Donald Trump’s tax plan in his own words

Donald Trump’s tax plan in his own words

I think he has the votes, the momentum, the smarts, the presidency, now we can enjoy the results of a tax cut — if we don’t get dragged into a war, which unfortunately, I think we will.

By Donald J. Trump, from USA Today

Today is the anniversary of former president Ronald Reagan signing into law the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The act was the second major law he signed to reform the tax code for the American people.

Republicans and Democrats came together to cut taxes for hardworking families in 1981, and again in 1986 to simplify the tax code, so that everyone could get a fair shake. The rest, as they say, is history.

The economy boomed, launching into one of the largest peacetime economic expansions in history. Dormant small businesses and factories sprung back to life. The famed American Worker produced at unprecedented levels. The median family income rose. And more American products than ever before reached foreign shores, stamped with those four beautiful words: “Made in the USA.”

The 1980s also saw extraordinary ideas transformed into reality by American inventors and entrepreneurs. Many of those creations dramatically improved our quality of life. Others connected us like never before and put an entire universe of information at our fingertips. Still others, like the space shuttle after its first launch in 1981, stretched the bounds of what we thought was possible for humankind.

It was a time of extraordinary optimism — it was truly “Morning in America,” an economic miracle for the middle-class.

A lot has changed since then, especially when it comes to taxes.

While our economic competitors slashed their taxes in hopes of replicating America’s success, our leaders remained complacent or, in some cases, reversed course.

We are now among the highest taxed nations in the developed world. Our tax code and laws have nearly tripled in length since the 1986 reforms. They now span 2,650 pages, with another 70,000 pages of forms, instructions, court decisions, and other guidance.

We have watched our leaders allow other countries to erode our competitive edge, take our jobs, and drain our wealth. And, for the first time in our history, Americans have feared that their children will not grow up to be better off financially than they are.

That era of economic surrender is now over.

In the nine months since I took office as president, we have removed intrusive, job-killing regulations at a record pace. We are leaving lopsided international deals that hurt America like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Paris Climate Accord. We have unleashed American energy by ending the war on coal and approving major projects like the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. And earlier this month, I signed an executive order to take important steps to free our people from the grip of Obamacare.

And now, unemployment is at a 16-year lowWages are risingManufacturing confidence is higher than it has ever been. The stock market is soaring to record levels. And GDP growth climbed to more than 3% in the second quarter.

The optimism has returned — the sun is once again rising over America.

But our economy cannot take off like it should unless we transform our outdated, complex and burdensome tax code, and that is exactly what we are proposing to do.

Revising our tax code is not just a policy discussion — it is a moral one, because we are not talking about the government’s money – we are talking about your money, your hard work.  

According to the Tax Foundation, taxes cost Americans more out-of-pocket than housing, clothing, and food — combined.

Somehow, this has become “normal” in the Land of the Free, but it should not be.

American families should not have to send more money to the government than they spend on building a better life for themselves and their children. You are the ones who carry this nation on your back, and it is time for you to get the relief that you deserve.

That is why we are taking action to dramatically reduce the burden that the sprawling federal tax code has become on our citizens.

Our plan will transform the tax code so that it is once again simple, fair and easy to understand. We want you to spend your valuable time pursuing your dreams, not trapped in a tax compliance nightmare.

We will cut taxes for hardworking, middle-class families.

We will double the standard deduction, which means the first $24,000 of a family’s income will be tax-free. We will also expand the child tax credit. And we will lower rates so that families will keep more of their hard-earned money.

We will also restore our competitive edge so we can create better jobs and higher wages for American workers.

Our plan will provide tax relief to businesses of all sizes, and deliver our small and medium-sized businesses the lowest top rate in more than 80 years.

Finally, we will bring back trillions of dollars in American wealth currently parked overseas.

Today’s tax system foolishly penalizes companies that bring foreign profits back to the United States. Our plan encourages companies to bring this money home, where it can be invested in American companies, American jobs and American workers.

If Congress comes together to enact this commonsense plan, the Council of Economic Advisers estimates that it will raise the annual income of a typical, hardworking American household by an average of around $4,000.

Just imagine the possibilities.

We have the benefit of hindsight as we look back at the three decades since our country’s last major tax reform. We can see what worked and what did not. And most importantly, we can apply the lessons learned to the challenges of today.

The tax cuts and reforms of the 1980s show that when we empower the American people to pursue their dreams, they will not only achieve greatness and create prosperity beyond imagination, they will build an entirely new world.

It is time to ignite America’s middle class miracle once again.

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. 


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Xi is a Dictator and this is a problem for America

Xi is a Dictator and this is a problem for America

The U.S. attempted a very daring economic gamble with China over the last 25 years and it now appears, that gamble has failed. Xi is a dictator. He may end up starting WWIII and is already very bad news for the Chinese people. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go.

Communism has failed, and everyone knows it. It is a broken economic system that can never deliver more then 50% of the GDP/ppp that a market economy can, and after 50 years, both Russia and China had nothing to show for their efforts under communism, except poverty, pollution, nuclear weapons and scores of murderous purges against their own people.

Opening up China, opening up trade with China, championing China’s entrance into the WTO, these were all moves designed to dovetail with a changing political environment in China – where private property ownership, entrepreneurship, for-profit businesses and a more open, integrated society paved the way for China’s transition on to the world stage — eventually as a democracy — maybe not one with all the freedoms westerners currently have, but certainly moves in this direction were taken and more were anticipated.

All hope of that is lost.

Xi is a dictator.

And he is not a dictator happy with western ideals, democracy, power sharing or an informed population. Xi is a modern, so far less bloody – Mao. Before you recoil in shock, bear this in mind, Xi LIKES that comparison.

Read this piece below from the L.A. Times, it will shock you and hopefully open your eyes as to why Trump needs to get much tougher with China. Xi is a dictator and is actively using China’s might and wealth to hurt America – and unfortunately – even his own people, because, that’s what Dictators do.

By Jonathan Kaiman
The Los Angeles Times

Li Heping spent his career trying to hold Chinese Communist Party officials accountable for their darkest behavior. He believed in an authority higher than the party — China’s own legal system. And for that, he suffered tremendously.

Since the late ’90s, Li, a 46-year-old human rights lawyer, had defended China’s most persecuted groups: dissidents, petitioners, victims of land grabs and forced demolitions, church leaders, practitioners of the banned spiritual group Falun Gong. Then came the “709” crackdown — named for July 9, 2015, the night it began — when authorities detained or interrogated more than 300 lawyers and their associates, including Li. They held Li without charge for nearly two years. And this May, they let him go — on the condition he remain silent.

“What my husband has gone through during that 22 months in jail was relentless, inhuman, perverted and unthinkable,” said his wife, Wang Qiaoling, 44, who has emerged as an outspoken advocate for rule of law amid her husband’s enforced silence. “The police will torture you till the edge of death, both physically and mentally.”

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping ascended to power in 2012, he has both amassed extraordinary power — analysts routinely call him China’s strongest leader since Mao Tse-tung — and ratcheted up repression to its highest levels since the early 1990s.

This week, a twice-a-decade Communist Party congress is almost certain to grant him another five-year term. Yet beyond the congress’ displays of pageantry and protocol — its chandeliers, identical black suits and long, turgid speeches — Li’s experience is a vivid reminder of the party’s propensity for maintaining its grip on power through violence and fear.

The Communist Party, under Xi, has introduced new, draconian legislation tightening control over religion, foreign non-governmental organizations and the internet. Xi’s sweeping anti-corruption drive has “punished” more than a million officials and suppressed competing party factions. He has repeatedly vowed to preside over a “national rejuvenation” — one that categorically rejects “Western values” such as democracy, rule of law and freedom of speech. The media has been neutered. Scores of lawyers, activists and journalists have been jailed.

“After several hundred years, the Western model is showing its age,” the state-run New China News Agency said in a Tuesday commentary.

China’s Communist Party leaders have “determined that they must not drop their guard on being in control,” said Stein Ringen, emeritus professor at the University of Oxford and author of “The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century.” “During the 1980s, when things were relatively open, and people felt like things were moving in a direction of greater openness — that was because there was disagreement. There were different factions in the party leadership, and a debate about what direction the party would take.

“Now there is no debate,” he continued. “It’s absolutely hierarchical.”

Li knew the party’s wrath long before the 2015 crackdown. In 2007, as Beijing prepared to host the Olympics, plainclothes men abducted Li, held him for eight hours, beat him and shocked him with electric batons. They warned him to leave the city and dumped him in the woods. For years, authorities had kept his home under constant surveillance.

But the 2015 crackdown was different — more comprehensive, and more severe.

On July 10 that year, police took Li into custody and ransacked his home and office for files, computers and external hard drives. For the first six months, Wang said, they kept him in solitary confinement. Two guards forced him to stand between them for 15 to 16 hours a day, giving him about eight inches of space.

“Once you move, they would slap, kick and beat you,” Wang said. “They would also write down every detail about your movements, such as, ‘You moved your nose,’ ‘You frowned’ and so on.”

People dressed like doctors forced Li to take drugs — at least half a dose daily, and at least six types altogether. He believed they were blood pressure medications, hallucinogens and sedatives. They made him dizzy and fatigued. “The damage it has on a person’s brain is unthinkable,” Wang said. “You behave like a psychiatric patient. Your brain starts to lose control of how you behave and what you say.

“These types of physical torture are less bloody and violent, yet the damage they do to your body is relentless,” she continued. “Most normal people cannot bear it at all.”

In 2016, authorities transferred Li to an ordinary detention facility in the city of Tianjin, near Beijing, where he lived on a long hall with other prisoners. The torture didn’t stop — authorities shackled his wrists to his ankles for a month. They made him sit on a stool for 16 hours straight.

On April 28, 2017, they gave him a rushed, secret trial. According to authorities, he pleaded guilty to attacking China and its government via social media and interviews with the foreign press. A judge convicted him of “subversion of state power” and released him on a suspended sentence, meaning even a minor infraction could send him back to jail.

At home, Li looked in a mirror for the first time in 22 months. The gaunt, gray-haired skeleton staring back shocked him.

“He can no longer work as a normal person,” Wang said. “His lawyer’s license has been [invalidated], and he lost his physical freedom to go outside Beijing.”

Other victims of the 709 crackdown have made what appears to be forced pre-trial confessions on state television. Virtually all of them cast their legal work as criminal, anti-China and supported by hostile “foreign forces.” Under Xi, these confessions — a relic of Cultural Revolution-era public humiliations — have spiked. At least 40 were broadcast between 2013 and 2016.

Only one lawyer, Wang Quanzhang — a 41-year-old advocate for marginalized groups — still awaits trial. Authorities have not explained the delay. His wife, Li Wenzu, who has not seen him since his detention, believes he may simply be unwilling to bend.

“The government is aiming to punish current arrested activists, and also to frighten the potential activists of the future,” said Li, 32. “Since the [709] cases are fundamentally made up by the government, it’s also difficult for the government to find any evidence that proves them guilty.”

In March, Li and her 4-year-old son, Wang Guangwei, moved in with Wang (and her 6-year-old daughter, Li Jiamei) at her three-bedroom apartment in southern Beijing. They still visit the police and judicial organs — as well as foreign embassies — to advocate for Wang’s release.

“The human rights lawyers’ circle is very small, but we all help each other and cooperate each other and support each other,” she said.

China’s human rights activists “certainly haven’t been crushed,” said Eva Pils, a human rights expert from King’s College London who knows many of the lawyers. “Even in the most desperate situations, they’re resisting in small but significant ways.”

A revolving cast of up to 20 security guards around Li and Wang’s apartment restrict their movement, and state security agents have harassed Li’s aging parents in central China’s Hubei province.

“I don’t believe the situation will change in the short term,” Li said. “But I believe this is a natural reaction — to fight to save my husband, and for his freedom, without any hesitation, no matter the price I have to pay.”


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War Preparations Proceed

War Preparations Proceed

The Faithful Five have been reading dire war rumblings from me for years now, and most of you understand why, the world is getting a lot more unbalanced every year, and these imbalances ALMOST always lead to war.

In brief; a new axis has been forming since 9-11– between China, Russia, Iran, their puppet states, and now more recently, Turkey.

The United States, behind the weak leadership of two successive, 2-term Presidents, has contributed significantly too — and/or failed to prevent — the economic, structural, and political conditions making this problem worse every year. Europe teeters on war, make no mistake, if Putin goes for Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, which he could very well do at any time, that continent is a mess overnight.

China did not militarize the South China Sea for no reason. If problems around the world present an opportunity, expect them to “Re-integrate” Taiwan.

North Korea is a disaster, no way around it. The U.S., Japan and South Korea cannot allow a foreign country, even if it were China or Russia, to shoot missiles over and/or at their countries while bragging the next one will be nuclear tipped. This is a war provocation and if Kim persists, which he appears crazy enough to do, the U.S. will defend our people and our allies. That sadly may not actually have been true with Bush and/or Obama, but with Trump, let’s be honest, he will hit back and he will not hesitate.

Iran is actively at war with the United States directly and through proxies in several places and the warning from Tillerson yesterday that it’s time for them to pack up, head home, and leave Iraq, is more evidence I see, that this U.S. vs. Iran power struggle in the region will only intensify in the future. I believe they already have the missiles, the components, and the warhead making equipment — and are rapidly finishing up the list of things they need to fabricate and fit one of those missiles with a nuclear warhead.

I’m not going to list every single other place I think there are potential flare-ups possible right now because you would really think I was a pessimist, which I’m not. BUT, the article below does NOT make me happy, it scares the shit out of me, because it’s just one more piece of evidence, in a giant puzzle, that seems to be spelling war is either imminent or anticipated by the one group I don’t want to think that, the Pentagon.

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. —  The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991.

That means the long-dormant concrete pads at the ends of this base’s 11,000-foot runway — dubbed the “Christmas tree” for their angular markings — could once again find several B-52s parked on them, laden with nuclear weapons and set to take off at a moment’s notice.

“This is yet one more step in ensuring that we’re prepared,” Gen. David Goldfein, Air Force chief of staff, said in an interview during his six-day tour of Barksdale and other U.S. Air Force bases that support the nuclear mission. “I look at it more as not planning for any specific event, but more for the reality of the global situation we find ourselves in and how we ensure we’re prepared going forward.”


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How the Washington Post Lies, Part 50

How the Washington Post Lies, Part 50

I haven’t really written 50 blog pieces about how the Washington Post Lies because they are not worth — that much of my time — but the material exists to do 500 such pieces.

Today, instead of boring you with my pedestrian prose, I’ll turn the microphone – as today’s generation puts it – over to a Wall Street Journal reporter, who exposes once again, the structure of how the liberal, leftist, loony tunes WaPo constructs a lie, a false narrative, a bad guy, and a liberal solution, all in one article.

Why isn’t the Washington post 50 points ahead in the polls? They know everything, after-all. Here is a real reporter from the WSJ, not a history changing political operative/lawyer, writing a type of journalism — truth telling — that is badly out of fashion:

By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.
Oct. 20, 2017 6:27 p.m. ET

In 1997, The Wall Street Journal lent its editorial voice to those of cancer doctors and the Journal of the American Medical Association to warn that severe pain was badly under-treated by the U.S. medical profession.

The reason, of course, was customs and regulatory strictures meant to “prevent doctors’ offices from becoming a channel for the illegal marketing of drugs.”

Obviously opioid abuse is a challenge today, as is adequately treating patient pain, though, 20 years later, the problem is still sometimes misstated. But one thing is certain: Unless the Washington Post and CBS ’s “60 Minutes” have discovered a new, physics-defying form of quantum action at a distance, their splashy exposé last weekend identified neither the cause nor any solution.

I’ll admit I didn’t read the Post’s 7,800-word opus on first pass. To the credit of some merciful editor, the lead sentence told me I needn’t bother. The piece begins: “In April 2016, at the height of the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history, Congress effectively stripped the Drug Enforcement Administration of its most potent weapon against large drug companies suspected of spilling prescription narcotics onto the nation’s streets.”

In other words, whatever the sorry tale of the sausage factory to follow, the abuse epidemic was already in full swing when Congress acted barely a year ago, so the DEA’s “potent” weapon perhaps wasn’t so potent.

On second pass, though, the Post story seems almost purposely to mislead. At ominous points it provides an updated running total of opioid deaths since 2000—which naturally rises relentlessly because people don’t come back from the dead.
In fact, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has pointed out, prescription opioid deaths remain roughly proportional to prescriptions written. The number of prescriptions, which tripled between 1999 and 2010, has been falling ever since. Today’s surging opioid death rate is due to black-market heroin and fentanyl.

Moreover, the Post hardly bothers to substantiate the central pinion of its story—its claim that the DEA has been deprived of a vital tool, known as “immediate suspension orders” against drug distributors. Such orders peaked at 65 in 2011 and have fallen to single digits. But is this a meaningful gauge?

A federal survey finds misuse of prescription opioids peaked in 2012 and has returned to 2002 levels. Suspension orders were already being dialed back—41 in 2012, 16 in 2013—before Congress intervened. Maybe the message got through to drug distributors via a tactic that didn’t lend itself to being repeated or accelerated.
In an accompanying editorial, the Post fulminates that “Congress alongside the pharmaceutical industry helped fuel the opioid crisis,” but fails to mention the bill in question was one of 18 that the Associated Press called a “mountain of bills addressing the nation’s opioid abuse crisis.”

The measure in question, which rewrote the legal standard for suspension orders, was approved by the Obama White House, DEA and Justice Department. It was unanimously supported by Congress. It reflected, as the New York Times noted, a Congress under pressure from drug lobbyists to show an interest in “ensuring access to narcotic painkillers” for patients even while “addressing the addiction epidemic linked to those drugs.”

Notice something else: As these bureaucratic adjustments, wise or unwise, were wending through Congress, the nation was acting on opioid deaths. Police were being equipped with the opioid-inhibitor naloxone. Crackdowns on “pain clinics” were dramatically reducing illicit supplies, etc.

What we have here is a typical story of bureaucratic angst, promoted by the Post’s lead source, Joseph Rannazzisi, a former DEA official who now works for trial lawyers suing the drug industry.

It partakes of a Washington-centric delusion that actions in Washington matter above all. And what to make of the Post’s willingness to let a source put undocumented words in the mouths of unnamed “drug company representatives” who naturally confirm, in conversations the Post can’t claim to know took place, everything the Post’s source says?

Which brings us to the unfathomable part. Why does the paper so grossly overplay its story? In a time of digital penury, nobody wants to discourage journalistic enterprise, but a new risk reveals itself: Look at how the Post festoons its report with what can only be called marketing—graphics, video and charts out the wazoo. This also costs money. How can any editor, especially late in the process, have the courage to say, “Aren’t we trying to make mountains out of a molehill here?”

I got around to reading the rest of the Post piece after it prompted one of the law’s many authors, Rep. Tom Marino (R., Pa.), to drop out of consideration for Trump drug czar. Don’t worry. I am not about to overplay the significance of this consequence. The drug czar is a largely powerless office whose value is symbolic at best.
Appeared in the October 21, 2017, print edition.

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Democratic Party Suicide Parade March’s Onward

Democratic Party Suicide Parade March’s Onward

The Iranian Nuclear deal was a Bad idea to begin with, was poorly executed, by an American administration no one trusted — with mullahs bent on the literal destruction of the United States and her people. Obama then used the lying leftist media to push this deal through while Iran openly financed, participated in and coordinated terrorism in every corner of the globe.

This horrible POLITICAL miscalculation split the Jewish vote (and money and support) right down the middle, leaving the J Street liberals still with Hillary (when will they finally be embarrassed about this?) and all the rest silently supporting Trump.

I predicted all of this right her in this blog, a YEAR before it was too late, because it was obvious. You can’t screw over Israel and expect the American Jewish electorate to sit still.

The Obama administration immigration policy (and it was a policy, make no mistake) was ALSO enthusiastically embraced by the Democratic Party and still is. It amounts to the following idea; America has no right to restrict immigration, no right to control it’s borders and also has a moral obligation to bring an unlimited number of refugees (even ones hostile to the U.S.) here and resettle them in communities with legal and cultural rules they bring with them. The problem here is, Obama and the Democratic Party elite like Pelosi and Schumer, never bothered to find out if the American people actually supported such a collection of incredibly stupid ideas.

This took out the 50% of the Independents who normally vote Democratic and put their votes in play, since this issue touched a lot of important concerns for them, the safety and security concern — both nationally and locally — the job security concern, and most importantly, the shrinking buying power concern. Independents tend to be more liberal socially then Republicans but are equally concerned about financial issues, something the Democrats don’t seem to understand. This is surprising actually, I expected the Dems to modify these positions as they finally got some realistic polling numbers in, but they seem blind to the catastrophe they’ve created, doubling down over and over on this lemming like march to the sea — over an issue polling would demonstrate — they simply have no chance on.

How do I know? Andrew Sullivan is a liberal, who championed the liberal gay rights movement, a likely champion of the lemming march, but let ‘s read what he has to say in the NY Magazine instead:

Democrats in 2017, in general, tend to criticize the use of immigration enforcement, and tend to side with those accused of violating immigration law, as a broad matter of principle beyond opposing the particular actions of the administration … Democrats are no longer as willing to attack “illegal immigration” as a fundamental problem anymore.

This is, to be blunt, political suicide … In fact, the Democrats increasingly seem to suggest that any kind of distinction between citizens and noncitizens is somehow racist. You could see this at the last [Democratic Party] convention, when an entire evening was dedicated to Latinos, illegal and legal, as if the rule of law were largely irrelevant. Hence the euphemism “undocumented” rather than “illegal.” So the stage was built, lit, and set for Trump …

The entire concept of a nation whose citizens solely determine its future — the core foundation for any viable democracy at all — is now deemed by many left-liberals to be a function of bigotry. This is the kind of madness that could keep them from power indefinitely.

Uh OH! That sounded like I wrote it. It is, of course, dead on.

The Democrats have made one serious blunder after another for 8 years now, riding on the personal popularity of 1 man, Obama, while the Overton window slipped farther and farther from their policy agenda. Now, the Party planks are flapping in the wind, with no voter support beneath them.

This cannot end well for a Party stuck on simple personality attacks rather than structural reform. I love this country and think a healthy two-party system is a critical strength for us – which is why even though I agree with very little of this Obama agenda, I still hope the Dims survive as a national party (in doubt at the moment), but what can you do for people bent on political suicide? Not much I’m afraid.

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Harvey Weinstein did NOT rape me

Harvey Weinstein did NOT rape me

I’m not his type, so no big surprise here. What is shocking is that so many A-list, heavy weight actresses, with a lot of money and clout, as well as a lot of his young female staff members – ALL kept their collective traps shut for DECADES about Mr. Weinstein’s alleged behavior which reportedly was just one rape and/or sexual harassment encounter after another.

Why? Power, money, fame, choice roles, all these flowed from Weinstein, making him literally untouchable. The rumors about sexual weirdness at the top of the liberal, leftist, loony tunes clique persist.

If Podesta is a spirit cooker and both Weinstein and Bill Clinton are rapists, and Hillary is a criminal, the Dems need new leadership.

How badly do they need new leadership?

This article from The Hill is one answer, it details Bill Clinton’s visit to Putin’s home, to cement the Uranium One deal, This happened while accepting a $500,000 speaking fee. And all of this occurred while Hillary was Secretary of State.

The Hill – As he prepared to collect a $500,000 payday in Moscow in 2010, Bill Clinton sought clearance from the State Department to meet with a key board director of the Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom — which at the time needed the Obama administration’s approval for a controversial uranium deal, government records show.

Arkady Dvorkovich, a top aide to then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and one of the highest-ranking government officials to serve on Rosatom’s board of supervisors, was listed on a May 14, 2010, email as one of 15 Russians the former president wanted to meet during a late June 2010 trip, the documents show.

“In the context of a possible trip to Russia at the end of June, WJC is being asked to see the business/government folks below. Would State have concerns about WJC seeing any of these folks,” Clinton Foundation foreign policy adviser Amitabh Desai wrote the State Department on May 14, 2010, using the former president’s initials and forwarding the list of names to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s team.

The email went to two of Hillary Clinton’s most senior advisers, Jake Sullivan and Cheryl Mills.

The approval question, however, sat inside State for nearly two weeks without an answer, prompting Desai to make multiple pleas for a decision.

“Dear Jake, we urgently need feedback on this. Thanks, Ami,” the former president’s aide wrote in early June.

Sullivan finally responded on June 7, 2010, asking a fellow State official “What’s the deal w this?”

The documents don’t indicate what decision the State Department finally made. But current and former aides to both Clintons told The Hill on Thursday the request to meet the various Russians came from other people, and the ex-president’s aides and State decided in the end not to hold any of the meetings with the Russians on the list.

Bill Clinton instead got together with Vladimir Putin at the Russian leader’s private homestead.

“Requests of this type were run by the State Department as a matter of course. This was yet another one of those instances. Ultimately, President Clinton did not meet with these people,” Angel Urena, the official spokesperson for the former president, told The Hill.

Aides to the ex-president, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation said Bill Clinton did not have any conversations about Rosatom or the Uranium One deal while in Russia, and that no one connected to the deal was involved in the trip.

A spokesman for Secretary Clinton said Thursday the continued focus on the Uranium One deal smacked of partisan politics aimed at benefiting Donald Trump.

“At every turn this storyline has been debunked on the merits. Its roots are with a project shepherded by Steve Bannon, which should tell you all you need to know,” said Nick Merrill. “This latest iteration is simply more of the right doing Trump’s bidding for him to distract from his own Russia problems, which are real and a grave threat to our national security.”

Current and former Clinton aides told The Hill that the list of proposed business executives the former president planned to meet raised some sensitivities after Bill Clinton’s speaker bureau got the invite for the lucrative speech.

Hillary Clinton had just returned from Moscow and there were concerns about the appearance of her husband meeting with officials so soon after.

In addition, two of the Russians on the former president’s list had pending business that would be intersecting with State.


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Samantha Power Covers for Obama

Samantha Power Covers for Obama

Read the story below and you will get the idea. Samantha Power is denying to Congress that she made the 260 unmasking requests attributable to her by a records search.

I predicted this for months, although I was unsure of exactly how she would stonewall, I knew she would, for one simple reason, she is the designated “Fall-Girl” for Obama on this unmasking scandal, and she will remain so because if she talks, Obama himself will NEED to be arrested, and nobody, not even Trump, wants that.

This story just proves what I have been saying all along, Power, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes AND Loretta Lynch will all eventually get arrested, charged -– but plead their way out.

By Robert Romano

There may have been more than 260 unmasking requests made under former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power’s name during the final year of the Obama administration, identifying U.S. persons from intelligence intercepts, but she was not the person who made the requests.

That is the incredible story Power has told the House Select Committee on Intelligence, according to U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), speaking with Fox News’ Brett Baier.

“That’s her testimony and she was pretty emphatic in it. The surveillance community, the intelligence community has assigned this number of requests to her. Her perspective, her testimony is ‘they may be under my name, but I did not make those requests,’” Gowdy said.

Gowdy said the requests, according to Power, “greatly exceeded by an exponential factor the requests she actually made.”

This raises a number of possibilities. One is that Power is telling the truth, and somebody else, in her name, went into the intelligence community’s system to make requests unmasking U.S. persons who turned up in intelligence intercepts.

If so, it makes it look like the reason was to prevent anybody else from figuring out who was really making the requests.

The other possibility is that Power is simply not being truthful and is trying to protect herself because she was doing something she wasn’t in requesting U.S. person identities from intelligence intercepts.

Assuming the former, the idea that somebody felt a need to cover their tracks makes the whole matter look incredibly suspicious. Even more suspicious than if she had made the requests herself.

In a July 27 letter to National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) stated that “Obama-era officials sought the identities of Trump transition officials within intelligence reports. However, the was no meaningful explanation offered by these officials as to why they needed or how they would use this U.S. person information, and thus, the Committee is left with the impression that these officials may have used this information for improper purposes, including the possibility of leaking. More pointedly, some of the requests for unminimized U.S. person information were followed by anonymous leaks of those names to the media.”

So, somebody may have been digging through the intercepts in a way to cover up who was actually receiving the information, making it appear to be Power. And somebody was unmasking Trump officials that then wound up in newspapers.
Curiouser and curiouser.

Either Power is telling the truth, she’s just a patsy. In which case, somebody used her credentials in the nation’s top intelligence systems to get information on U.S. persons in intelligence intercepts when they shouldn’t have. Or she isn’t, and it was her and she should’t have done it. Neither is good. This whole thing stinks.
Robert Romano is the Vice President of Public Policy at Americans for Limited Government.

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Will the Press Finally Tell the Truth about Obama?

Will the Press Finally Tell the Truth about Obama?

This editorial from the New York Post is a bad sign for Obama himself — and the liberals still clinging to the idea — he was anything but a crook running a giant organized crime syndicate — from the Oval office. America is lucky we survived the Obama administration without an outright coup attempt, it’s bad enough they polluted a presidential contest. Thank God the American people were smart enough to smell a rat (Hillary) and vote for Trump.

New York Post editorial — It turns out the Obama administration knew the Russians were engaged in bribery, kickbacks and extortion in order to gain control of US atomic resources — yet still OK’d that 2010 deal to give Moscow control of one-fifth of America’s uranium. This reeks.

Peter Schweizer got onto part of the scandal in his 2015 book, “Clinton Cash”: the gifts of $145 million to the Clinton Foundation, and the $500,000 fee to Bill for a single speech, by individuals involved in a deal that required Hillary Clinton’s approval.

The New York Times confirmed and followed up on Schweizer’s reporting — all of it denounced by Hillary as a partisan hit job.

But now The Hill reports that the FBI in 2009 had collected substantial evidence — eyewitnesses backed by documents — of money-laundering, blackmail and bribery by Russian nuclear officials, all aimed at growing “Vladimir Putin’s atomic-energy business inside the United States” in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The bureau even flagged the routing of millions from Russian nuclear officials to cutouts and on to Clinton Inc.

Hillary Clinton, again, sat on a key government body that had to approve the deal — though she now claims she had no role in a deal with profound national security implications, and during the campaign called the payments a coincidence.

The Obama administration — anxious to “reset” US-Russian relations — kept it all under wraps, refusing to tell even top congressional intelligence figures.

And when the Obamaites in 2014 filed low-level criminal charges against a single individual over what the FBI found, they did so with little public fanfare.

“The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns,” one veteran of the case told The Hill.

Yet the administration let Moscow move ahead — publicly insisting that there were no national security worries — and no evidence of Russian interference, despite many lawmakers’ concern at the time.

There’s more: Until September 2013, the FBI director was Robert Mueller — who’s now the special counsel probing Russian meddling in the 2016 election. It’s hard to see how he can be trusted in that job unless he explains what he knew about this Obama-era cover-up.


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Jeff Sessions tries to make Black Lives Matter


Jeff Sessions tries to make Black Lives Matter

Reddit, the Dems, maybe Trump; it seems everybody is down on a man I think is singularly focused on saving America, Jeff Sessions.

Read this statement below which he just delivered to Congress this morning and think about how carefully he has chosen his priorities to help this country, not himself, Trump or his party, and you’ll see why I love him. By the way, these priorities are NOT vote getters, all they will do is mostly SAVE Black Lives – which is probably the same reason everybody else doesn’t like Sessions.

You can bet, the Democratic Party and Obama should be out there congratulating him on this effort, but that will never happen – Obama was a phony, a black man using black votes to crush his own people with racism, hatred, bloodshed and drugs, and even in retirement, he is continuing to orchestrate that effort. Shame on Obama and his cronies, they should just face their jail time like men (oops, I forget, those don’t exist anymore) and let Trump fix the mess the Obama accolytes left behind.

Opening Statement of Attorney General Jeff Sessions Before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Chairman Grassley, Ranking Member Feinstein, distinguished Members of the Committee—my former colleagues—thank you for this opportunity.  It is the honor of a lifetime to serve as the Attorney General of the United States.  You can be sure that I understand the importance of the office I hold.

Every single day, the men and women of the Department of Justice work to protect our national security against terrorist threats, to defend the civil rights of all Americans, to reduce violent crime in our communities, to stop deadly drug dealers and their organizations, and to strengthen the rule of law.  Today, I would like to report on some of the important things we are doing.

The Department works is resolutely focused on protecting the American people from terrorism and uses all lawful means to keep the American people safe. Make no mistake—this threat is real.  As ISIS loses ground in the Middle East, they will not stop trying to send terrorists to this country.

The President’s executive order is an important step in ensuring that we know who is coming into our country. The order is lawful, necessary, and we are proud to defend it. The Supreme Court has vacated one court’s injunction and we are confident that we will ultimately prevail.

We know that violent crime is rising. For two years in a row, we’ve seen the fastest rise in violent crime in 25 years, and the highest increase in the homicide rate in 49 years.  This is not a blip; but it is not an inevitable trend that we cannot reverse.

The President understands this well.

In one of his first Executive Orders to this Department, he directed us to reduce crime in America. We have heard that challenge, we embrace it, and we intend to meet it.

At the Department of Justice, we understand a key fact: 85 percent of law enforcement officers in America are state and local. They are better trained and more professional than ever.  And we know crime in America will never be reduced without our state and local partners. But there is no doubt that federal, state, local, and tribal resources—professionally applied and in accord with scientifically proven policies—can positively impact the crime rate. Just look at our major cities. The New York City Police Department, which has dedicated itself to proactive community-based policing, saw 334 homicides last year. Chicago, while only a third of the size of New York City, logged more than twice as many murders.

Our professionals in the Department have been intensely studying how research based, proven crime reduction techniques to reverse this rise in crime.  They have produced a brilliant set of initiatives. I was very pleased with this plan. Whatever the violent crime rate might have been in the next few years, it will be lower if these policies are followed. I can assure you of that.  Our aim is not to see how many people we can incarcerate, but by focusing on the most dangerous criminals, to reduce crime and violence.

An effective crime reduction strategy also means starving criminal enterprises of their profits. The Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Program is one of the most effective tools Congress has provided the Department of Justice to fight crime and combat drug cartels and dealers.  I know a number of you are concerned about the operation of this program.  That is why I have established an Asset Forfeiture Accountability director to oversee our forfeiture program and to ensure it operates in an accountable and responsible way.

This Department is committed to protecting the civil and constitutional rights of all individuals and to prosecuting hate crime violence.  Every American, regardless of race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation must be safe from violence and criminality.

We will also not shy away from defending the First Amendment rights of every American. We stand ready to enforce federal law, to protect the right to speak and to assemble peacefully, and to defend the free exercise of religion at a time when it is under threat.

We are in the midst of the deadliest drug epidemic this country has ever seen. Higher availability, lower prices, and increasing purity, along with the deadly substance fentanyl, have resulted in climbing death tolls across the country—64,000 last year alone.  Many of these deaths resulted from opioid overdoses that began with prescription drug addiction and moved to heroin and fentanyl.  There can be no doubt that we need much stricter accountability in the manufacture, prescription, and distribution of addictive opioids.  We can delay no longer.

We also know that most of the heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl that is fueling the drug crisis was brought across our southern border by powerful drug cartels, bringing violence, addiction and death.  An important factor in our long-term success requires securing our borders. 

For decades, the American people have asked for a lawful system of immigration. They are right and just in their demands. We can end the illegality.  President Trump has sent an unambiguous message to the world, and the illegal flow has been reduced by as much as half.  But there is more to do.

Legislation is essential. President Trump has laid out a reasonable and effective plan with numerous immigration priorities for this body to consider, including a border wall, significant asylum reform, swift border returns, and enhanced interior enforcement. With the progress already achieved, our country is on its way to ending the lawlessness.  And—whether it’s an end to sanctuary city policies or an e-verification system to ensure lawful employment—they are supported by the vast majority of Americans.

There has been an erosion in the respect for the rule of law.  Too often advancing political agendas have been substituted for following the law.  This Department of Justice respects Congress and the Constitution, and we intend to enforce the laws as you’ve written them. The DACA policy produced by the last administration was unlawful and contrary to the laws passed by this institution. Congress is now poised to act on this issue.

The Department is also directing taxpayer dollars toward the overwhelming number of cities and states that cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.  Grant funding is not an entitlement; it is an allocation of taxpayer dollars by the Department to advance goals set either by Congress or by the Department.  We urge all jurisdictions to end the lawlessness to cooperate with federal immigration officials and stop letting criminal aliens back on their streets to further victimize your communities.  It is not right and it makes no sense.  We are grateful that overwhelmingly most cities cooperate and to the jurisdictions who have heard this message and are now cooperating.

After 20 years in this body, I understand the importance of being responsive to Congress. We inherited a very significant backlog of unanswered congressional inquiries dating back to 2015 and have already reduced it by half.  You can be sure this will remain a priority.

Thank you.

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The Hill breaks major story linking Obama administration to Clinton Uranium sale conspiracy

The Hill breaks major story linking Obama administration to Clinton Uranium sale conspiracy

Long ago I concluded Obama and the Clinton’s were criminals and co-conspirators — and I warned their supporters off the fanaticism they have toward these people who have obviously, and repeatedly damaged this country – is this a smoking gun like The Hill seems to think? Probably NOT – but it is coming, look to Senators Grassley’s’ office for the real thing, the downfall of the Democratic Party in our time, begins in Iowa. Here’s the Hill’s breathless account, bear in mind as you read this, The Hill is traditionally a very sure supporter of the liberal, leftist, loony-tunes narrative.

The Hill — Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium, the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States, according to government documents and interviews.

Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.

They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.

The racketeering scheme was conducted “with the consent of higher level officials” in Russia who “shared the proceeds” from the kickbacks, one agent declared in an affidavit years later.

Rather than bring immediate charges in 2010, however, the Department of Justice (DOJ) continued investigating the matter for nearly four more years, essentially leaving the American public and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil during a period when the Obama administration made two major decisions benefiting Putin’s commercial nuclear ambitions.

The first decision occurred in October 2010, when the State Department and government agencies on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States unanimously approved the partial sale of Canadian mining company Uranium One to the Russian nuclear giant Rosatom, giving Moscow control of more than 20 percent of America’s uranium supply.

When this sale was used by Trump on the campaign trail last year, Hillary Clinton’s spokesman said she was not involved in the committee review and noted the State Department official who handled it said she “never intervened … on any [Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States] matter.”

In 2011, the administration gave approval for Rosatom’s Tenex subsidiary to sell commercial uranium to U.S. nuclear power plants in a partnership with the United States Enrichment Corp. Before then, Tenex had been limited to selling U.S. nuclear power plants reprocessed uranium recovered from dismantled Soviet nuclear weapons under the 1990s Megatons to Megawatts peace program.

“The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns. And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions,” a person who worked on the case told The Hill, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution by U.S. or Russian officials.

The Obama administration’s decision to approve Rosatom’s purchase of Uranium One has been a source of political controversy since 2015.

That’s when conservative author Peter Schweitzer and The New York Times documented how Bill Clinton collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in Russian speaking fees and his charitable foundation collected millions in donations from parties interested in the deal while Hillary Clinton presided on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

The Obama administration and the Clintons defended their actions at the time, insisting there was no evidence that any Russians or donors engaged in wrongdoing and there was no national security reason for any member of the committee to oppose the Uranium One deal.

But FBI, Energy Department and court documents reviewed by The Hill show the FBI in fact had gathered substantial evidence well before the committee’s decision that Vadim Mikerin — the main Russian overseeing Putin’s nuclear expansion inside the United States — was engaged in wrongdoing starting in 2009.

Then-Attorney General Eric Holder was among the Obama administration officials joining Hillary Clinton on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States at the time the Uranium One deal was approved. Multiple current and former government officials told The Hill they did not know whether the FBI or DOJ ever alerted committee members to the criminal activity they uncovered.

Spokesmen for Holder and Clinton did not return calls seeking comment. The Justice Department also didn’t comment.

Mikerin was a director of Rosatom’s Tenex in Moscow since the early 2000s, where he oversaw Rosatom’s nuclear collaboration with the United States under the Megatons to Megwatts program and its commercial uranium sales to other countries. In 2010, Mikerin was dispatched to the U.S. on a work visa approved by the Obama administration to open Rosatom’s new American arm called Tenam.

Between 2009 and January 2012, Mikerin “did knowingly and willfully combine, conspire confederate and agree with other persons … to obstruct, delay and affect commerce and the movement of an article and commodity (enriched uranium) in commerce by extortion,” a November 2014 indictment stated.

His illegal conduct was captured with the help of a confidential witness, an American businessman, who began making kickback payments at Mikerin’s direction and with the permission of the FBI. The first kickback payment recorded by the FBI through its informant was dated Nov. 27, 2009, the records show.

In evidentiary affidavits signed in 2014 and 2015, an Energy Department agent assigned to assist the FBI in the case testified that Mikerin supervised a “racketeering scheme” that involved extortion, bribery, money laundering and kickbacks that were both directed by and provided benefit to more senior officials back in Russia.

“As part of the scheme, Mikerin, with the consent of higher level officials at TENEX and Rosatom (both Russian state-owned entities) would offer no-bid contracts to US businesses in exchange for kickbacks in the form of money payments made to some offshore banks accounts,” Agent David Gadren testified.

“Mikerin apparently then shared the proceeds with other co-conspirators associated with TENEX in Russia and elsewhere,” the agent added.

The investigation was ultimately supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, an Obama appointee who now serves as President Trump’s deputy attorney general, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, now the deputy FBI director under Trump, Justice Department documents show.

Both men now play a key role in the current investigation into possible, but still unproven, collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election cycle. McCabe is under congressional and Justice Department inspector general investigation in connection with money his wife’s Virginia state Senate campaign accepted in 2015 from now-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe at a time when McAuliffe was reportedly under investigation by the FBI. The probe is not focused on McAuliffe’s conduct but rather on whether McCabe’s attendance violated the Hatch Act or other FBI conflict rules.

The connections to the current Russia case are many. The Mikerin probe began in 2009 when Robert Mueller, now the special counsel in charge of the Trump case, was still FBI director. And it ended in late 2015 under the direction of then-FBI Director James Comey, whom Trump fired earlier this year.

Its many twist and turns aside, the FBI nuclear industry case proved a gold mine, in part because it uncovered a new Russian money laundering apparatus that routed bribe and kickback payments through financial instruments in Cyprus, Latvia and Seychelles. A Russian financier in New Jersey was among those arrested for the money laundering, court records show.

The case also exposed a serious national security breach: Mikerin had given a contract to an American trucking firm called Transport Logistics International that held the sensitive job of transporting Russia’s uranium around the United States in return for more than $2 million in kickbacks from some of its executives, court records show.

One of Mikerin’s former employees told the FBI that Tenex officials in Russia specifically directed the scheme to “allow for padded pricing to include kickbacks,” agents testified in one court filing.

Bringing down a major Russian nuclear corruption scheme that had both compromised a sensitive uranium transportation asset inside the U.S. and facilitated international money laundering would seem a major feather in any law enforcement agency’s cap.

But the Justice Department and FBI took little credit in 2014 when Mikerin, the Russian financier and the trucking firm executives were arrested and charged.

The only public statement occurred a year later when the Justice Department put out a little-noticed press release in August 2015, just days before Labor Day. The release noted that the various defendants had reached plea deals.

By that time, the criminal cases against Mikerin had been narrowed to a single charge of money laundering for a scheme that officials admitted stretched from 2004 to 2014. And though agents had evidence of criminal wrongdoing they collected since at least 2009, federal prosecutors only cited in the plea agreement a handful of transactions that occurred in 2011 and 2012, well after the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States’s approval.

The final court case also made no mention of any connection to the influence peddling conversations the FBI undercover informant witnessed about the Russian nuclear officials trying to ingratiate themselves with the Clintons even though agents had gathered documents showing the transmission of millions of dollars from Russia’s nuclear industry to an American entity that had provided assistance to Bill Clinton’s foundation, sources confirmed to The Hill.

The lack of fanfare left many key players in Washington with no inkling that a major Russian nuclear corruption scheme with serious national security implications had been uncovered.

On Dec. 15, 2015, the Justice Department put out a release stating that Mikerin, “a former Russian official residing in Maryland was sentenced today to 48 months in prison” and ordered to forfeit more than $2.1 million.

Ronald Hosko, who served as the assistant FBI director in charge of criminal cases when the investigation was underway, told The Hill he did not recall ever being briefed about Mikerin’s case by the counterintelligence side of the bureau despite the criminal charges that were being lodged.

“I had no idea this case was being conducted,” a surprised Hosko said in an interview.

Likewise, major congressional figures were also kept in the dark.

Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), who chaired the House Intelligence Committee during the time the FBI probe was being conducted, told The Hill that he had never been told anything about the Russian nuclear corruption case even though many fellow lawmakers had serious concerns about the Obama administration’s approval of the Uranium One deal.

“Not providing information on a corruption scheme before the Russian uranium deal was approved by U.S. regulators and engage appropriate congressional committees has served to undermine U.S. national security interests by the very people charged with protecting them,” he said. “The Russian efforts to manipulate our American political enterprise is breathtaking.”


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