The Ugly American?

In a now famous book of the same title; “The Ugly American” is back in vogue.

This time it’s not 1960’s Vietnam War era version of imperialist Americans; that reek of arrogance — and that thoughtlessly plunder foreign cultures and countries and/or WAR on them. This time, 2 generations later, it’s a racist, misogynistic, privileged, nazi-minded, massive group of white nationalists — that are plundering all other Americans.

Oh, and the Russians.

This is utter nonsense of course, laughable theatre really, and is fact, an impossible narrative. How can the same Republicans that voted for Barack Obama, and with whom he is still popular, be RACIST because they also voted for Trump! In fact, Trump could not have won — mathematically — without millions of votes from this demo. I’ve met some racists, and believe me, they did not vote for Obama — twice.

These are the color blind whites, the Obama block, both uneducated, and to a lesser degree, the educated — who swung because they are socially liberal but fiscally conservative, non affiliated independents. Clinton offered them nothing, and she offered the Progressives, less than nothing. Except insults, her campaign insulted everybody they encountered, one by one, and when they were still ahead with that strategy, Hillary herself, decided to insult more than half the country referring to them as “Intolerable’s”.

She must have been drunk to say that.

Both these very different groups coalesced, invisibly, into the “swing” voters, who collectively — by definition — won it for Trump. We know Trump captured them because he carried 30 out 50 states, with a 306 electoral vote total. TDS suffers are in denial about this, blaming Russian interference, but that premise is preposterous.

This group of Trump voters came together without aid from a massive paid advertising campaign because The Clinton campaign OUTSPENT Trump by hundreds of millions of dollars. Clinton HAD a huge ground game, Trump did not organize one and neither did the Republican Party — on his behalf. But, his electorate formed anyway, without structure, in stealth mode. This was not some fringe band of 25 rag tag Nazi’s, marching through Skokie Illinois every year, while people jeered them. The funny thing is, this stealthy but huge and quiet Trump electorate juggernaut/majority — is still not making noise.

Before “Walkaway” there was a type of camouflage, I call Trump o flage, where ordinary Americans, that support Trump silently, actually hid this from their family, friends, and pollsters — that they knew, suspected or sensed, they were suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

This group only has to be 5% of the electorate to fuck everything up prediction wise.

And this resilient group is provably holding it’s own, even though this is only obvious on election days.

Otherwise, a crooked media, and biased TY news sources, all smother or blatantly ignore, the sheer size of this group, which mathematically must be considerably bigger than the group that identifies just as Republicans — AND — 9 out 10 of those identifying as Republicans today, also ADMIT supporting Trump. Twenty-four percent (24%) of African Americans now support Trump. Imagine what happens the first time they vote in mass.

Are these people fools for being tired of waiting in line inside the Democratic Party behind the corporate donors, and the war machine complex; waiting for decades and decades, waiting for the Democratic Party to address the inner cities where education, crime, and opportunity are tragically entwined with the Party and it’s monopoly on power?

Are they “Ugly Americans” for wanting Congress to address the immigration problem, but cannot voice that opinion in their personal environment — without being judged?

Are they racists — for wanting the U.S. military OUT of the endless foreign war entanglements which now number 6 or 7 “Bad” ones, and 2 or 4 minor and/or secret ones?

Are they evil or immoral for believing there is a possible benefit in using tariffs to level the trade rules playing field, which even just a few years ago, Democratic Party leaders like Bill Clinton (he still admits this) agreed, was out of balance against the U.S.?

Are they xenophobes for wanting American companies not to be incentivized to shutter their factories, fire their employees and then move their manufacturing and product sourcing to a county with labor rates a fraction of America’s?


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Hillary Clinton’s Moral Debt

In 2015 I wrote a white paper, that predicted Hillary would lose the 2016 election to Donald Trump — or another Republican — if she didn’t advocate, champion, explain the need for, and/or replace as the centerpiece of her campaign — a cut in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 22%.

My long time and dear friend, Dan Rupli, hand-delivered the whitepaper to his friends — the Clintons — at the big fish fry Senator Harkin used to have every year. The Clintons floated a few ideas out of the paper into some remarks they made at speaking engagements a few weeks later, and the statements disappeared without notice what so ever, meaning neither the press nor the public commented — on the Clinton trial balloon/idea — of cutting the corporate tax rate. Presumably, because nobody showed any interest — or even quoted any of the statements in articles, that was the end of that.

I then attempted to peddle the idea to impending presidential candidate Martin O’Malley — and he was not interested either.

The paper had two major conclusions, Clinton/O’Malley needed a strong issue to run on OR she/he would lose — and an economic issue was the best choice. Furthermore, I thought the choice of an idea was obvious.

Our corporate tax code was broken. This was not a secret. Everybody knew this.

There was bipartisan agreement on this for OVER a decade. Most economists agreed. Important Congressional leaders from both parties were in agreement on this. Obama and the Senate, and the House were in agreement — and failed to get it done — for 8 straight years under Obama because the Senate and Obama disagreed by a 2% difference on HOW much it should be cut.

The Senate was at 25% as a top rate and Obama was at 27%. Neither would budge.

I pointed all this out in the paper, describing what low hanging fruit this was. Hillary was wrong not to take that opportunity and she’s just as wrong for not taking a second opportunity right now — to change tactics completely.

There is only one thing she can do that would tilt the table of power back in her favor, even by the smallest degree — and that is to accept full and personal responsibility for her campaign’s failures and then also urge her followers to drop the resistance, stop the name calling and violence, and end the obstruction in Congress.

She should urge party leaders to bring the president a list of ideas that Democrats want to work with him on and work hard for reconciliation — over any subjective political planks and/or values. Hillary herself should call for the release of the caucus boycott, allowing the party members to vote by conscience.

This act is her moral responsibility.

I know because she said so, in one of her better speech’s before she lost.

I agreed with her when I first saw that speech and I agree even more with her now.

She made mistakes before, during, and after the camapaign, bad mistakes, and the sooner she owns up to that and releases her followers from this Russia, Russia, Russia mass hysteria — that she KNOWS she created — the more likely the American people are to eventually forgive her.

I fear she’s lost sight of the forest for the trees.

What does she think the American people, even die-hard delusional Democrats, the real partisan kind, like my good friend Dan Rupli — will think — what the hell will they think? — when they realize Hillary was willing to whip up war with Russia, forever taint the FISA Court, split the Democratic party base in two, rig a presidential primary, bankrupt the DNC, corrupt the superdelegate system, AND operate an illegal mail server that was penetrated by a foreign country (China), all the while subverting justice at the FBI and DOJ?

And that’s just the stuff we can absolutely prove.

Smearing an opponent to win an election is common practice no matter how unfortunate. But to use law enforcement people like Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Ohr, and the spy apparatus of the government itself — in an attempt to block a rightfully elected president’s administration, is nasty stuff.

Doubling down, her lifelong tactic has reached its point of no return for Hillary.

To work for reconciliation is her only path with any payoff possibilities, but like the white paper I wrote a year before the election, I doubt she’ll see this.

People need relief from this polarization, and although she is the source of most of it — she can also be its cure. 

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Trump on Immigration

Here is Trump’s message anyway, coming out of somebody’s else mouth in 2009.


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Heitkamp’s Dilemma, Schumer is an idiot

I warned Heidi Heitkamp to switch parties before Kevin Cramer changed his mind, and decided to leave the House — to run against her.

She should have listened.

Now she’s in a horrible, horrible spot. If she doesn’t meet with, interview, and vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Cramer turns this on her like a knife back in North Dakota, where he is LEADING in some polls, and Kavanaugh is POPULAR.

In other words, Trump has handed Cramer the keys to the Senate washroom, provided Heitkamp blinks, which I believe she simply cannot do. Hence, I predict she will interview, vote for and confirm Kavanaugh. Republican turnout would be high if she skips on Kavanaugh and that sinks her like a stone. It’s a pic’em officially in ND, but I have Cramer ahead (via my secret polling formula) by 4 points and winning at 56% on election day. I account for momentum in my analysis.

Schumer is in just as bad as a spot, except Heitkamp is a wonderfully smart, classy Senator who I will miss, and Schumer is a New York city sewer rat who probably will return for years more, even though his popularity back home is close to 50%, something he hasn’t ever seen since entering politics. Ouch.

Schumer’s plan was to hold the caucus together and pick off a Republican or two, but that was never in the cards — and he is starting to realize it, but too late. In fact, I predict, when all is said and done; he will release the Senate Dems to vote their conscience.

If he had such a thing himself — or was just practical — he would reverse course, and confirm Kavanaugh unanimously.

Although that is the very last thing Schumer wants to do, this demonstrates how tied up in knots the Senator is — by this president. Schumer is COMMITTED to NOT voting for Kavanaugh and that is the ONLY thing that what would be best for him, best for his caucus, best for his party, and best for the country. LEAD the caucus to vote FOR Kavanaugh. Don’t stomp on Heidi Heitkamp, help her!

This would give Schumer his one LAST chance, to influence the thinking of a great and fair man, Kavanaugh, one-on-one. A singular opportunity to speak with Kavanaugh, engage him — one last time before he ascends the bench — for the best part of the remainder of his life.

Schumer is going to squander the chance to interview and influence this man — and maybe to open up his mind on some issues before he enters the SCOTUS. For what? Nothing. Schumer will do this for nothing, just to pointlessly, pointlessly, oppose Kavanaugh.

And WHY is Schumer’s resistance pointless??

Because the guy pushing Kavanaugh is a monster.

Donald J. Trump is not just POTUS, which just by itself, is quite a thing, but he’s a workaholic, obsessive, genius, operating way above Schumer in punching power, deal-making ability, and an instinct — for when to go for-the-jugular; of an opponent.

Schumer is out of his weight class and will lose this battle, as he has every other one for the last 3 years against Trump, and worse yet, will get nothing, absolutely nothing for it.

Schumer’s base will hate him for losing, over the embarrassment of the opposition effort, and for failing, and then fail themselves to turn out in November.

If the trend holds, the Dems will lose 5 or 6 Senate seats and fail to retake the House and the Kavanaugh nomination, which Schumer miscalculated would help him, is now looking like an albatross that is killing him in every state he is vulnerable in.

First, it was “The Better Deal”, then “For The People”, and now it looks like Schumer will be switching to either “For The Corporate Donors” or “It Was the Best I Could Do Against Trump” as the new Democratic party slogan.

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Trump gets boost from Pelosi

November is just around the corner and Donald Trump has been very reserved — lately — in his attacks on Nancy Pelosi, and I think I know why.

He doesn’t want her to quit her leadership post within the Democratic Party before the midterm elections.

The simple fact is, Pelosi is a much bigger help to Trump than Putin ever was or even could be and she is even more important to him in these midterms than generating campaign contributions is. As Hillary proved, you can outspend somebody 2 or 3 to 1 and still lose — if people hate you, and a lot of people hate Pelosi.

Pelosi is the most unpopular major party leader in modern history.

Just informing voters ( Republican candidates will be blasting this message soon — in paid advertisements from coast to coast) that a vote for a Democratic congressional candidate is a vote for returning Pelosi to power, is a powerful stimulant that does two critical things for Trump and the Republicans. First, it energizes the Republican base and inspires Republican voters, that might otherwise stay home and/or skip the midterm elections. Many will go out of their way to vote that day — even for a candidate they are lukewarm about — if it means making sure Pelosi does not end up majority leader again.

But with Independents, the Pelosi factor is an even bigger advantage.

With an 88% approval rating among Republicans, this Pelosi dislike factor is crucial for Trump, because he doesn’t just need Republicans to approve of him — since he is not on the ballot — BUT he needs them to vote for Trump approved candidates and boost his majority in the Senate and preserve the one he has in the House.

Pelosi’s struggle to hang onto power — is his ticket to get this done.

She fought and trivialized the tax cuts, which are now popular.

She fought letting progressives on the Democratic ballot and this has fractured her base.

She epitomizes everything wrong with the Democrats, mocking Trump’s economic successes, mocking the middle class and struggling workers, people who used to be solid D votes, and she also appears to be suffering from some type of mental condition that is affecting her speech and behaviour patterns. The only issue uniting the party right now, a desperate desire to impeach Trump, is also opposed by her, putting her in a corner she cannot get out of.

Pelosi knows Democrats win elected office with Independent voters and she ALSO knows the Independents do not support impeaching Trump. Even the ones wary of him want continuity of government and understand how devastating a real impeachment process will be to the economy, to their jobs, to the progress the nation is making at the moment.

So every Democrat Pelosi would make happy with impeachment talk (people who don’t support Trump anyway) will cost her 2 Independent voters and those voters are the swing voters. Never trade swing voters for base voters, every politician that does that, surrenders power.

For some reason (possibly her mental condition) Pelosi has also squandered her headlock like advantage with the media, allowing them to focus on stupid stories that support a dead narrative like Russia, Russia, Russia and impeachment. Maxine Waters and a communist from the Bronx — collectively — have gotten 100 times the column inches — Pelosi has in recent months and this massive media blitz at unpopular targets is a lurking disaster for the Dems. There are only a few districts in the United states deluded enough to vote for Waters and/or a communist.

“For The People”, the new Democratic slogan, is even more meaningless than the old one (A Better Deal) and is generating as much ridicule as applause.

Forget those generic polls that show the Dems with a slight advantage, study the TREND. Seven or eight months ago they were 15 percentage points ahead and now they are dead even in most of these polls (which traditionally carry a 4 point Dem advantage), in other words, the Dems are sliding and sliding badly in the public’s mind. An honest and sober look at the Senate races, has the Dems losing 5 seats to the Republicans!

The picture in the House is not as rosy, because of retirements on the Republican side, but I still think the Republicans only lose 10 seats there and hold onto their majority.

If Trump is very lucky, and so far he has been extraordinarily lucky, Pelosi will stay in power past this election, even if she doesn’t regain the House majority. This would be very unwise for the Dems, which I think, is why Trump is being so quiet about her.

When your enemies are screwing up this badly, the best thing to do is be silent about it, and let them foul their own nest.

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Trump’s meeting with Putin was a turning point in history


Trump is not a traitor.

He did not commit treason by having a meeting with a foreign leader and giving that leader the benefit of the doubt. If this is treason, then Obama was Benedict Arnold.

The people claiming this about Trump appear to be — clearly delusional — to me.

But there are more of them on TV — than others like myself.

I’m not sure why this is, exactly. I think the first broadcast anchor to drop all the name calling, and heavily biased reporting will be very popular. As a result of this media derangement — and many other factors — our media is obsessed with things unrelated to what just really happened in Helsinki. When reporters ask a world leader like Putin, at a live press conference, if they have “compromising” materials on the US President, you know, things have gotten off track.

Despite how wrong the MSM and even some Republicans are about what happened this week — Trump’s meeting with Putin was a turning point in history.

Trump did not go to Finland to play the usual circle-jerk political game. Trump went there to cement the final brick in his rework of the world order and I believe he got what he needed.

Syria will be US/Russia and Iranian free within 20 miles of Israeli’s border.

Oil will float in a range not lower than $45 bbl and not higher than $80.

Putin will “encourage” Kim to surrender his nukes.

Putin will stop his advance in Ukraine but has refused, at least for now, to return Crimea.

ISIS will be ruthlessly eliminated in every corner of the globe by both militaries.

Trump did not agree to Putin’s demands on sanctions and has decided not to do so unless Putin gives him something on Crimea.

This is speculation but I think they want to do a complicated type of deal where Ukraine gets Crimea back — for a day — and then key parts (the port) are leased to Russia for 99 years. This would meet legal muster and save face for all, and Putin still gets his Black Sea port, which he will never surrender without a fight.

Trump did not make these deals because he’s Putin’s puppet, in fact, calling Trump anybody’s puppet is ridiculous and obviously a lie.

Before his election, nobody owned Trump.

The corporate interests of the world that buy and sell politicians and their governments are a fraternity — but not one Trump was a member of, although he has admitted he bought and sold politicians, where necessary, regularly. But after his election, he gave his loyalty away to the interests of the American people and only the American people.

Trump finally found monogamy. And through some cosmic miracle, 62 million Americans had a hunch this would happen.

Trump was elected because the American people rejected every other candidate, and rejected them hard — from the establishment choices. Trump was the first man elected President that was not previously a General or elected official — this rare occurrence was not an accident — it was a reaction to the Deep State, Uniparty, Intelligence Establishment, Military Industrial Complex — combination — that is threatening our democracy even as I write this and probably still will be after both Trump and yours truly — are long gone.

Trump got this concept better than most scholars and earlier than any other politician in the US –and railed against the status quo — because he knew the American people themselves, were terrified of Hillary Clinton, the Bush’s, the CIA, the NSA, Obama’s silky smooth lies and most of all, the endless wars.

Immigration and the economy are just policy labels, people are scared they are being lied to by the government — and they are right about this, so naturally, they wanted an outsider. I think the emergence of this feeling in the electorate — this is part of why Obama got elected, even though he himself did not understand this, and it is still not commonly written about or understood, even by Democratic OR Republican party leaders. The criticisms about Obama’s lack of experience are ironic if you believe as I do — that the public wanted an outsider, and a black guy with a short history in government — fit the bill.

This lack of understanding about why he won — on Obama’s part — may be why he made the fatal mistake (and President Obama most certainly did make this mistake) of allowing the Clintons to use the country’s intelligence-gathering apparatus to spy — on Hillary’s opponents including Trump. History will prove this.

We know this now, there simply is no other explanation for Wikileaks/DNC data, the FISA warrants and the Samantha Power unmasking’s — alongside the FBI’s counterespionage division’s — behaviour. Presidential coordination isn’t just presumed for this scale of a scheme, it is essential. Hillary didn’t spy on Trump because he was Trump, she did it because that is how the system operates now and the public is afraid of that.

The only question now is, who will win, meaning, will Trump survive this attack?

Schumer and Pelosi don’t think so, Schumer has made it clear, in a TV interview last year he even said so, suggesting Trump shouldn’t mess with the intelligence community “Because those guys have 6 different ways to get you”.

But I’m betting he will.

He knows what happened to Kennedy and Lincoln and is being careful. His voters are still with him. And the opposition is still committing foul after foul, which infuriates Trump supporters, but it shouldn’t. Hillary, Obama and the deep state idiots have kept Trump supporters energized with their resistance, and almost nothing else could possibly be as good as that — for Trump.

I’ve been away from the blog for a while…sorry about that…the truth is, I’m making a movie and that has occupied me so completely, I have not had the time to write for the blog, but we have a shooting lull and I thought I would indulge!

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Xi strangles Taiwan — to instigate war

Taipei accused China Thursday of endangering the health of Taiwanese people and compromising global epidemic prevention by blocking it from the World Health Organization (WHO) © AFP/File | Taiwan was not granted access to the World Health Organization’s main annual meeting last year TAIPEI (AFP) – Taipei accused China Thursday of endangering the health of Taiwanese people […]

via Taiwan Says China’s WHO Block Endangers Health of Taiwanese people, Compromising Global Epidemic Prevention — Peace and Freedom

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About Time!

About Time!

I wrote this column 30 days ago, but the Democrats wouldn’t let me publish it until today!

Seriously though, it looks like even the most deliberative man in America, Majority leader Mitch McConnell, has finally had enough of the Democrats holding up the president’s nominees.

Here is the story from The Hill with the great news:

The Hill — Republicans are pushing forward with a proposal to change the Senate’s rules to speed up consideration of President Trump’s nominees.

The move is likely to ramp up tensions surrounding nominations, which have already become a flashpoint during the Trump era.

The proposal got a jolt of momentum Wednesday when the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, which includes Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), approved the rules change in a 10-9 party-line vote.

If approved by the full Senate, the proposal would affect how the chamber handles hundreds of the president’s picks.

Currently, nominations need 30 hours of debate time, even after they’ve overcome an initial hurdle that shows they have the simple majority needed to pass.

The proposal, from Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), would cut the additional 30 hours of debate down to 8 hours. Post-cloture debate for district judge nominees would be further capped at 2 hours.

Republicans argue the change is necessary because Democrats are slow-walking the president’s picks in an attempt to undermine the Trump administration.

McConnell said Democrats are “wasting the Senate’s time” by dragging out debate time for uncontroversial nominees.

“At some point the question is, what is a constructive use of the Senate’s time?” he said ahead of the vote.

Lankford added that he’s “not trying to be partisan,” but rather “fix” a long-running issue.

Democrats “had this [in 2013] and then they added the nuclear option on top of it,” Lankford said.

As of late last week, Trump has gotten 395 nominations confirmed, with an average time frame of 85 days from nomination to confirmation, according to a tracker by The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service.

Trump has another 205 nominees stuck somewhere in the Senate’s backlog, according to the tracker.

Republicans have been privately mulling the rules change for more than a year but are under increasing pressure from both their base and Trump to act.

“The Dems will not approve hundreds of good people, including the Ambassador to Germany. They are maxing out the time on approval process for all, never happened before. Need more Republicans!” Trump said in a tweet this week.

Lankford’s proposal does include some exemptions. Most Cabinet-level nominees, as well as Supreme Court nominees and circuit court nominees, would still be subjected to the full 30 hours of debate.


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Trump finds a Nerve

Trump finds a Nerve

Deep in the bowels of the Congressional office building, in offices where SKIF room procedures are obeyed, the Democrats huddle over the most secret data of all – Trump opinion poll and policy poll numbers from “friendly” (paid) internal specialists who gather and analyze poll data, gathered by various methodologies and sorted by geographic area. And they can’t believe what they are being told.

Trump is up.

In every demo and every age group, Trump is more popular, in broad core categories, and/or the same, and the shift appears to be “reportedly resilient.” In real world speech, they would read the person some information about the Stormy Daniels thing, or some other supposed “atrocity”, (some are wholly fictional, a practice the industry defends) and then gauge the person’s change in attitude toward Trump – and here’s what has Nancy Pelosi waking up with night terrors for weeks now – people have become numb to Trump criticism, they’ve decided they like him, no matter what he’s accused of. This core group is only 47% nationally (excluding California), but that is important, because the way the electoral map breaks out, this actually puts Trump with a core group of highly resilient supporters — at 50%! – The magic line, in enough battleground states — as to be the heavy favorite in 2020.

Pelosi isn’t just not going to impeach him, oh contraire, he’s going to hang on through the midterms and then blow her out in 2020.

Meanwhile Trump hammers away. At long last he opened up his main salvo today, beginning what will be a long series of tweets and attacks from the White House, against Democrats for holding up his appointments with procedural BS in Congress.

This will hit home and hit home hard.

Americans don’t like government shut downs and punish politicians that cause them and 75% of the public believes these appointment delays are a form of shut down like procedure and furthermore feel they endanger the country and furthermore they feel they are the incorrect mitigation for a problem.

Trump has figured every bit of that out and is preparing to open up on the Democrats on every front for this reason. It’s a home run for him because it will be effective with voters and it’s surgical — he can attack Democrats only (with the exception of maybe Heidi Heitkamp) and not touch on any more complex issues, which might help one Republican candidate while hurting another.


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Hillary’s Done. Stick a fork in her.

I wrote this 3 years ago, but it seems like yesterday!


Hillary’s done, stick a fork in her

Hillary Clinton is a Liberal Democrat running for president and The New York Times has just taken her out of the race. This isn’t the Washington Post or some other broken down paper that used to matter when they challenged presidents — instead of acting as a presidential lapdog mouthpiece. This is the NYT, a paper that still matters even if Hillary screams all next week about how irrelevant, biased and wrong they are. Instead of telling you their tone, in this article, let me quote a tidbit and I’ll let you gauge for yourself if they think the Clinton’s getting $30 million in “Foundation” money was a good enough reason for her to back selling America’s uranium to Russia.

“…the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic…

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