The Kurds are the Key, Putin is the Mystery

The Kurds are the Key, Putin is the Mystery

Russia. Turkey. Iraq.

The Kurds are not the Palestinians.

The Kurds have fought bravely for a homeland, have been patient, have made friends (Russia & US) and have acted with respect, even when disrespected.

Frankly their time has come.

With Russian support, U.S. support, and yes, even Turkish support – if Erdogan can be rational – which I predict he will surprise everyone and be – they can get a little homeland going.

Erdogan won’t ever announce any actual support, I’m not stupid enough to think that — but if something gets done at Sochi, and he doesn’t start a war, that’s a kind of tacit agreement.

I know he doesn’t see this right now, but it would help him, it would help his internal Kurd problem, and my guess is — he just might be figuring that out – and might let Putin/Russia drag him, kicking and screaming, into not using force to counter that reality.

Putin is playing a very interesting game here. Will he use his air power in Afrin to betray his friends the Kurds? I don’t think so, which leaves Erdogan where I described above, despite how unlikely it sounds. Air power is the ultimate vector today, all other vectors are written AFTER that one. I don’t think America is the reason Putin will withhold CAS either.

Putin has some other plan hatching here and everybody, including Erdogan, should figure out what it is.



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Awan Spy ring revealed by Congress

Awan Spy ring revealed by Congress

Imran Awan and his relatives were running a massive spy operation from within the House computer system, and stole an entire server full of data — House Investigators revealed in a presentation this week — summarizing their findings after a four-month long investigation.

The political, legal and foreign policy ramifications of this report, although currently unnoticed by the main-stream media, will be gigantic.

What this report establishes will be devastating for the Democrats, for Congress, for America, for our military, and for our future prospects of a better relationship with Pakistan.

Luke Rosiak from The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) has done some award worthy reporting on this subject so I’m going to use his article announcing all this yesterday, as our guide. If you are not familiar with this subject, and some Congress members are in this group – apparently — put down what you are doing, read this, and get familiar.

By Luke Rosiak The Daily Caller

TDC — House investigators concluded that Democratic IT aides made unauthorized access to congressional servers in 2016, allegedly accessing the data of members for whom they did not work, logging in as members of Congress themselves, and covering their tracks, according to a presentation summarizing the findings of a four-month internal probe.

This paragraph is quite the lede.

DEMOCRATIC (They did NOT work for Republicans) IT aides (AWAN and family) made UNAUTHORIZED (felony) access to congressional servers (treason, spying other Federal charges) in 2016, (they were monitoring and can prove this time frame, but will allege more probably), allegedly (they use this word when they plan to charge you) accessing the data of members for whom they did NOT WORK (this is huge, they weren’t just stealing from the stupid Democrats, they were spying on the Republicans!), logging in as members of Congress themselves, (this is a huge no-no and is more serious Federal charges, and may get really touchy if the “Fake” log-ins — sent classified data and/or influenced congressional votes while posing as members of Congress), and covering their tracks, (this is a very important statement, it demonstrates malice and intent, and changes all of this into a national scandal).

That’s just the first paragraph! Here is Rosiak again:

TDC — Their behavior mirrored a “classic method for insiders to exfiltrate data from an organization,” and they continued even after orders to stop, the briefing materials allege. There are indications that numerous members’ data may have been secretly residing not on their designated servers, but instead aggregated onto one server, according to the briefing and other sources. Authorities said that the entire server was then physically stolen.

This paragraph is as astounding as the first. The report calls their behavior a “Classic method for insiders to EXFILTRATE DATA FROM AN ORGANIZATION.” This is not something House Investigators would admit, unless this crisis were past the cover-up stage, which apparently it is.

And the reason why is next, they weren’t just data thieves, they were storing the data for “numerous” congress members “secretly residing not on their designated servers, but instead aggregated onto one server…” which according to this report, astoundingly, was STOLEN. You read that correctly; “Authorites said that entire server was then physically stolen.”

Holy Shit.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz didn’t just hire these guys, give them the keys to the kingdom and sell them to over 30 other Democratic Congress members, she also REPEATEDLY attempted to thwart this investigation and defend these scum bags.

Some of these crimes are on tape. Wasserman Shultz is a traitor.

The Democrats will need to jettison her if they want the party to survive. As we return to the article, we see that the Dim Party hierarchy, still controlled by the criminals who made this mess, have been lying to their own members about the size, scope, and seriousness of the problem.

TDC — When acting on the findings, Democratic leadership appear to have misrepresented the issue to their own members as solely a matter of theft, a comparison of the investigators’ findings with Democrats’ recollections and a committee’s public statement shows, leading 44 Democrats to not conduct protective measures typically taken after a breach — including informing constituents whose personal information may have been exposed.

This is an important development. The Democratic Party members who want to survive this scandal, will be given an opportunity to say they did not know what was going on – because apparently Nancy Pelosi, Wasserman Shultz, and Steny Hoyer, decided not to TELL them.

TDC — The presentation, written by the House’s Office of the Inspector General, reported under the bold heading “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS” that “5 shared employee system administrators have collectively logged into 15 member offices and the Democratic Caucus although they were not employed by the offices they accessed.”

The news here is that this report came from HOIG, people with sworn constitutional obligations to drill all the way to the bottom of this mess.

TDC — It found indications that a House “server is being used for nefarious purposes and elevated the risk that individuals could be reading and/or removing information” and “could be used to store documents taken from other offices.” The server was that of the House Democratic Caucus, a sister group of the DNC that was run at the time by then-Rep. Xavier Becerra.
The aides named are Imran Awan, his wife Hina Alvi, his brothers Abid and Jamal, and his friend Rao Abbas, Pakistani-born aides whose lives are filled with reason forc oncern. Abid’s Ukranian wife Natalia Sova and Haseeb Rana were also involved in the Awans’ activities but departed the House payroll prior to the investigation.

Huge news. Not innocent activity, or late night catch-up of work not done at the office, the server was “being used for nefarious purposes”. They were spies for Pakistan’s famed Intelligence Services and they have made fools out of the United States Congress, courtesy of the DNC and the Democratic Party.

TDC — One systems administrator “logged into a member’s office two months after he was terminated from that office,” the investigative summary says.
While the rules could have been violated for some innocuous purpose, the presentation indicates that is unlikely: “This pattern of login activity suggests steps are being taken to conceal their activity.”
A second presentation shows that shortly before the election, their alleged behavior got even worse. “During September 2016, shared employee continued to use Democratic Caucus computers in anomalous ways:
• Logged onto laptop as system administrator
• Changed identity and logged onto Democratic Caucus server using 17 other user account credentials
• Some credentials belonged to Members
• The shared employee did not work for 9 of the 17 offices to which these user accounts belonged.”
The investigation found “possible storage of sensitive House information outside the House … Dropbox is installed on two Caucus computers used by the shared employees. Two user accounts had thousands of files in their Dropbox folder on each computer.” Using Dropbox is against House rules because it uploads files offsite.

OK, up until now, you are thinking, OK, the members were lied too, and the media was in the dark…but that isn’t so. The Washington Post had a reporter on this beat, they just choose to be hoodwinked into silence, because it fit their pre-determined agenda concerning the DNC, the Democratic party, and most especially Trump.

TDC — The Washington Post referenced the presentation in July, and quoted a House source who claimed that the server was full of the Awan children’s “homework” and “family photos.” The presentation offers reasons to doubt that. “Based on the file names, some of the information is likely sensitive,” it reads.

Imagine what this means, somebody compiled huge amounts of data into a central sever, stole that server, and fled the country with it, all serious Federal crimes, and the WaPo reporter sat there with a straight face and reported the Congress members contention this was nothing but the Awan children’s homework and family photos – without challenge. Democracy dies in the darkness spread by the Post’s malfeasance.

TDC — The statements of numerous Democrats indicate that the Democratic staff of the House Administration Committee and other House officials may have withheld information about cybersecurity breaches from members who employed the suspects, and appear to have misled them about the basic nature of the investigation.
“This is the first I’ve heard about that,” said Missouri Democratic Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver — who employed almost every member of the Awan group — of cybersecurity issues.
“The only thing I’m aware of is that he’s being charged with bank fraud,” Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro, who employed Jamal and is a member of the intelligence committee, told The DCNF. “Do you have evidence that there’s anything more than a bank investigation? If someone’s given you a document to that effect, please give it to me.”

Of course, these guys lie, Pelosi may have told them what was really going on, but probably not. I think she knows her days are numbered, and have been since Hillary lost. She put her neck out legally for Hillary, and Hillary did to her, what she does to anyone who gets near her, she destroys them.

TDC — In early February, House Sergeant-At-Arms Paul Irving, Chief Administrative Officer Phil Kiko, and Jamie Fleet, the Democratic staff director of the Committee on House Administration, summoned affected chiefs of staff to a meeting to announce that the family was being banned from the network.

Republican staff was not present, and the briefers omitted all mention of the cybersecurity component that appears to comprise the most dangerous part of the findings, according to numerous Democrats’ accounts.

On Feb. 3, 2017, Committee on House Administration Chairman Gregg Harper and Ranking Member Robert Brady issued the sole official statement about what they called “the ongoing House theft investigation.”

“House Officials became aware of suspicious activity and alleged theft committed by certain House IT support staff,” the statement read. “An internal investigation determined that a number of House policies and procedures had been violated. This information was turned over to the United States Capitol Police and their investigation is ongoing. These employees have also been blocked from accessing House systems. All offices impacted have been contacted. No further comment will be issued until the investigation is complete.”

But that internal investigation’s most notable findings — in fact, the second presentation didn’t even mention theft — concerned credible evidence of a cyber-breach, and at the time of the announcement, the most recent incident of theft consisted of the disappearance of a server that was evidence in a cybersecurity probe, several authorities said.

There is no scenario where the access was appropriate because House members are not allowed to accept services from people not on their payroll and employees are not permitted to log in to servers of members for whom they do not work. The presentation notes that such House polices are codified in law.

So why are the Capitol Police Involved and NOT the FBI? This question needs an answer, even if it’s obvious a cover-up has been underway.

TDC — But nearly a year later, there have been no criminal charges related to House IT. Two of the suspects were indicted for bank fraud in July after prosecutors said they transferred money from the House bank to Pakistan and tried to flee the country.

There are strong indications that many of the 44 members’ data — including personal information of constituents seeking help — was entirely out of those members’ possession, and instead was stored on the House Democratic Caucus server. The aggregation of multiple members’ data would mean all that data was absconded with, because authorities said that entire server physically disappeared while it was being monitored by police.

An IT aide told The DCNF that colleagues deployed to clean up after the Awans’ firing discovered that in many offices, computers were set up to be nothing more than “thin clients” that were portals to an outside computer. “They were using terminal servers, your desktop is projected to you” from a computer in a different location.

These revelations astound me. Where were the military and FBI security teams that should oversee this system?

TDC — The presentation — though its language is at times opaquely technical — found remote sessions that remained active for months at a time. The House commonly uses Citrix remote sessions that allow someone’s computer screen to show the contents of a different computer, but its security precautions ordinarily cause them to disconnect after just a few minutes. Virtual Private Networks can also make a server’s hard drive appear to be local to a computer.
A House committee staffer close to the probe told The DCNF that “the data was always out of [the members’] possession. It was a breach. They were using the House Democratic Caucus as their central service warehouse.”

“All 5 of the shared employee system administrators collectively logged onto the Caucus system 5,735 times, an average of 27 times per day… This is considered unusual since computers in other offices managed by these shared employees were accessed in total less than 60 times,” the presentation reads.

That, too, may imply that dozens of members’ data was all in one place — on the Caucus’s server instead of in members’ possession. The apparently constant access by the entire crew, even their friend Rao Abbas, also doesn’t jive with The Washington Post’s claim that they were using it as a family computer for homework and photos.

With the basics of the probe hidden from members, Democrats appear to have vocally painted an inaccurate picture of what the report alleges occurred, pointing to the current criminal charges instead of the House’s investigation while not taking any steps to protect potentially compromised data.

Rep. Ted Lieu of California, who employed Abid Awan and is a member of the foreign affairs committee, said as far as he was concerned it was a simple issue of bank fraud.

“The staffer that I used, there was no allegation,” he told a TV station. “If you look at the charge of the brother, he was charged with bank fraud… that has nothing to do with national security.”

This is very dangerous stuff.

These Congress members have an obligation to find out what happened to their data and don’t appear interested. That could mean they were completely lied too, or of course, that they are so dirty, they cannot admit it.

TDC — Prosecutors contend in court filings that they committed bank fraud and tried to flee because they found out about the already-existing investigation into their House activities.
Becerra’s House Democratic Caucus knew about problems and tried to stop them, according to the presentation, but the suspect defied him. Based on other members’ accounts, Becerra does not appear to have warned other offices that might have been affected.
“The Caucus Chief of Staff requested one of the shared employees to not provide IT services or access their computers,” the investigative briefing reads. “This shared employee continued.” Then, as police monitored the server as a primary piece of evidence, they discovered in January that it was taken from under their noses and replaced with a different computer.

Wasserman Shultz needs to come clean or go to prison.

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Trump Strikes Again!

Trump Strikes Again!
I’m very impressed with what the president has achieved in his first year, to be honest, which many cannot seem to be on this topic — Trump had been terrific. I am aware in the back of my mind however, when I list his spectacular accomplishments, that something is still very wrong in Puerto Rico.
APPARENTLY — the same thing has been on the president’s mind and last week he took decisive, bold, and brilliant action — just hours after getting new intel about what was happening, or should I say not happening, in Puerto Rico.
I could tell, from statements he has made recently, that he was frustrated about the progress on the power grid in PR, and when Trump gets frustrated, things start to get done.
News the power utility there,the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority or PREPA — was hiding spare parts, — is not new, BUT the utility is a corrupt organ of the Democratic Party in PR, and they have botched this recovery from start to finish, while openly resisting efforts to help them — and then have further obfuscated the truth about why things are not getting fixed.
What was news was the Trump team reaction to the hidden parts rumor — they raided the PREPA warehouse, took possession of the parts — and are delivering them to the contractors that need them.
I’ll let you read it for yourself from this piece in the Intercept, it’s so delicious, it makes you think of Reagan invading Granada to rescue those med students, Trump/Reagan gets intel, he acts on it. Not crazy, presidential.
Intercept — ON SATURDAY, A day after becoming aware of a massive store of rebuilding materials being held by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, the U.S. federal government — the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, along with their security detail — entered a Palo Seco warehouse owned by the public utility to claim and distribute the equipment, according to a spokesperson for the Corps.
Rumors of a tense standoff had been circulating on the island, but the encounter was confirmed to The Intercept in a statement from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Asked if the federal officers were armed when they entered the warehouse, USACE spokesperson Luciano Vera said they were indeed accompanied by security detail and quickly began distributing the material after seizing it.
Vera declined to say whether there was a confrontation at the entrance, saying only that PREPA officials ultimately toured the warehouse along with the feds.
Somebody needs to go to jail down there.
The Intercept again — Among the materials recovered so far are “2,875 pieces of critical material to contractors” along with the sleeves of full-tension steel, a component of Puerto Rican electrical infrastructure required to erect new power lines. PREPA did not respond to The Intercept’s request for comment, though in a statement to the Associated Press, it rejected allegations that it had failed to distribute the warehouse’s contents. The AP only reported that “officials over the weekend also discovered some needed materials in a previously overlooked warehouse owned by Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority.” How they discovered them and how they were obtained is a story that has not been fully told.
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DACA is Dead

I was a moderate on DACA, but Senator Durbin pushed me over the edge. If Trump gave him the O.K. for a clean bill on DACA, Durbin would stab him in the back the next week — the same way the Democrats stabbed Reagan — and Trump knows it. But he’s smart, he did what he always does, saves some ammunition.

The following news story from Breitbart is how I know he not only saved some ammo, it was a bazooka. It’s also how I know DACA is dead, because Trump wouldn’t let Nielson loose on Chris Wallace, if he didn’t intend to back her up.

Another 4D checkmate for Trump here, unless the DACA constituency is way bigger then I think it is. Trump played this contingency smart as well, I think the DACA sympathy WAS higher before he got the opportunity to change public perception on immigrant crime by releasing data Obama refused to compile.

Breitbart News — WASHINGTON, DC – Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Sunday criticized a federal judge’s order reinstating DACA as offensive for suggesting that ending DACA is racist. She went on to declare DACA unconstitutional, and unapologetically asserted that her oath of office is to follow the U.S. Constitution.

Nielsen appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, discussing various issues the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is dealing with. A large part of the interview concerned the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which is an amnesty program for 800,000 illegal aliens announced by President Barack Obama and developed by former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

DACA was the predecessor of DAPA, a larger amnesty program based on the same legal argument which covered four million illegal aliens. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit held that DAPA was illegal, and once President Donald Trump was inaugurated and Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed, the federal government dropped the remaining legal appeals and let the larger program lapse.

Here’s where she sets up the administrations new position:

BN — Supporters of DACA filed suit to keep the smaller program going, asserting that the Trump administration violated the law by ending the program, presenting legal arguments that have never before been adopted by a federal court.

Judge William Alsup of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California—a well-known liberal judge appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton—agreed with those novel arguments.

In his preliminary injunction ordering DHS to resume DACA immediately, Alsup wrote that he found “a plausible inference that racial animus towards Mexicans and Latinos was a motivating factor in the decision to end DACA.”

Secretary Nielsen did not appreciate the implication that federal officials at DHS are racist.

“With respect to the quote, I find that offensive on its face,” Nielsen said. “I took an oath when I became secretary of homeland security to defend and support the Constitution.”

“The program was unconstitutional,” she declared, consistent with the Fifth Circuit’s decision that the similarly named DAPA amnesty was illegal.

Only Congress can change immigration law. Yet DAPA and DACA did so through executive fiat. Contrary to the claims of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra during that same broadcast, neither program ever went through the legal process required by the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). That was one reason the federal appeals court struck down DAPA.

Immigration security is a longtime focus for Nielsen, who took over DHS with more background in securing the homeland than any of her predecessors.

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Dick Durbin Democracy Destroyer

Dick Durbin Democracy Destroyer

Chicago, rapidly becoming shithole central in the United States — is being destroyed by Democratic Party policies — and Democratic politicians like Dick Durbin — and if the people of that state give a damn about their future, they will do the right thing and get rid of this lying, leftist, loony tunes Senator in the next election.

Durbin’s idea of Democracy, is that the Republicans – do what he thinks is best for the country, or else! As a part of that intolerance for 62 million Americans that support Trump, Durbin has single handily destroyed the Democrats best chance to make a good showing in the mid-terms. How?

Trump did the right thing, he invited the Democratic leadership in to the White House — to help fashion a bipartisan DACA and immigration bill and Durbin rewarded him with an ambush. Durbin is a typical Pelosi-like Pol, take no prisoners, attack the enemy on a personal basis continually, lie, mislead, use the media unfairly, you name it, he’s a Pelosi clone on tactics and philosophy, which is like saying he isn’t Hitler, but supports Hitler.

Now, Trump will do, without hesitation – what the American people elected him to do, stop this politically correct, racist, anti-American Democratic Party, from further destroying our beautiful country, it’s wonderful cities — and Constitution.

Dick Durbin is also a liar, or needs hearing aids!

Obama WH — “While the quote attributed to a Republican lawmaker in the House GOP meeting with the President is not accurate…”

AP — The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Sen. Dick Durbin, said in a Facebook post that a House Republican leader told off President Barack Obama during a negotiation meeting, and that GOP leaders are so disrespectful it’s practically impossible to have a conversation with them.
But Wednesday afternoon, both the White House and House speaker’s office denied his claims.
“In a ‘negotiation’ meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: ‘I cannot even stand to look at you,’” Durbin wrote in a post on his Facebook page over the weekend.
Asked about the post in the White House daily briefing, press secretary Jay Carney said he checked with a participant of the meeting in question.
“I looked into this and spoke with somebody who was in that meeting and it did not happen,” Carney said.

The Obama White House quickly provided Durbin with some cover, saying there was a misunderstanding, or something (via Business Insider):

While the quote attributed to a Republican lawmaker in the House GOP meeting with the President is not accurate, there was a miscommunication when the White House read out that meeting to Senate Democrats, and we regret the misunderstanding,” the White House official said in a statement.


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Trump’s base freaks out, Karl says chill…

Trump’s base freaks out, Karl says chill…

Trump’s base is rumbling, Coulter called him senile, Bannon is gone, even James Woods, who has been a reliable backer – threatened not to vote Trump in 2020, if he includes any DACA protections in his immigration package, the Pot Smokers smell a rat — and my Democratic friends – are sure he’s crazy and/or about to be impeached.

I’ve been watching Donald J. Trump like a hawk since way before the election and I’m pretty sure each and every one of these groups; for a wide variety of reasons — has the narrative way wrong.

Coulter watched the same meeting I did with the Dems this morning on immigration and she heard something very different than I did. In Washington D.C. political nomenclature, a “clean” bill is one without any other elements, riders, amendments, restrictions, it’s just an up or down on one specific thing, like a CR (Continuing Resolution), but Trump wasn’t discussing this concept at that meeting (although others were), and although those Senators and the Congressmen Coulter mentioned were focusing on this — Trump wasn’t confused about that — he was simply unwilling to let that be on the agenda.

There was no point to the meeting if he allowed that to happen.

Listen to his opening, he was clear, his list of items are related and belong together, watch the video carefully, each time Trump looked like he wasn’t listening — that simply isn’t true — each one of those questions he evaded, was a trap he wasn’t willing to venture into. He could have said, NO, I won’t allow the DACA bill through all by itself – but he wasn’t going to fall into that trap. This statement by him – had he been trapped into it — is not a smart position — it allows the Dems to attack him from every side — and he knows they plan to do it — it’s the only reason they showed up, therefore his refusal to engage on that issue.

Next, Coulter theorized that Steve Bannon was really the brain behind Trump. This is disappointing coming from her, she should look back over Trump’s positions on many of these national issues, because, for decades now, Trump has been very consistent about almost every one of his campaign planks — long before Bannon was an anything.

James Woods is a really smart guy, but boy oh boy, is that a stupid tweet. What exactly does he think Trump is going to do? Wave a magic wand and the Wall will appear and the DACA people will ALSO go home? Trump promised a Wall, he has to get Democratic votes to build one – and this is as good a place to get those votes – as there is. Woods may not understand this, but realism suggests Trump must get some cross over votes in the Senate — eventually — or stay within reconcilation, which means no wall.

Woods also — obviously — doesn’t see the difference between our immigration position with a Wall — and the DACA crowd still here — and our position without a Wall, and 800,000 people to deport. Crazy shit. Trump is playing this BRILLIANTLY.

If the Democrats insist he’s crazy, breaking his word on DACA, whatever they make up, it doesn’t matter – DACA will now be on them with the American people. Schumer, Pelosi, Graham, McConnell, Ryan, the whole rotten bunch, created this problem, let is fester, and Trump, the one guy who doesn’t have the stink of this on him — is willing to compromise to fix it. Everybody saw that today. This was a win for him, maybe not with Coulter, who apparently has the warmth of a rattlesnake, or 180 IQ James Woods, or the leftist, loony tunes Democrats — but he continues to score points with middle America, and that shit adds up.

The American people heard him this morning. Give me a bill with a Wall, an end to chain migration and an end to the Visa lottery – plus a reasonable DACA plan – and I’ll sign it.

He even pointed to a Congressman who he thought had such a plan.

Trump said, these are the issues Americans agree on, the Senate agrees on, the Democrats promised Reagan they agreed upon — all those years ago — and that he still agrees on. This is literally the perfect pitch. Because an overwhelming majority of Americans do want the chain migration stopped, do want the Visa lottery stopped, do want the Wall built — and also want the DACA problem resolved — without deportation of nearly a million people that have been living here most of their lives.

Ronald Reagan was a great and moral man, he did not mishandle the situation, and neither will Trump.

President’s HAVE to make deals with Congress; it’s designed that way.

Common sense must reign and it will because Trump is committed to winning and winning requires forward action. Schumer has admitted the Visa lottery is “past its usefulness” and he was an originator of that program. Chain migration is wildly unpopular in ½ the districts Democrats will be defending soon; so, a lot of them are secretly relieved (1/2 of them anyway) this abuse of the system will die. Trump knows all of this, he just knows how much it weakens him to beg for it.

The establishment RINO’s like Graham will support every word of what I’ve described above and the remaining hard-core types have no case. Listen up James Woods. You can’t build a multi-billion Wall without funding, all of which MUST come from Congress and you will never get funding for this wall if you deport the DACA Dreamers, deport the El Salvadorians, and bog Congress down into gridlock for 8 years like Obama did after he gave the Republicans the middle finger on Obamacare. He was able to do that because he had something Trump does not, a filibuster-proof Senate.

Even still, it became trench warfare after the following midterms and Trump is too smart to follow Obama down that road. Trump understands time is money and he wants the precious WH time he has — to fix things – and to be well spent. Look at his Voter Fraud decision. He could see the legal bog forming around the wheels of that initative and instead of putting his head down like a Bush or Obama type Bull, he switched tactics, and tossed the ball into DHS. It doesn’t matter whether this bears fruit or not, if it doesn’t, Trump will try another angle.

The left hates him because they know he’s a competitor, a fierce competitor willing to play every game they are, and them some. The one thing they don’t get is how honest he is. They would do better to Forget about who he was — and concentrate of what he is. The presidency is a special thing, it can transform men, even great ones, into even greater ones and that process is underway with Trump.

The Pot Smoker issue is a good example. The Pot Smokers heard Trump say on the stump that he thought this was a states rights issue, and that he thought medical marijuana should be legalized everywhere. Trump has never repudiated that stance and I don’t think he will.

Yes, Sessions has withdrawn the Holder memo, but he had to do that. Holder sold guns to criminals, he organized an extortion racket to funnel judgments directly from corporate America to leftist causes, he put out memo’s on enforcing the law, not enforcing the law, on how to violate sentencing laws, on all kinds of things that ignored Federal Law, and simply got away with it. President Obama backed him up, the press adored him, and for some reason the Senate refused to jail him, so he got away with it. Trump promised to stop all this nonsense and he has.

AG Sessions, I am assuming at the president’s direction, has been eliminating all these unconstitutional arrangements Holder had going, and simply got to Pot last. But he had to get there eventually.

Holder had no constitutional power to ignore the laws of the land, as written by Congress, and issue AG authored memorandum – that contradicted those laws. He also had no right to re-interpret those laws; the higher courts are specifically set-up for this in the Constitution. Holder was just running roughshod over the Constitution and Trump (and Sessions) are just fixing that.

This doesn’t mean Trump would not sign a marijuana bill that legalized medical marijuana and left recreational marijuana up to the states, I think he would. I don’t think Jeff Sessions would be happy with him, but I think Trump would sign it. Author it, probably not also, but this is where the Democrats are missing the boat entirely. They could author all kinds of common sense legislation; get Republican co-sponsors and Trump would sign all of it – if it made common sense.

He’s a President for the People, not the Parties, and it’s been so long since we’ve seen anybody operate this way, we have no idea what it looks like.





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Pakistan was spying on Congress

Pakistan was spying on Congress

I have a different theory about why the U.S. is cutting aid to Pakistan.

I think Pakistani Intelligence was running a huge spy and coercion ring, inside the U.S. Congress, they’ve been caught, and Trump is pissed.

The Awan story may never fully be told, because I think it would embarrasses the U.S. — and the FBI — to tell the whole story, but basically, we allowed a Pakistani Intelligence officer (Awan), to run parts of the House computer network, for over 40 House members, (all Democrats) for years.

Was Awan — Pakistani Intelligence? Recent reports suggest Awan bragged about being able to have people hauled to a police station in Pakistan, hung upside down by their feet, and beat with shoes by the local police — until they gave him what he wanted.

No way Awan had that kind of juice and muscle, and wasn’t Pakistani Intelligence protected and/or a member.


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Saudi Reforms Continue, another step in the right direction

Saudi Reforms Continue, another step in the right direction

Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, these “champion’s” of women’s rights were in power, dealing with the Saudi’s for decades, and the repression continued.

Trump got into the White House — Took ONE TRIP over there — and the Saudi’s have been on a reforming binge ever since, reconciliation with Israel is underway, terrorist funding has been cut — and now they are even reforming the civil rights of young women — too young to marry — in Saudi Arabia! Trump is a miracle worker.

The latest news is great news for people who REALLY support women’s rights, instead of exploiting the issue for votes, like Democrats do, while doing nothing to fix the real problems. This is from Arab News:

RIYADH: A panel of Shoura Council has asked that marriage contracts for girls under 18 be restricted to the competent (family affairs) courts.
The request was contained in a series of recommendations presented by the

Committee of Islamic and Judiciary Affairs on a study related to underage (minors) marriage at the Shoura Council’s 9th ordinary session on Monday.

The committee further asked the Ministry of Health to accept pre-marital tests for girls under 18 only when requested by a competent court. It also urged both the Ministries of Culture and Information and Islamic Affairs to take necessary steps to spread awareness on the harmful effects of minors’ marriage.

Shoura Council lady member Dr. Eqbal Darandari told Arab News: “The committee acceded to have those under 18 submit their marriage contracts, as well as a pre-marital tests to a competent court to determine their case.

“Some Shoura members disagreed with this decision because they believed it meant we condone underage marriage. Others suggested that only those between the ages of 16-18 can transfer their cases to a judge, and those below 16 cannot get married. Some members demanded this be applied to underage boys, as well.”

Darandari revealed that she is among those who believe there needed to be an age limit to underage girls’ marriages. “Many countries have legalized marriages to 16 year olds so I see no harm in girls getting married at that age. Not to mention, girls’ voices must be heard and their opinions taken into consideration. I don’t believe a pre-marital test is enough. In my opinion, I think we need a female committee — made of a doctor, lawyer, psychologist and social worker — that studies the girl’s state in order to assess whether or not she can get married.”

“Those that are fifteen or younger can undergo severe physical and psychological damage through marriage, and they’re probably unequipped for it. I believe there should be sanctions to those who do not adhere to that, and in the case of a marriage during that delicate age, a girl’s right to demand a divorce if things don’t work out should be guaranteed.”


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Pelosi the Hypocrite

Pelosi the Hypocrite

Nancy Pelosi — with all the facts which contradict her talk about women’s rights — is an evil woman, and I can only hope she knew enough about the illegal things Hillary and Obama were doing – to be arrested alongside them. This story below doesn’t surprise me, what surprises me is that no one is talking about the fact that Harvey Weinstein remains free, was a $1,000,000 bundler for Obama — and is a financial cash cow for this Pelosi pig as well.

By S.A. Miller – The Washington Times – Sunday, December 17, 2017

After California’s then-Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced felony pimping charges last year against the two owners of — a classified-ad website that is a hub for sex trafficking and prostitution, one of the men cut a $10,000 check to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s super PAC.

Mrs. Pelosi’s political action committee, House Majority PAC, has resisted giving the money back, and an aide to Mrs. Pelosi said the California Democrat knows nothing about the contribution.

The uproar over sexual harassment that began with the Harvey Weinstein scandal has intensified the scrutiny of political contributions linked to Backpage, which law enforcement officials say is the chief platform for activities far worse than harassment, including sexual slavery and child prostitution.

Mrs. Pelosi isn’t the only Democrat struggling to deal with the piles of cash that Backpage’s owners spread around to candidates and state Democratic parties over the years.

Even Ms. Harris, a California Democrat who is now a U.S. senator, ducked the issue. Her office wouldn’t respond to repeated emails about Backpage money going to House Majority PAC and other Democratic organizations.

Since 2010, the owners and their wives have shoveled about $99,000 to candidates and about $95,000 to Democratic parties in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, according to federal campaign finance data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.


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Un-Scientific and Un-American

Un-Scientific and Un-American

Do you really want to know HOW Donald Trump got elected president?

It is because the left, people like the writers at Scientific American, are so intellectually dishonest, even regular Americans who are not scientists — can tell their arguments are full of doo-doo.

Wait until you read the lede of this story — blaming the protests in Iran — on global warming. I’m not making this up. After you read nonsense like this, a raw, candid, guttural sounding quote from Trump — sounds like beautiful music.

SA — The impacts of climate change are among the environmental challenges facing Iran that helped spark protests in dozens of cities across the Islamic republic.

At least 20 people have died in the uprising, driven by the sudden collapse of financial institutions, low wages and mistrust of national leaders. Rising temperatures are seen by some experts as an underlying condition for the economic hardships that led to the unrest.

A severe drought, mismanaged water resources and dust storms diminished Iran’s economy in recent years, according to experts who study the region. While the protests are largely driven by resistance to the country’s hardline conservative government, such environmental factors might have contributed to the largest protests inside Iran in years.

The article puts the economic conditions responsible for unrest at the feet of weather changes — not the mullahs who received billions in cash and gold from the U.S., and spent it on wars in foreign countries.

Scientific American is neither.

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