this conspiracy against the constitution, but unfortunately for him, he was in a couple of critical meetings concerning this, at times and dates, which contradict sworn testimony to Congressional committees AND law enforcement about who knew what and when they knew it. Ooops. There is a good interview on these issues at this link:

No wonder Trump wants him as an opponent so bad — you can actually see him salivating over it — Trump already knows Biden is really dirty  — and this new investigation means Trump will get to drop this on his candidacy, at the moment it will have the greatest impact.

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Huge Infrastructure Package Coming

A $2T infrastructure package would represent a big deal, even by the ever-expanding standards in DC, where in my lifetime a $2B deal was still significant.

But I see that deal happening and happening soon.

The Freedom caucus will squawk for a moment and then disappear, and there simply is no other impediment — and so much juice behind this — it will pass both houses with 90% bipartisan majorities. The Democrats will go all the way, maybe unanimous approval and only the Republican fiscal hawks will vote against it — as a protest — and even some of them will vote for it.

President Barack Obama’s $700B stimulus was 1/2 tax relief, meaning this deal, on a Keynesian level, will have 6X times the stimulative value and I believe this will be the case. Trump is a builder, he gets it, justifiable construction projects drive GDP growth from a fundamental level and our infrastructure needs are obvious enough, the justifiable issue — isn’t really debatable anymore. If the package is targeted at neglected infrastructure, that issue completely disappears, although corruption will still be the real threat to the money being used effectively.

In fact, as hard as this is to believe considering what you read in the newspapers and see on TV every day — Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and President Trump have already had the meeting about this package, and this $2T number is what THEY announced they have already agreed upon! Pretty sneaky huh?

Pelosi must have left a meeting where she was being photographed with her liberal members excoriating the President, and snuck into a back room (no camera’s, no mics at all) to then meet the President, (who himself had just left a rally where they were chanting “Lock her Up”) to make this deal. Schumer of course, was also there, having just left a donor meeting where he was reminding them how expensive it was to fight with tooth-and-nail against — every single thing the President does and/or attempts to do, except a few things he didn’t mention, like for example, this little infrastructure thing.

You read that all correctly. In this town, people can publicly attack you, repeatedly threaten you on camera and in writing, make ugly, even illegal deals with others to smear you and destroy you and your family, they can be counted on to launch campaigns to get you arrested — and THEN, calmly sit down with you to make multi-trillion dollar infrastructure deals. 

Pelosi: “I hate your f*cking guts, how does $2T sound?”

Schumer: “I hate you more than she does, but that’s a good number by me.”

Pelosi: “Shut the f*ck up Chuck.”

Trump: “F*ck you both up the a** with a pineapple, but $2T sounds right to me.”

Power here in Washington DC is completely naked, it has no adornment, maybe it never did — if the devil sprang up out of the ground (around Dupont Circle I’m thinking), then Congress would simply create a policy, fund a study, open negotiations, pass a law, all the time fully believing they were in charge, that everything, must bend to the will of Congress. And until he does spring out, they will be correct.

In the meantime; what does this extrapolate out into?

To begin with, there will be no impeachment. To appease the leftist, liberal, communist wing of her party that is rabid about Trump, Pelosi will give us one performance after another about how she can’t even stand the thought of him — for one more minute — but this is all hot air. theatrics, grist for the base, because she knows (a) the American people don’t like Impeachment, (b) there is no evidence he did anything wrong, (c) there is a $2T infrastructure deal awaiting his signature, that she cannot get any other way — than with Donald J. Trump in the White House!

Or, make a list of reasons you like better, it doesn’t matter, this deal has been cut and I assure you, it would not have happened if the Speaker thought she was actually going to be holding impeachment proceedings. Corporate America, a majority of both parties and even Independents, all want a big infrastructure package, literally, the only people that don’t — are the fiscal hawks — and they will get swept away by the force behind this legislation.

What else does it mean? The almost certain re-election of that same Donald J. Trump. Money, power, greed, ambition, favoritism, patronage, all these things come together in an infrastructure package and this one, like everything else Trump does, will be the biggest of them all.

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Pelosi puzzles me…

I’m obviously not a fan of the leadership of the Democratic party at this time, as anyone who reads this space knows, but I will admit, their conduct since the Mueller report was released — has me very puzzled.

Nancy Pelosi knows the American people don’t like it when the government is shut down and/or presidential impeachment is in the air, I have actually sat at a dinner table with her at a wedding we both attended and heard her explain this to someone. She knows this because the Republicans did both of these things in my lifetime — and got Congressional majorities snatched from them as a result. Nancy Pelosi peddled cooperation in her congressional race strategy in 2016 (except where she got primaried) and was rewarded at the midterms, –but now she’s hardening her position into what I call the “Suicide Pose.”

That’s the yoga pose where you squander your goodwill with the American people by attacking for impeachment, a sitting president who has just been cleared by the former head of the FBI.

The question I can’t answer yet, is why.

Voting is the path to power and this strategy will not get her more votes in the swing states, which is where the game is lost or won.

It’s like Howard Dean with his crazy “50 State Strategy,” he had while at the DNC, which sounds good on paper and which sounds good to a lonely Dem precinct captain in Kansas — but is a laughing stock for serious pols like Pelosi.

She understands it’s a waste of time, because if you spend money and effort attempting to turn deep red districts blue, that’s money, time, and expertise you did not expend in a purple district where victory was doable. The Independents and swing voters are allergic to impeachment, even more so than Republicans are — and Pelosi used to know this.

Has she been persuaded by bad data (one theory of mine) that the electorate is in a place — I don’t think, and she didn’t used to think — was possible?

Public polling does not support this theory, however, whatsoever. Right now, according to Rasmussen and Gallup, Trump is more popular than the week he was elected. To attack him now, as she is definitely doing, is just suicide. Oddly, Chuck Schumer is not out on this branch with her anymore, and complimented the President on his China position, on Twitter, just this week, as Pelosi was raging.

Are Pelosi and Schumer still on the same page? Mysteries.

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Two of these 5 statements are Lies

  1. The New York Times, in a highlighted editorial board editorial, admitted Trump was right today on immigration, further admitted there is a crisis at the border — and URGED the Democrats in Congress to give him what he wants on immigration.

2.  Chuck Schumer today responded to a Trump tweet about trade with China and complimented the President — saying he was right about China and should stay the course against them with his trade policies.

3. Pigs flew today, all across barnyards from Maine to Florida.

4.  Hell froze completely over, they’re playing hockey down there.

5. Trump’s popularity hit an all-time high this week, including the week he was elected, in two national polls (Rasmussen and Gallup).

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Pelosi says it’s a Republican call for impeachment!

Nancy Pelosi, despite being a truly wicked creature, is highly intelligent, and she knows she’s in a hell of a jam this year.

The giant propaganda lie (Russian Collusion) her cabal had pedaled to the American people, ala the pee pee dossier by Steele, was not ONLY untrue and prove-ably a creation of the Clintons — it was also — most importantly in this game of thrones — falsifiable.

Uh Oh. This means no impeachment and maybe some jail terms for the lower rung ladder people like Susan Rice and/or Samantha Power (plus Strozok) that carried it out, but more importantly, it means Pelosi needs a way out.

Trump has her surrounded. It’s impeachment without evidence for the Dems — which gets Pelosi completely crushed with the electorate, we’re talking a 60 seat swing here in 2020 or ADMIT defeat and order the progressive wing of her party, which she does not control, to be silent. She’s looking like Custer, but at Little Big Horn, not the Battle of the Wilderness.

How do I know this? because today, Pelosi silently surrendered. Today, her team announced, from all its various orifices, which tend to act in such a tight concert it’s creepy, that she resisting impeachment (wait for it) because impeaching Donald J. Trump, a Republican president, is actually a Republican idea. You can’t make this shit up, no one would believe you. Here is our own Jamie Raskin, faithfully playing flute.

“They would love to drive this to an impeachment, because they think it will be their political salvation,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a Judiciary Committee member, said of Republicans. I got this quote from The Hill, which is a Democratic party narrative trial balloon machine but the word is out everywhere, it isn’t Democrats who want Trump impeached, it’s those tricky Republicans. The thing is, Pelosi has vast experience with her base, she has lied to them on a spectacular scale before and gotten away with it, and they do believe in things which are simply fiction, but even her badly deluded and diluted base is not going to buy this. That’s only the first problem with this silent surrender strategy.

The second problem is they aren’t just wrong about what happened with Trump during the election, they are wrong about which side actually conspired against the Constitution — and the very investigations Pelosi is championing as a substitute for impeachment –will only lead back into her Party and point the finger at it’s leaders and former leaders.

I can’t wait to read his tweets about this, you can bet, he’ll notice. 


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Keep it up Hillary!

On Rachel Maddow’s show this week, ( Hillary explained to Maddow, that she has spoken with “most of the Democratic candidates”, to warn them, that they can do everything right, and win the nomination — and still have it all taken away by the actions of a foreign power (Russia). Like she did.

This is good stuff. The American people are going to love this. Hillary has completely lost it, she has suffered some kind of mental break down — and apparently — has no idea how the average American feels about being told Putin is influencing our elections. 

Meanwhile, back in reality, president Trump continues his relentless push to corner Russia, attacking Putin’s fuel deals and pipelines, pushing at his presence and influence in Venezuela and of course, outspending him with DOD budget increases almost the size of the entire Russian military budget. 

The Democrats rigged the primary for Hillary. They covered up her server fiasco and attempted to derail Trump’s legitimate ascension to the presidency. But all of that pales in comparison to this new narrative, that Democrats can’t win because of Russia. This is so preposterous it’s beyond embarrassing, but Maddow sat through it with a straight face because she is also unhinged on this topic.

Keep it up Hillary, you and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are almost single handily undoing a lot the goodwill the Democratic Party has in the population. Why don’t just label millions of Americans deplorable’s and get it over with…oh yea…that’s right…

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Keep it up Nancy!

Now she wants Attorney General Barr to resign!

Nancy Pelosi is comically off base, but I think she should keep pressing her case.

She seems to have no idea — no idea at all, a complete lack of self-awareness, about how damaging her attacks on SCOTUS judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump, and now Attorney General Bill Barr — have been to the Democratic Party base in the swing districts. The midterms gave her a very false sense of how tired the American people are of this Russia-gate lie, particularly now that they’ve heard from SC Robert Mueller and AG Barr.

What happened to the Democratic Party polling machine? At one time in this country, it was the best, Democratic pollsters routinely turned out excellent work that preceded the public’s shift in opinion, sometimes with remarkable accuracy. But that is just not true anymore. Pelosi continues to take positions that have been proven to be unfounded, unpopular and/or both! This has been happening now for over 3 years and if it continues, it will alienate her base even more, literally cleave it in two AND diminish both remaining pieces. Either her polling teams are giving her really bad data, which is what I suspect, or else she is ignoring good data, which I highly doubt.

The DCCC is so butthurt over this party split problem they have enacted (I’m not making this up) a rule that will eventually be ruled illegal. This is the rule: If you, a political consultant, help a progressive candidate, mount a primary challenge to an incumbent Democratic Congressman or woman, you are forever barred from working with and/or receiving assistance and/or employment with the DCCC, and to the extent they influence this; with any arm of the Democratic Party. I’m not kidding, that is the new DCCC rule — incumbents only — or NEVER work again.

If we look objectively, at the level of public engagement (Democratic candidates are getting smaller crowds than blood drives), media coverage responses (CNN is less watched than the shopping channels), Republican internal polling (Swing districts are virtually all leaning red) and the prediction abilities and policy statements of the Dem parties national leaders — the Democratic Party is in the greatest state of chaos since they lost the Civil war. Which is a good thing.

The Party lost its momentum under Bush, crashed and burned under Obama and is now attempting to double down on the Hillary Clinton fiasco. Keep up the good work Nancy, you are literally destroying the Democratic Party faster than the Republicans ever could!

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Trump builds the Sanders brand

Some of my friends have actually disowned me over my support of Donald Trump.

I know, this is preposterous sounding and when my “friends” behave this way, it always surprises me, it always catches me across the face like I have been slapped for no reason and because every single one of these people are old enough, and supposedly mature enough, and appear intelligent enough, to know better, so, it is hard to know what to say to them when they violate every norm of decent and mannered behavior and speech.

I have friends, who were in very high government positions — for decades — that have called for everything up to and including violence against the President. This is not hyperbole.

In years past they would have lectured me on why that is an inappropriate action — if the tables had been turned — and I was judging them for their political belief or advocating illegal and/or unethical protests against any other political party and/or candidate. 

And that is what we are experiencing in this country — the Democrats, and the media — really don’t think Trump, despite his lawful election, should be allowed to continue as President.

These people, don’t see the contradiction in their position.

It is impossible to fulfill that wish, the impeachment of President Trump; after Special Council Robert Mueller and AG Bill Barr both found no crime, without very badly impinging on the civil rights of the majority of the American people in 30 out of 50 states.

Those 30 out of 50 state majorities voted for him. Those are Americans, who understand their rights, that voted for him.  Those Americans who did not, or did not vote — do not have the constitutional right to deny those that did — their choice.

That would be electoral fraud, sedition, and treason and would trigger repercussions.

The Civil War’s trigger was the first Republican’s (Abraham Lincoln) election. The irony of Trump’s election following that of Barack Obama’s, will not be lost on the history books of the future, which will also have to mention that it is now mathematically established — that millions of Americans voted for both candidates — supported both candidates, and still see no contradiction in this.

It’s almost like the American electorate, instinctively understand you cannot steer a boat down the middle of the channel, it’s necessary to first turn one way and then back the other to actually stay in the middle. And even though the boat is now steering against Obama’s wake, the American people are still open-minded, especially the Trump people.

These pro-Trump people were also waiting for the Mueller report by the way.

They weren’t in the room with Trump and Putin, they know this, and even though the idea that Trump colluded with Putin seemed absurd to them — they were also waiting to hear the results. I support Trump but if he had colluded with Russia, I would not anymore — of course. I’m an American first, it’s not in my interest to support Trump if he is doing anything other than working for me.

Mueller was using high pressure, raids, hundreds of subpeona’s and access to every witness he and his team wanted — if Trump was dirty — Mueller would have found it — and the Republicans, and others, that backed Trump are thrilled to have this report as proof they were right.

They took a chance and Trump has repaid them for it.

Last night at a rally in Green Bay Wisconsin — he invited Sarah Sanders on the stage and let her talk for a while — and then joked with her as she left the stage “You’re Fired” which was all great brand building for her.

The crowd was going wild with cheers of “Sarah, Sarah.”

She took a chance on Trump and he is dutifully repaying her. It’s why I love the guy, even though people hate me for it, when I see him up there on the dais, building her brand, taking the love motivated extra step to bring her out into — the giant love fest — his rallies are, it pleases me. I love her honest and straight forward delivery and I’m glad Trump can clearly also see how special she is.

I believe Sarah Sanders is more popular nationally and has better name recognition, than all of the following; Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasi-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and of course, the warhorse herself, Hillary Clinton.

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